Google I/O 2014 Rumors Roundup: Glass, Android 5.0, Androidwear

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Google being one of the top most companies in the tech world, has decided to put their best stuff on Google I/O 14 this year as well.

Google I/O 13 Event last year, was very successful with the participation of thousands of developers all around the world.

Google I/O 2014 Event is expected to be huge success with a large number of developers participating and benefiting from it to excel in their career in the field of technology.

All the Google I/O 2014 tickets are sold out within few hours and the lucky developers who were able to buy the valuable tickets are waiting for the big event to be happened on June 25–26, 2014.

Google I/O Developers Conference is one of the top Tech Conferences in the world. Before we move forward towards Google I/O 2014 rumors roundup, you can checkout another mega developer's event happening this June, which is Apple WWDC 2014 Predictions.

Google I/O 2014 Rumors Roundup: Glass, Android 5.0, Androidwear

Last year, the Google I/O 2013 was held during the month of May which broke the rule of having it during every June. But this time the Google I/O 2014 will be back again in June marking the two days Wednesday 25th of June and the Thursday 26th of June.

Google I/O 2014 Rumors Roundup

The Google I/O 2014 will be held at Moscone Center on Howard Street in San Francisco just as in the last year.

Google glass was released in May last year at the Google I/O 2013 event along with a lot of new innovations in the Android environment. This time a lot more upgrades can be expected from Google I/O 2014. There will be software and hardware upgrades as well. Right now Google has competitors to compete with them inside the industry. So Google is striving hard and doing their best to product the best products which are going to beat the other tech companies.

Android 5.0 can be expected to be released during the event. It is hard to say about an Android 4.5 KitKat. Therefore an Android 5 operating system will be released during Google I/O 2014 most probably. This new version of the Android operating system will have a name beginning with the letter L as the last one began with K. So something like Lime, Lemonade or Licorice will be the name of this coming Android version. Along with this Android smart phones and Google voice integration into the Google Hangouts can be expected.

More Chrome Cast Apps will be released during the two days of the event Google I/O 2014 as Google is currently having competitors like Amazon Fire TV, older Apple TV and Roku 3. It is a must to release better cast apps with Chrome if they want to have their position in the casting scene.

Androidwear smartwatches, Moto 360 and LG G SmartWatch are expected to make a first appearance in the Google I/O 2014. Those two smart watches will sure have to take on Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 and Apple iOS based iWatch. Google Nexus Smartwatch is also rumored to be in development to be launched later.

Google glass will come with a more user friendly way for sure in the coming event. Good and bad news were spread around the world about the Google glass during the last year. So it is expected that Google will make sure to turn all the bad news into good ones by making the Google glass into a cheaper one.

A lot more events will happen during the giant event by giving enthusiasm to all the developers who are willing to participate for sure.
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