Xiaomi Mi3 Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, US

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Xiaomi Mi3 android phone price in US, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in local currency for the markets of Indian Sub-Continent region.

The Xiaomi Mi3 is called Asian iPhone, and is so popular that its fan waits for anxiously for it. With the features it has, Xiaomi Mi3 has reached a top level in the mobile phone industry of China, Hong Kong and Singapur.

Xiaomi promised the 64GB Xiaomi Mi3 last year at the launch of the Mi3 in Beijing on October, 2013 was able to have a sale of 10,000 pieces within 86 seconds that is even less than 2 minutes.

You can read CNET Xiaomi Mi3 Review. This smart phone was released with a reasonable price and it was a danger for Huawei. Huawei had to sell its MediaPad X1 for a cheaper price as it had to cut off its expected price due to the grand entering of Xiaomi Mi3 to the mobile phone industry. Huawei Company had to do that in order to keep their sales alive.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
The Xiaomi Mi3 which was announced in September, 2013 and released in October, 2013 has a great collection of features for its affordable price. It weighs only 145 g and has the dimensions of 5.67 x 2.90 x 0.32 inches. It has a 2 GB RAM and it has the Android OS version 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) qith a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The internal memory of this device varies as 16 GB and 64 GB.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, US

The price of the Xiaomi Mi3 differs with its internal memory. In China, the price of 16 GB Xiaomi Mi3 is approximately 325 US dollars and 64 GB version of Xiaomi Mi3 is 405 US dollars. The memory capacity of Xiaomi Mi3 64 GB is exactly 4 times of Xiaomi Mi3 16 GB version. But the difference in price is not that large. Xiaomi Mi3 64 GB version is only 80 US dollars more than the price of Xiaomi Mi3 16 GB version. So as a conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi3 64 GB version mobile can be said to be a cheap one when compared to Xiaomi Mi3 16 GB version handset. But if this is taken to overall account, as a smart phone the Xiaomi Mi3 is not expensive and it is pretty cheap with all the features it has.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in China, India

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in China and USA

The Xiaomi Mi3 Price in China is 1,999 Chinese Yuan. While Xiaomi being able to capture the markets of the neighboring with a price almost equal to the price at Chinese markets. Hong Kong and China always keep their prices at a same level. So Xiaomi Mi3 was able to go the near countries with the same price as in China and Hong Kong. The Xiaomi Mi3 price is USA is $352 US dollars for an unlocked 4G LTE model, which becomes $419 in Singapor dollars.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in India

The Xiaomi Mi3 16GB price in India is 21,000 Indian Rupees only.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in Pakistan

Pakistan, the country next to India sells the Xiaomi Mi3 16GB version at a price of 352 US dollars. In the regional market Xiaomi Mi3 price in Pakistan is 34,000 Pakistani Rupees. So in Pakistan, the Xiaomi Mi3 is bit more expensive than that of in India and China.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in Bangladesh

The Xiaomi Mi3 price in Bangladesh for standrad model is 27,330 Bangladeshi Takka.

Xiaomi Mi3 Price in Pakistan, Bangladesh
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