top 10 Tech trends, predictions, forecast, gadgets and events 2014

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With the start of year 2014, tech gurus and fans are equally desperate to know about the top Tech trends, predictions, forecast, gadgets and events coming in 2014.

We have been sharing important technology events and forecasts by the start of every year with our readers, from Schedule of Events 2011, Technology Events 2012, Healthcare Technology Trends 2013 to Tech Conferences 2014.

It is because we understand the importance of technological developments every years. Every year technology takes a small leap forward, these are small but defining steps that will eventually give birth to those innovative technology ideas, game changer tech gadgets and revolutionary tech application which will essentially change the destiny of human race.

top Tech trends 2014, predictions, forecast, gadgets and events

top Tech trends, predictions, forecast 2014

Below we are providing an account of important tech trends 2014 that we predict and forecast to cast a phenomenal impact on shaping up of technology world.
  1. Wearable Tech Products
    Whether it Google Glass, Apple iWatch or LG LifeBand fitness monitor, Wearable Tech Products are finally reaching consumers in 2014. Google Glass, Apple iGlass and similar products are likely to sell four million units this year at a price point of above $500. The global sales of wearable computers are expected to surpass $3 billion in 2014. As these Wearable Tech Products become smarter, the technology will eventually be able to track your daily activities and behaviors and filter specific information and news to you based on that data.

  2. 3D Printing into Manufacturing
    As the price of 3D printers comes down, more individuals and small businesses will begin to make use of theses All-in-One, Inkless, Wireless, Ultrafast, Smart 3D Future Technology Printers. 2014 will also see the adoption of 3D Printers by larger manufacturers. The cost of doing business in China and other far-flung regions is increasing, and manufactures are looking to make their products closer to home, and with greater customization, and 3D printing technologies will play a huge role here. Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to grow 75 percent in 2014 followed by a near doubling of unit shipments in 2015.

  3. Redefining the Television Devices
    With Smart TV shipments expected to reach 123 million in 2014. With the rise of next generation TV features like 3D 4K display, voice control, gesture control, screen-mirroring, second screen functions, simultaneous channels recording, wireless content transfer. The way we perceive TV is going to change totally.

  4. PC Computing shift to tablet devices
    At the end of year 2012, we all were amazed with innovative handheld devices. These devices are ready to replace the huge desktops and this kind of technologies. Some sources confirmed that adoption of compact and consumerized tablets will remove other relative technologies from our lives. From businessmen to student, everyone will depend on compact devices. Besides tablets smart phones are also ready to overtake PC’s in 2014.

  5. Augmented Reality Applications
    As visual analytics continues to grow, augmented reality will play a key role in larger adoption of this trend. The readiness of these applications will be based on collaboration of real-time and semantic context of visual elements with analytics led by enhanced user experience and interactivity.

  6. Gamification Apps and Services
    It has emerged as a potential tool to boost loyalty and product engagement across categories, including fitness, e-commerce and technology. Gamification of training and education will accelerate a fast-moving hard trend of using advanced simulations and skill-based learning systems that are self-diagnostic, interactive, game-like and competitive–all focused on giving the user an immersive experience. The market for Gamification apps and services will reach about half a billion dollars this year, according to M2, and will rise to $2.8 billion by 2016.

  7. The Infinite Data Center
    With unstoppable usage of mobile data we are in definite need to build large data centers. These data centers will increase the performance of web surfing with increased per kilowatt transfer of data. Under this technology trend data volume, variety, velocity and complexity would be discussed.

  8. HTML5 and Mobile Applications
    With the development in field of smartphones, it’s time to think about applications which can convert smartphones into best technology weapon. In 2014, manufactures will consider development of mobile application and HTML 5 as one of the biggest target to achieve.

  9. Hybrid Clouds
    In 2013, more than 60 percent of information technology (IT) companies have adopt cloud based technology to share files. This shift will take place to change the traditional barriers attached with private and hybrid cloud techniques. Personal cloud would be preferred among Smartphone users to store and share files.

  10. Fabric Data Centers
    In year 2014, we can expect this new innovative method to be used with data centers. These data centers will involve the integration of many I.T. elements that are commonly disaggregated, such as monolithic servers, storage and networks. These elements will enable the network to distribute the workload.

  11. Internet of Things
    Internet of Things concept describes how the Internet will expand as physical items such as consumer devices and physical assets which are connected to the Internet. To expand these service different devices would be embedded into mobile phones like sensors, image recognition technologies and NFC payment. This will enable the smartphones to communicate via NFC, Bluetooth, LE and Wi-Fi to a wide range of devices and peripherals.

  12. In Memory Database and Computing Applications
    Thanks to significant increase in RAM capacity, In Memory Computing in 2014 is predicted to become standard technology trend for purpose of transformation of data. Data exploration, analysis and sharing will find its way in In-memory database management systems in 2014 and years to come. In-memory option will accelerate database performance, speed and response time which would make it ideal for analytics reporting in mission critical applications.

  13. Actionable Analytics
    Due to increased use of cloud and smart phones now enterprises are in need to adopt a system which can help them in quick on the go decision making. For this purpose new technologies will come forward and will improve the performance of every task in cost efficient manner.

  14. The End of Service Desks
    Today users are addicted of service desk officers for every little detail. But in coming year this trend is going to change in real time as with passage of time the effectiveness of reactive processes of service desks is dwindling. Due to which now enterprise are thing to build transition strategies that enable a proactive business productivity team instead of service officers.

  15. Integrated Ecosystems
    Integrated delivery model systems are ready to enter the technology field in coming year. Now cloud-based marketplaces and brokerages streamlining would be used by vendors for purpose of development.
These are top 10 2014 tech trends that will make our life easier by reshaping future technology. These technology trends of 2014 exhibited in Tech Events 2014 will continue to grow over the next decade where we expected to have 200 billion connected devices in the world. Future Technology Homes and cities will be interconnected to make use of smart sensors and cloud-enabled technology applications, from domestic robot servant to transportation, utilities services, health care and shopping.
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