iPad 4 Price, Release Date and Specs Review

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Checkout Apple iPad 4 Price and Release Date as well as iPad 4th Generation Specs and Features. Apple iPad 4 launched in 2012, is doubtlessly a remarkable technology.

If we draw an iPad 4 vs iPad 3 comparison, Apple iPad 4 offers amazing enhanced features like WiFi, messaging, email, games, movie watching and a lot more. Apple iPad 4 features outstanding applications and awesome hardware to set itself apart from other tablets that are scheduled to be launched in 2012 fall.

Apple iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Release news have started to come out. If the recent leaks reveals an Apple iPad Mini 2013 with Retina Display and an Apple iPad 5th Generation that features a new design thinner and lighter design than the iPad 4th Generation.

Keep reading this article to find the Apple iPad 4 Features and new iPad 4 Price.

iPad 4 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

iPad 4th generation Price, Release Date and Specs

According to some reports, Apple was set to launch two products in 2012: iPad 3, that is the latest iPad, in March and iPad 4 coming in October. iPad 4 Launch in October 2012 is tipped by DigiTimes and an Apple component manufacturer from Taiwan.

But Apple follows consist annual product releases cycle, therefore we do not expect new iPad 4 Release Date before March 2013, 12 months from the launch of the last Apple iPad 3G. Because annual iPad launch schedule provides Apple time enough to bring out some thing with valuable offerings.

iPad 4 Price in USA

According to The New York Times, the iPad Mini Price would be significantly less than the new iPad 4 Price, which starts was stated to cost around $650 to $750.

The new iPad 3 has not increased in price due to the fact that there hasn’t actually been any major upgrades with the design however the next generation iPad 4 Price, equipped with an 8MP camera and much larger internal memory, could raise the new Apple iPad 4 Cost up to around the £450 for the entry level model.

Apple iPad 4 Specs and Features

Thinner, Lighter and Faster!
The latest iPad4 is slightly thicker than its predecessor iPad and slightly heavier in weight. We are expecting the coming iPad 4 to be very light in weight like kindle and thinner than the iPad 2. Our expectations are also for a super faster iPad 4. With combination of stunning engineering and technological breakthroughs, we are dreaming of a master piece from Apple.

More Storage
The latest iPad is equipped with a Retina display, which provides sharp and high quality graphics such as those on iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but over a larger area. This feature comes at the cost of large file sizes. The new version of Garage Band, for instance, is much larger in size than its older version. However, iPads are still available from 16 to 64 GB storage. What we expect is more storage in the coming iPad 4.

Improved Keyboard Support
Steve Jobs didn’t like the idea of touchscreen computers as this technology sometimes causes outstretched arms to experience discomfort and pain. But touchscreen technology is a major thing associated with the iPads and Bluetooth keyboards. Apple would need to create some extra commands for keyboard integrated with iOS, for instance to provide app switching.

Innovation in Smart Cover
iPad’s Smart Cover needs some innovation in design. It looks quite clever and swish when iPad wakes. Smart Cover also acts as a good stand. However, it is really bad when one is holding his iPad and Smart Cover swing and finally falls down in a slapstick manner. There must be some innovation and improvement in the design of Smart Cover for the iPad 4.

Battery Improvements
Battery usage of ten hours in the latest iPad is quite impressive, but this is the ideal-case scenario. Watch video, play games or listen to some music, and this battery usage figure will come down. Apple should be working to improve and increase the battery usage capacity in the iPad 4.

Improved Speakers
To check the speakers’ quality of the latest iPad just use the iPod touch for a while and you will observe that the iPad will just sound like Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin in comparison. With lots of great games, apps, video support and music we need much improved and powerful speakers. Stereo is something we want to have in the coming iPad 4.
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