Future Technology Printers: 3D, Smart, Ultrafast, Inkless, Wireless, All-in-One

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In Future not so far, Smart 3D Printers with Green Printing Technology, will do all you printing needs Ultra-fast, wireless and Inkless.

From high-tech computers and smartphones to compact advanced entertainment gadgets, pace of technological advancement is wonderful. So is it case with digital printers, just imagine the fast laser printers we use today and compare them to the era of dot Matrix impact printers. It was not that long ago when we all used to print out documents using slow and noisy, black and white dot matrix printers. Then we were able to print twice as much documents in less time in full-color inkjet printers; then we witnessed the fast laser printing and it won’t be long before we see an Future Technology Printers evolution with sorts of technological advancements we once thought were impossible.

There are already signs of what the future printing technology holds for us, from 3D inkless printers to those that can do All-in-One jobs with no cables attached to them. You can send prints on wireless on your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So lets go through here under some of the technology advancements that are already in development towards the new age of future printers:

Future Technology Printers: 3D, Smart, Ultra-fast, Inkless, Wireless, All-in-One

Affordable Smart 3D Printers

The time of flat two dimensional printing will come to end in the future, when you can have your images printed on 3D. There are a few 3D printers available even now that can print out high-quality and well-defined three-dimensional models that even include real mechanical parts in them, but its just the initial phase of 3D printing technology. Although 3D printing future technology is already available, a 3D printer at the moment is not affordable to common consumer. So, unless you are in the business of create 3D models, its best to stick with 2D printers for now and wait anther few years for an Affordable Smart 3D Printer to come home.

Wireless Printers with Wi-Fi Ready

Regardless of the premises you occupy and whatever your printer needs are, there are a number of sensible reasons to consider making future printing solution free of cables.
A Wifi wireless printer means neat work space and reduced health and safety considerations. The technology behind wireless connections and wi-fi networks has become more advanced and much easier to implement. So in the future technology printers, a wireless solution will offer great flexibility and maneuverability enabling you to send prints to your printer from anywhere in the wireless range area.

Green Eco-Friendly Inkless Printers

Printers in the future will be Green which means they will be Environment Friendly and wont use chemical Inks. Even, at the moment, various brands such as Dell and Polaroid have launched printers that don’t use normal printer ink cartridges to print on paper. The Dell Wasabi Ultramobile printer can print high-quality, border less full-color images using Zink (Zero Ink) technology. Heat from the printer activates dye crystals that are embedded in a special kind of photo paper to create colored print outs in less than a minute.

Ultra-Fast Printers

There are Ultra-Fast Printers in development now that can print high-quality, full-color images at 100 pages per second continuously. With that technology around, it will not be so long before modern printers come close to printing at the speed of sound.

There is no reason, not to see a wonderful future ahead, for Printing Technology, Printer Industry and consumers. We are already observing the 3D Printers, Wireless Printing and Smart All-in-On printing systems. It will not take more than 2 to 3 years to completely get rid of the mess of printer inks and cartridges. And soon Weill finally see these future technology 3D Printers at work right in our homes and offices.
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