Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date 2014 USA, UK, India, Australia

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Find Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in USA, UK, India, Australia and for the other markets worldwide in 2014.

Samsung GS5, came out of the box, in an offcial unpack event at Mobile World Congress on Februray 24, 2014.

Samsung S5 is also expected to come in multiple variants like GS4, including Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy S5 Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review of specs and features summaries as a high-end flagship phone with 5.1 inches FHD Super AMOLED display at 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2.5GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, 16MP camera , 2800 mAh battery, Dust-proof and Water resistant Poly-carbonic plastic casing and storage capacity options of 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB along with a microSD card extension slot.

Be it next Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy S6, korean smartphone technology has evolved a lot, from display screen and processing chips to software features and Apps, over the last couple of years, and it will keep evolving in the years to come.

Success is a joinery not a destination. News are coming out that Samsung hurried the Galaxy S5 launch because it is readying to move on with its next version in the name of Samsung Galaxy S6, packed with one of the kind hardware specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date 2014 USA, UK, India, Australia

According to the sources, Korean smartphone manufacturer has already started working on the next flagship device, successor to Galaxy S6 and aiming to set brand new standards in the mobile world, with Samsung Galaxy S5 having exquisite specs and new features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Dates 2014

For the relief of those who wer holding their breath for Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, its not arriving until April, 2014 in the markets in USA, UK, India, Australia or the rest.

With all the specs and feature already known. Official Samsung Galaxy S5 release date for market availability is April 16, 2014. You can check out Samsung Galaxy S5 Price for 23 countries.

You can also check our Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5, iPhone 5S, Lumia Icon Specs Comparison Chart to know which flagship mobile phone is best for your needs.

Technology companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony follow at least an annual product release cycle for their mainstream products. This stop gape allows them to collect feedback from the previous version, improve existing components, incorporate new technologies and work out marketing strategy.

Generally, if we look at the historical data of "Samsung S" series release dates, it becomes simple to guess that Samsung release a new Galaxy S phone once a year. The release dates of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones seem to have a unique pattern as illustrated below:
  1. Galaxy S June 2010
  2. Galaxy S II May 2011
  3. Galaxy S III May 2012
  4. Galaxy S IV April 2013
  5. Galaxy S V April 2014
If this is the pattern that Samsung has been following all long then it will be right to conclude Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released next year March. Now let look at possible Samsung Galaxy S5 release dates in US, UK, India, Australia one by one:
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in US

    Official Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in USA is expected to be March 10, 2014 followed by Samsung S5 global launch around 19 April, 2014.

    Samsung S5 will be available on Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, Tmobile and US Cellular, the major five carriers in United States, within 2 months of its launch. There are reports that Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming out on Cricket and C Spire too.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 can also be per-ordered at Best Buy, however you should beware of the awful 3 weeks delay faced by Best Buy Pre-Order users for Galaxy S4. Walmart will also be selling AT&T Galaxy S4 for a two-year contract.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in UK

    Samsung United Kingdom smartphone customers had experienced a frustrating delay for Galaxy S4 due to stock constraints. Samsung should have enough supply to meet unprecedented demand for 5th generation Galaxy S5 in UK.

    Samsung S5 should be available in UK for £590 around 19 April, 2014. If you can't afford to pay it at all once, wait for Samsung Galaxy S5 launch on O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, Vodafone, Virgin Media or Tesco Mobile for a carriers contract. Many online and retail stores like Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U are also expected to be selling the Samsung S5 under several deals.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in Australia

    Within 2 weeks of official launch in United States,
    Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in Australia will be a big show like its predecessor flagship phone Galaxy S4 launch in the Sydney Opera House.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in Australia is expected to be around April 19, 2014. Australians should be able to get their hands on new Samsung S5 for $899, almost two week after the official Galaxy S4 launch event.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in Australia on most of 4G carriers like Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin Mobile with contract, by the end of April 2014.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in India

    5th Generation Galaxy S5 release date in India is expected around April 20, 2013 with a price point of Rs. 45,000 Indian Rupees on.

    Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available at the Samsung brand stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai initially. While open market availability of Samsung S4 is likely to follow in a couple of days.
However, there are some uncertain factors that also must be taken care of while determining Samsung S5 launch. These includes, internal strategic and supply chain matters, challenges posed by rival products and market forces; and least but not the last politico-economical conditions of the country in question.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 Price at it will be competing against htc ONE 2014, LG G3, iPhone 6, Nexus 6 and other flagship devices; and stay tuned for each and every Samsung Galaxy S5 new update.
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