iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Rumors

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Keeping an eye on Galaxy S5 Release Date in Q1 of 2014 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in fall 2014, Apple the Cupertino technological giant is actively working on the launching of next generation iDevices.

An armada of Apple's gadget coming in 2014 includes new iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, iPod Touch 6, iPod Nano 8 and the most talked about iWatch.

Obviously, with new iOS 8 features the iPhone 6 coming out as flagship device and as the successor of iPhone 5S phone is the most anticipated device.

Apple have made a remarkable impact on the smartphone market with its iPhone 5S, but rumors indicates that the company will launch another iPhone likely iPhone 6 with some amazing features.

Compared to 5th generation iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S with iOS7 was a success. But ifans are expecting a lot more from Apple when it comes to compare iPhone 6 with iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 6 wishlist is long. Whether Apple live up to the fans expectation is yet to be seen. Here under is an iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S rumors round up to give you a head up with what is going on and what can be expected from 6th generation iPhone compared to the previous fifth generation:

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Rumors

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Rumors

According to rumors, Apple will bring A8 octa-core processor for its new iPhone 6 while iPhone 5S is running on A7 quad core 64 bit processor.

As iOS 7 upgraded on regular bases so next generation iPhone will run on upgraded iOS 7 operating system or Apple may bring new operating system by the time Apple iPhone 6 makes its appearance.

According to reports, Apple has the Retina + IGZO display and a new factor with no home button. On the other hand iPhone 5S introduced finger scanner on its home button.

We have seen an iPad 4 with 128 GB storage capacity so we can hope iPhone 6 to come with the storage of capacity of 16/32/64 and 128 GB while Apple iPhone 5S keep the same iPhone 5 storage capacity.

Apple will probably introducing wireless charger which could charge multiple devices simultaneously. iPhone 6 is likely to have 3.2 megapixel face HD camera and 13 megapixel 3D rear camera. The device also includes curve video feature, as Redmond Pie reported. On the other hand iPhone 5S have an 8 mega pixel auto-focus camera with dual-LED flash.

Apple will deliver some eye tracking motions technology in its iPhone which allows the user to use the device without touch.

The screen of iPhone 6 will have 4.8 Retina plus Sharp LGZO display with 1080 HD resolution while iPhone 5S features a 4.8 inch Super HD screen with Retina+ Sharp IGZO display. The device might support 802,11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

As far as release date is concerned, iPhone 6 is expected to come in the fourth quarter of next year.

The price of iPhone is one of few things which doesn't change. If Apple repeats its pricing strategy, iPhone 6 is expected to start from $199 with contract and from $ 599 without contract.

You can also check out further details of the new iPhone 6 features. The iPhone 6 specs and features indicate that Apple iPhone 6 will be the best and the fastest ever iPhone from Apple and definitely one of the best smartphone of 2014.
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