iPod Touch 5th Generation Features and Price

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Apple latest iPod Touch 5th Generation Price and Features of 5th Generation iPod Touch is the talk of the town in iPod Touch lovers now days.

Designed on the pattern of iPhone 4S, Apple 5th Generation iPod Touch featuring iOS 5. Other iPod Touch 5G specs includes Capacitive Touch, a faster processor and additional RAM.

Those who are carrying iPod or planning to buy one will be happy to know that the iPod 5 enjoys more powerful operating system than previous iPod. The new operating system is iOS5. There are a lot of features.

The new aspects include Game Center, WI-Fi syncing to iTunes, Notifications, iMessage and more.

Apple New iPod Touch 5th Generation Features an Price

iPod Touch 5th Generation Features and Specs

Lets find the new Apple iPod Touch 5th Generations Features in further details:

Game Center
The Game Center aspect is the perfect tool for enjoying exciting gaming experience as it will allow you to find new players who are experienced in certain game and also adding profile picture is something attractive. If you want to buy a specific game from the online store, you can use your iPod 5 to do that smoothly and quickly.

iPod 5G Applications
The newly released device will carry a lot of surprises to all iPod lovers as it will integrate with several advanced applications. No doubt, users can download whatever apps they would like from iTunes.

Better Display Screen
The very prominent argue about iPod is the display screen. Many users claim that their Android counterparts have a larger display screen. So, we highly expect that Apple tries to stay competitive by improving the screen capability.

Powerful iOS
Some rumors claim that the fifth iPod generation may include the iOS 6 with A6 Chip in the coming generation late in 2012. Anyway, Apple thinks the iOS5 is be good for the next release as it will be capable of handling more advanced apps. This allows higher memory (RAM).

A6/A5X Processor
A5X and A6 chips succeeded to make a real change in the iPad. If the coming iPod integrate the A6 chip, it will certainly make a big hype.

Higher RAM
The integrated iOS needs higher RAM than iOS4. The new RAM should be able to run all the new features like the new applications and the internet connection.

More Audio/Video Formats Supported
How many times you have experienced problems when opening a video on your iPod or any other portable device. Of course, many times as iPod and other handheld devices support particular video format. As a result a need to a new feature that makes the device compatible with some more formats is required.

It is expected that the new version of iPod will let users to enjoy DivX and more. However, there is still a wide range of unsupported video formats.

Advanced Camera
It is highly expected that Apply will improve the Camera in the fifth release as the older one was not so good. They are expected to improve the front camera quality and also some enhancements on the right side camera. It is predicted to be an 8.5 MP camera.

Music and videos are all about having joyful times on the go. So, we like to have more space for saving more media files. And this is what we hope to find in the next lunch. Although iPods have cute ring tones, the overall performance is good. Of course the performance will not be less than the previous release.

Battery Durability
One of the most features in any portable device is the battery. Many questions are there: is it durable? How many hours of playing songs and videos? Is it Eco-friendly? Is the package including additional battery? Obviously, the current device has a battery that can play about 7 hours for video and 40 hours of songs. That is great. But day by day the need to more powerful battery increases. So, it is the Apple follower’s right to require a battery that is more durable and can play more videos and audio for every charge time.

iPod Touch 5th Generation Price

The fourth generation was very costly especially in the United States; the 8GB was for about 200 dollars. But normally, iPod lovers like to have more features and hardware specs improvements in the new lunch for the same price. Why Not? We hope that.
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