Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Note 3 Specs Comparison

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Let's compare Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Note 3 in term of specs like Design, Display screen, Camera, Processor, RAM, Connectivity, Battery life, S-pen features and other Apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was a terrific success in the market, follow the foot prints of Galaxy Note 2 and first generation Galaxy Note. With the introduction of premium Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung Company was able to turn over the smart phone world upside down.

Samsung Note series is the class smartphone that have master the art of incorporating a large screen in a portable device. Samsung Galaxy Note smart phones with display size falling between the smart phone and the tablet has was one of the first devices to introduce the category of "phablet".

Recently after LG, htc and Sony; Apple with new iPhone 6 Release Date is also going to follow this strategy of going big. You can also compare Galaxy Grand 2 vs Grand Duos to checkout Samsung Galaxy Grand series, just incase you are looking for a low cost phablet.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Note 3 Specs Comparison

Samsung Note 3 is still a benchmark to the phablet segment which has been gaining reputation in the past years. Note 3 came out last year followed by Galaxy S5, it is arguably safe to say Samsung Note 4 Release Date is close.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Note 3 Specs Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the successor for Note 3 is sure to come with one of a kind features that should make it a must have device. With availability of phones like LG G Glex and Samsung Galaxy Round, flexible displays has become a reality nowadays in the tech industry. But contrary to all the rumors we still don't see Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming out with flexible display

With new Galaxy Note 4 release date at IFA 2014 at Berlin in the first week of September, let's run a Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Note 3 specs comparison to learn the expected differences and improvements in advance.
  1. Display Screen Comparison
    Samsung Galay Note 3 rolled out with a 5.7 inch screen display of which Note 4 is expected to go a notch higher and launch at 5.9 inch. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature an AMOLED ultra HD screen with a screen resolution of 3480x2160 able to deliver up to 820ppi. Where as Samsung Note 3 features a super AMOLED screen display with a 1080x1920 screen resolution.

  2. Processing Power Comparison
    Time is always an essence with any new device and Samsung is consequently taking this aspect to a new level by finally incorporating a 64 bit quard-core processor in Galaxy Note 4. This should be enough for anyone who wishes to perform multiple tasks at any given instance. This will be an ULTRA HD processor supporting up to 4K in resolution.

  3. Galaxy Note 4 vs 3 Camera Comparison
    Samsung Note 4 camera packs 16MP lens sure to take photo sessions to the next level. The camera will come up with an optical image stabilizer effective in capturing high precision images. This will be an upgrade on Note 3 which has a 13MP camera.

  4. Fingerprint Scanner
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have the fingerprint recognition where the same feature is there in the Samsung Galaxy S5 but not in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Therefore more security can be expected from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  5. Handwriting Recognition
    Being a high end device, Galaxy Note IV is set to take security, privacy, personalization and taking input to another new level. Samsung is bringing a handwriting recognition screen lock for Galaxy Note 4. This is different from Samsung Note III which allows one to unlock the screen using a signature.

  6. Software and Apps
    Software version that Note 4 will launch on, depends on Google plans on the next mobile operating software. Note 3 launched with Android Kitkat 4.4. Lots of buzz in the web indicate that Note 4 may run on the latest update of Kitkat 4.4 which may be 4.5. Samsung Note 4 will also feature Samsung S-Pen stylus features like the third generation.

  7. Samsung Note 4 vs 3 Price Comparison
    The retail price of unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GB is $500 USD. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price is expected to be $699 USD.
Being the 4th generation of Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is obviously a better phone than Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in term of Build quality, Design, Display screen, Camera, Processor, RAM, Connectivity, Battery life, S-pen features and other Apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a lot of enhanced features and user friendly device within an acceptable price range. You can also compare Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 4 and iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 to learn how well it performs against the other flagship phones.
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