Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Band Case Price and Release Date

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SYRE is an bluetooth capable iPad Nano watch band case that convert iPod nano 6G/7G into wrist watch style wearable device.

iPad nano SYRE bluetooth watch bands project was origional launched on KickStarter, a Public Funded/ Crowd Funded projects website, by Anye Spivey the CEO of Lion Hound Technology.

Kickstarter is a site which has been used by many successful companies to raise funds to see if there is enough support and funding to turn a project from idea to reality.

More than thousand consumers has pledged around $133,000 to develop the Syre Bluetooth iPod Nano watch band designed to turn Apple iPod Nano into a bluetooth enabled smart watch.

Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Band Case Price and Release Date
With SYRE, iPad non can be transformed into a Bluetooth enabled water-resistant, dust-proof, crash-resistant and stylish smartwatch.

The long criticized lack of iPod nano bluetooth support has provided the opportunity for third party plug-in like iPod nano 6th Generation Syre bluetooth capable ipod nano watch strap. With iPod nano bluetooth connection, SYRE can play music while on the go totally wireless.

Right now there is no specs declared by the developer, but the original design of the Syre Bluetooth iPod Nano band was smart and sleek is size and shape, in an attractive way to fit the the iPod Nano inside it. Below is the SYRE iPod nano Watch band concept video:

However, it is rumored that the iPod nano bluetooth compatible band may have an additional built-in battery to power bluetooth dongle. The first beta iPod nano SYRE watch case came out with altered design, which has a large Bluetooth dongle on top on strap contrary to the original slim rounded design, due to larger than expected Bluetooth chip.

Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Band for Sale

This unexpected design change has created an unrest and uproar in the investor, with some even demanding a refund. Which Anye Spivey, the CEO of Lion Hound Technology, the company that is working on the project; responded:
I understand that some are unhappy with the design changes related to the size of the chip used to provide Bluetooth connectivity. While we have worked diligently to retain the original design cues (and are quite happy with the outcome), we respect the opinions of those who feel differently. Refunds are unable to be issued until closer to product shipment since all proceeds being used to complete the project. We are pushing this forward as diligently as possible.
Yet the questions like, What is SYRE iPod nano watch case price? and when SYRE iPod nano watch band is coming out? remain unanswered in the response.

Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Band Price

While the watch is still in beta stage and will come to the market soon, the project is also 3 months behind the schedule from the promised November 2014 delivery date. Beside the slated Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Release Date in 2014 last quarter, there are rising rumors about Apple iPad nano 8G Release Date, coming out in Noovember 2014 too. Further, there are news reports about Apple iWatch Release Date in 2014 as well.

Officially there is no announcement about any of the news which confirms that Apple might launch new iPod Nano with Bluetooth wrist case. But, recent Apple iPod nano 8th generation rumors suggest that new iPod nano 8G with bluetooth sync is coming out this fall all for $149 only.

Syre iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Case Release Date

If the news about the new iPod nano 2014 bluetooth feature is found true (which has pertinent reasons to be believed), the significance of the questions about SYRE iPod nano Watch price and when iPod nano Watch goes for sale, will be already pretty much gone.
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