Apple iOS 8 Features, Rumors, Concept and Whishlist

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Apple iOS 7 update is running on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 5, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPod Touch 5G currently.

Recent Apple rumors suggest that the Cupertino company is working not only on the Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah but also on Apple iOS 8 beta, the test build of the next generation smartphone operating system.

Although iOS 8 rumors list is long, there is very little information is known officially about the new iOS 8 update. However, there is no deficiency of speculation about the iOS 8 features.

Apple iOS8 is thought to be the game changer in terms of how Apple devices operate as it is set to be unveiled as the next Apple OS with unique and one of a kind features. With every launch, Apple has always been known to focus for the future by setting up a platform of improving and updating the OS in the market.

Apple iOS 8 Features, Rumors, Concept and Whishlist

iOS 8 Features, Rumors and Wishlist 2014

Apple iOS 8 is set to become the successor of iOS 7 that will essentially incorporate features not seen in iOS 7. Below are some of the features on the iOS 8 wishlist that will be a good addition to iOS 8 feature set:
  1. Message Reply Directly
    Apple iOS 8 will need to up its game and allow people to reply text messages without having to leave any current opened application. This is one of the main drawbacks with existing smartphone operating system including WP 8, iOS and Android.

  2. Message Text Copy Paste
    With new iOS 8 roll out, the user should also be able to copy a given segment of written messages instead of only copying the entire message. This feature is already supported in Android mobile operating system.

  3. Siri Update
    As some of the iOS 8 rumors suggest, it will be the wonderful see it with more Siri updates such as historical sports information, television questions aimed at juggling one’s mind, latest news on current trends and shopping patterns among many more.

  4. Better Apps Interoperability
    Apple iOS 7 is had weak inter App communication. If user switch app, he/she is not always returned when finished performing an action.

    This drawback could go drastically awful when user is doing document editing while switching through copies in various states spread throughout individual apps archives.

  5. Improved Maps Application
    The new OS should also go the extra mile and incorporate bus routes as well as walking routes on the map applications.

  6. iOS 8 do not disturb options
    iOS 7 do not disturb got improved features but with issues. iOS 7 DND enables user to silence notifications only when a device is locked.But it still retains only a single schedule though.

    It will also be exciting if a phone with iOS 8 is automatically able to switch to silent mode depending on the location that one is in or depending on calendar settings or schedule; to enable you to at least set one for weekdays and a separate one for weekends.

  7. Enhanced Facetime App
    Apple iOS 8 version will do much good if it will allow users get more friends together for a Group Facetime. Facetime currently supports a maximum of five callers at a time for group video. Apple needs to workout to increase this limit to allow video conferencing of more than 5 users.

    The new Facetime iOS 8 App should also be able to allocate Movies TV shows, music videos their own sections in a Videos app.

  8. iOS 8 Widgets and Customization
    Customizable widgets will also need to kick in with iOS 8 to allow people to choose whichever widget for Weather stocks or Social Media.

    The lock screen grabber only has photos and should be upgraded to change to different apps by simply holding it down.

  9. Guest Account
    For some users, the iOS 8 features wishlist includes guest account for children or anyone else that does not affect your settings and data.

  10. Change Default Apps
    The new OS should also give users the ability to delete default apps whenever they feel like and be able to install back stock Apps in a later.

  11. Calculator History
    Another iOS 8 wish list feature worth seeing in the future iOS 8 is the development of iOS application that will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod users to view cellular data usage in a device and data information.

  12. Password Protection on Notes, Photos and Videos
    The new OS should also come with the ability of allowing one to password protect some of the notes or all of them, this feature should also be applicable to certain photos and videos in their own apps.

  13. Notification List Tweaks
    Mac OS X Mavericks, notifications are much more interactive compared to iOS 7, get a message and you can deal with it there and then, rather than leaving the app you are in. Clearing of notification is a process that can only be done for the entire lists of the notification with the current OS, iOS 8 should allow for the deletion of selected notifications instead of the entire list.

  14. Battery Alert Redesign
    Instead of relying for the irritating pop banner to indicate low battery, iOS 8 should basically use a low battery alert.

  15. iTunes 12 with iOS 8 update
    iTunes 11.1 launch just before iOS 7 Release, brought the support for iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle and more much more. With iTunes 12 along-with iOS 8 update, beside user interface improvements application needs to get updated in terms of lyrics to be downloaded with the variety of songs.

    There are scores of users who want the CoverFlow back on top of their wishlist. Additionally, another iTunes feature people want back is Album Art preview with ability to click and open it in full size.

  16. Default Browser
    Choosing of a desired default browser should be left to the user instead of choosing safari for all users; this should also go for mail viewers.

  17. Data Monitoring App
    With the apps in the market you cannot be able to view details about any downloads you might be undertaking. Apple iOS 8 should allow users to see in MB/GB how much data has been downloaded through the account, how many are remaining and how long it will take for an active download to finish with a designated panel for all this.

Apple iOS 8 Concept Art

There is still much left in new iOS 8 2014 public launch but that can not stop iOS enthusiasts from chalking out iOS 8 concepts for the new mobile platform.
It is obvious that iOS 8 will come out with new iPhone 6 and iPad 6 devices. We have seen an iOS 8 design idea by Vilim Plužarić at Concept Phones that looks fantastic.

Apple iOS 8 Logo Design
Most of these iOS 8 concept videos and arts add more colors in background while keeping the icons fixed. The iOS8 arts shows Apple iOS 8 icons in flatten and dynamic 3D shadows with parallax effects.

Apple iOS 8 iPhone 6

Apple iOS 8 icons are expected to be quite simple like iOS 7 but the color in the background would be more vibrant, the iOS 8 concept will also allow 5 apps to stack up for fast unlock and more options within the Control Center.

Apple iOS 8 Design

Apple iOS 8 Concept Art

Apple iOS 8 Rumors and Whishlist

Other features found in the iOS 8 concept include new brightness settings, audio playback options, connectivity toggles, more Flashlight options and much more.
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