Black Friday Apple Deals: iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro

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Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac devices are the main products that retailers and buyers are especially looking out in 2013 Black Friday sales, like every year.

Big time retailers have already published Black Friday Apple deals including the list of products with discount price they are going to offer.

Best Buy is selling iPad Air for $449 and iPad 2 16GB model for $299.99. Amazon is offering Apple iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi for $399 and iPad Air 16GB WiFi for $440. You can check out some of the other Black Friday Tablet Deals on Best Buy, Walmart, OfficeMax and Amazon.

Apple iPad 4 costs $399 at Wal-Mart, which has already slashed $20 on the 16GB model making it one of the cheapest discounts. Overall, there is around 10% discount on Apple tablets.

Black Friday has over the years developed a reputation of being one of the biggest events for the smartphone and tablet markets due to some eccentric deals that are always on the list.

Apple keeping up with the norm of Black Friday deal offers, has officially unveiled its price cuts for iPad, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch, MacBook and many more.

Black Friday Apple Deals 2014: iPad Air, Mini, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro
From the variety of tablets that people would be able to pick up come 'Black Friday' the choice between iPad Mini that would be available, or the Microsoft Surface would be interesting to find out. Walmart and Target have announced gift coupons to go with the purchase of the iPad mini from their stores. People however would be looking for discounted price of the device rather than such gift vouchers.

iPad 4 deals and discounts

iPad 4th generation with Retina Display is one of the products from Apple that has received a price cut of between $41-$61 depending on the option you go with in terms of storage capacity.

iPad 4th generation 16GB Wi-Fi version with 9.7 inches display will receive a price reduction of $41 to sale at $458 while the Wi-Fi plus cellular will sale at $558 up down from $629. Higher storage capacities of iPad 4 will also see price reduction with the iPad 4 32GB selling at $548 and the iPad 4 64GB at $638.

The older version of the iPads will also receive price cuts during the event with Apple shedding $31 from iPad 2 that will make the Wi-Fi version retail at $368 while the Wi-Fi plus cellular at $498.

According to official confirmation from Apple, iPad 2 and iPad 4 will be available for shipment in 1 to 3 business days. The only bad news from the iPad segment is that iPad mini won’t be receiving any price cuts during the event.

iPad mini Discounts

The first generation iPad mini 16 GB storage is available at $239 from eBay. Rakuten is offering the iPad Mini for $249.99 on Black Friday, and that indeed is a big discount from the going price of the device.

iPod touch Deals and Discounts

The lovers of the new iPod touch also have something to be glad about as the iPod touch 5 32GB version will be selling at $268 and fifth generation iPod touch 64GB is going for $358 which is essentially a saving of $31 and $4 respectively.

Apple iPod touch 4G will get a price cut of $21 for the iPod touch 4th generation 16 GB that will make it sell at $178 while the 32GB will go for $228. Apple iPod Nano will also be priced $11 cheaper to sell at $138.

MacBook Pro discount price

If you have been eying the MacBook Pro 2013 with retina display then you are in for a surprise as Apple has sliced $101 from its initial price thus making it extremely cheaper.

The discounted prices also apply to the Retina MacBook pro as well as MacBook Air. The 13 inches MacBook Pro with Retina display will trade at $1598 down from $1699 while the Macbook Pro 15 inches will trade at $2098.

The non-retina version of the MacBook will trade at $1098 down from $1199 while the 15 inch version will go on sale at $1799.

MacBook Air price reduction

Buyers will also be given the opportunity of buying the 11 inch MacBook Air will be down at $898 from $999 with the 13 inch going for $1098.

Cheaper iPad Accessories

iPad accessories will also be on offing during the event on a discount with iPad smart casing receiving a price cut of $15 to sell at $34 with the cover selling with $11 drop at $28. iPad smart cover will be cheaper at $48 down from $69.

These as of now are the stores that are offering the iPad Mini at their lowest best. Things may however change with the actual day arriving closer when new retailers would surely jump in and announce their bargain price list.

Apple will also use the Black Friday event as an opportunity to sell their Airport Express for $88 down by $11 while the export extreme will go on sale for $158 down by $21.
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