Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 comparison of specs and features

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out, leaving a lot of smartphone fans wondering to compare next Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 specs and features, in order to decide whether they should buy new Galaxy Note 3 or wait for Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date in 2014.

Nevertheless, both Galaxy S V and Galaxy Note III are going to be the best mobiles in the world, guaranteed to rule the top 10 smartphone charts for 2013-2014. But obviously you can't have them both. So the dilemma is to decide which phone is the best?

Samsung Galaxy S series is the company's flagship product line with magnificent reputation. Samsung is going to replace 4th generation Galaxy S4 with 5th generation Galaxy S5.

However, Samsung Galaxy S 5 is coming out in March or April 2014, giving brother device Galaxy Note3 a 6 months ahead to generate enough sales, before Note 3 price is cut down and Samsung S5 is allowed to shake up the smartphone world.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 features comparison

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 Specs Comparison

Let's have compare Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 based on the leaked specs and features coming from reputed sources:
  • Note 3 vs Galaxy S5 Design
    For all its edition of Samsung Galaxy devices, the Korean tech giant has only used polycarbonate plastic, to keep the device lighter. This is the reason why people had criticized a lot Samsung's choice of materials and its build quality with the Samsung S4 rolled out.

    There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come out with an aluminum body and bended display like the one it has depicted in Youm display demonstration.

    The Galaxy Note 3 will definitely not sport an endless display also it will come with the same boring plastic design. However, the strength of Note 3 phablet lies in its hard to beat internal specs and S-Pen distinctive features.

  • Galaxy Note 3 vs S5 Display
    Apple is rumored to be working on an edge-to-edge display for iPhone 6. It is rumored that the Galaxy S5 will also have a 5 inches full HD 1080p Super AMOLED edge-to-edge display.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already have it with 5.7 inches display. Previously Samsung Note 3 flexible OLED display had been rumored quite a lot. But we have already posted that it is not going to happen for Galaxy Note series in near future.

    Korean have wisely decide to keep their bendable or flexible display experiments separate on the name of Samsung Youm, not trying it on its established Galaxy brand, until the technology gets matured enough.

  • Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 Camera
    The Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming out featuring a 20MP camera which means it has more megapixels than what is expected on Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 will sport 13MP lens along with optical image stabilization. The Galaxy S5 is also expected to features OIS.

  • Processor and RAM
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available in two CPU versions. One will be Exynos 5420 CPU which will deliver a clocking speed of 1.8GHz. Another will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU which will deliver a clocking peed of 2.3GHz and rumored to be available in US.

    Experts are not talking much about the CPU details of Galaxy S5. So, may be a powerful octa-core CPU in two variants may be on the way. As far as the RAM is concerned, the Galaxy Note is coming out with 3GB RAM. Tech gurus are of the view that even the Galaxy S5 will house a 3GB RAM.

  • Android Software
    The Galaxy Note 3 will be running on the latest Android OS, the 4.3 Jelly Bean version. Since the Android 4.3 is not major update, we think that the Galaxy S5 will come with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie right out of the box
Galaxy Note 3 Review shows an outstanding phablet class phone, even seems promising against LG G2 and in Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max comparison.

But looking at upcoming Galaxy S5 Specs, Note 3 loses the shine. Samsung SV is sure to steel the thunder not only from its big brother but also from htc ONE max, Google Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 5S, making it number one phone to buy for the uses who keep only the best. The above specs clearly show the winner.

However, Galaxy Note 3 users also won't regret buying it, as it will keep very close to the Galaxy S5 in term of hardware specs, display quality and software; after Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie update.
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