WP9: Windows Phone 9 Release Date, Features and Rumors

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Microsoft is looking forward for a way to get a breakthrough entry into smartphone market, after taking over Nokia in 7.2 billion dollars deal.

Successor for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 (WP8), Windows Phone 9 (WP9) coming out as single operating system for phone, tablet, computer and Xbox ONE gaming platform; could be Microsoft's best best.

With Blackberry 10 not much successful, the smartphone operating system game is clearly among Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone.

Microsoft is looking to bridge the divide between its smartphone OS and the windows OS software used for tablet and PC, integrating them all into one single unified operating system for all platforms, on the name of called Windows 9.

Microsoft Windows Phone 9 Release Date, Features and Rumors

Windows Phone 9 Release Date

Windows Phone 9 Release Date may be quite long with many analysts putting its release as early as late 2014. The WP9 release date for 2014 has been mooted by the fact that Microsoft is thinking of building it from scratch and waiting for 3GB Quad-core devices to be vogue, to keep things well spiced up ensuring good levels of multitasking.

Latest WP9 rumors suggests that Microsoft is set to release WP8.5 update this Christmas, before moving towards new WP9 platform finally.

WP9: Windows Phone 9 Features and Rumors

Building from scratch will allow Microsoft to create an operating software that runs on both tablets and Smartphones. Murtazin Eldar, a mobile reviewer states that Microsoft has already formed a group to plan and develop the Operating Software to be integrated in phones and tablets. The operating software is likely to feature a completely different vision of the interface and may integrate a modern style UI.

Microsoft has been getting feedback from clients who would love their next line of Smartphone to be cheaper. If Microsoft falls for this, then we are sure to acquire Windows Phone 9 at a relatively cheaper price as compared to windows phone 8. There has also been talk of letting the next line of smart phone and WinRT run on both Windows phone and Windows.

Windows phone 9 will also be launched with a power management technology to ensure it is able to save lots of power while running. Saving on power seems to be the next major operation for Microsoft especially if the phone is to be launched the same time as Intel’s new chips.

Some of the features worth waiting in the next line of windows phone include a Kinect-based 3D gestures. This is in response that some notes are in line to incorporate 3D cameras.

There has been talk that Windows Phone 9 will go all the way and incorporate separate volume control between apps and a feature by the name Quick settings. Quick settings will essentially allow users to access basic settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Location and data option. Users will still be allowed to select the amount of volume they need on their phone depending on what they are doing i.e. volume levels in general, volume levels for the music and volume levels for games

Current wave of phones are boosting 13MP rear camera. Naturally, if Windows phone 9 is to up its game in this from, Camera and Video Apps upgrade is sure to be on the top list for the designers of Windows Phone 9. This is sure to give users something to chew about in terms of photography.
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