Warid 4G LTE service Launch Date in Pakistan is 14 September

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Warid Telcom is a mobile telecommunication firm of Abu Dhabi Investment Consortium. WaridTel telecom International's portfolio includes cellular network and mobile phone technology services.

Pakistan is among Warid telecommunications main client countries. There have been huge lot of speculations and anticipation concerning the actual official time of release of the Warid 4G LTE service, but so far there are no official confirmations concerning the matter, despite of several public teasers and advertisements.

According to some sources, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has approved the plea of Warid Telecom to grant it permission to launch its 4G operation services.

Warid Telcom did not get involved in the prior auctions held by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on late April while all the other major service providers took part, qualified and were issued with their respective permits, of both the spectra of 3G and 4G.

There were some previous expectations that the appeal for 4G LTE launch would be withheld as a result of the effect it would have on other mobile phone service providing companies who have heavily invested immense sums of money of up to 1.2 Billion dollars and a rather significant amount of time to obtain the license and approval of launching the 3G 4g service.

When is Warid 4G LTE Service Coming out in Pakistan

Warid is making a reasonable amount of effort to maintain its ground and shed light to its esteemed customers by use of major media publicity to put into operation their 4G LTE.

This will be a revolutionary milestone much needed in the harsh competition with its fellow holders of the 3G and 4G official authorization. Let's look analyze the question that "When is Warid 4G LTE Service Coming out in Pakistan?" to look for a possible answer:

When is Warid 4G LTE Service Coming out in Pakistan

PTA made a statement saying that the license of Warid Telecom is technology neutral but not service neutral, meaning that it will have to completely share all the new service details before its official launch, therefore it will be forced to seek permission for more current services as they recently sought approval of deployment of high-speed 4G broadband network with its present license that was bought ten years ago with an 1800Mhz band spectrum.

Irrespective of the fact that their current allocated spectrum that has a probability of not being able to handle a mobile broadband service of unconstrained quality, Warid has resolved to deploy 4G in cities like Lahore and Islamabad.

It has officially made public its elaborate plan to unfold its latest technology that will endow users with very high speed of internet on smartphones. It is important not to disregard the painful fact that Warid's spectrum of 2x5Mhz from a band of 900Mhz might end up exceeding the limits and overflow if the whole traffic of vice is changed to it.

According to the verdict of some telecommunication professionals, Warid Telecom still requires to perform a profound workload and will be forced to make consumption compromise with the quality of their service if it goes for provision of wireless broadband.

There have been reported successes in its recent speed test trials, recording up to about 51Mbps downloading speed whereas the upload speed was up to about 34Mbps.

Despite the roadblocks Warid is facing, especially from the PTA and other major service providers, especially from Zong the only 4G service provider at the moment, it is confident that it will fully satisfy all the required standards that will ensure a parallel quality of network for its 4G consumers.


Warid 4G LTE Launch Date in Pakistan is 14 September

Now we have confirmed official Warid 4G LTE launch date. Warid 4G LTE is coming out in Pakistan on in 14 September, 2014. All of Pakistan is eagerly waiting to enjoy their first 4G LTE service. Below is the detailed email we have received from Nauman Fakhar, Director Customer Services at Warid Telecom:
Warid has a long and successful history of staying a step ahead in the telecom industry in providing the best and the most innovative services to our customers. We have always focused on creating the most reliable network in Pakistan as we continue to enhance the quality cellular services. Keeping up with our promise to provide state-of-the-art technology to our customers, we are currently upgrading the network to 4G/ LTE (Long-Term Evolution) which is the most advanced mobile communication technology available globally.

The 4G/ LTE technology evolution will be able to provide the most advanced data services and a richer data experience will be available to our customers by September 2014. Warid has contracted Ericsson, the leading global vendor in provision of 4G/ LTE infrastructure, as its technology partner to ensure steady and quick roll-out of these services. Through this network upgrade, we will further improve what is already considered to be an enjoyable network experience by our customers to complement our seamless voice connectivity.

The Management and Shareholders of Warid Telecom would like to thank its patrons, the customers and the business partners, for exhibiting their patience and having faith in our promise to deliver the best technological solution of voice and data services.
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