Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max Specs Comparison

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The new Samsung Note 3 coming out with some of the latest and exquisite features and specs is the continuation of the Game Changing Galaxy legacy.

htc ONE max, on the other hand is also carrying a top class smartphone brand reputation, packing some really hard to beat specification including a rich larger screen display and other high end exclusive features.

While Google phablet Nexus 5 Release Date is still awaited, the contest among phablet class smartphones never gets any better, especially between upcoming Samsung Note 3 from Koreans and htc ONE max from Taiwanese.

The battle between the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs htc ONE is only the beginning. It seems as both of these companies are to be doing battle once again later this year with the rivals of the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the htc ONE max, a larger version of the htc ONE.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max Specs Comparison

Of course, HTC continues to be the underdog, as Samsung has turned everything it’s touched in the past couple of years in solid, pure gold. Then again, there’s no more debating the Taiwanese have the upper hand in terms of build quality while being on-par with the competition in hardware and close enough in software.

Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max Comparison

Below is the Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max specs comparison, intend to see how these two glamorous phablets compete with each other in a one on one fight.
  • Design
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device take on a design similar to that of the Galaxy S4. That means a plastic design with rounded corners, a microSD card slot, a removable back and a design that features a faux-metal band around the length of the device. The device will sport a 8mm frame, thinner than the Galaxy Note 2, though it weights 182 grams which is about 2 grams heavier than the previous model.

    htc ONE max have a similar design to the current htc ONE, complete with uni-body metal form factor. The device is around 9.4mm thin, a little wider than the Galaxy Note 3.

  • Display
    Note 3 is highly rumored to be featuring a 5.7 inch super AMOLED display spotting a 1080p panel. This will translate to a 0.2 inch increment as compared to Note 2. HTC One Max beats Note 3 in the screen size it will be offering; its screen size will essentially stand at 5.9 or 6 inches according o reliable sources. It is also rumored that HTC are working on a stylus kind of design.

  • Camera
    htc and Samsung do not differ in the type of camera they will spot in their latest Smartphones. Samsung Note 3 is likely to feature a 13MP camera with features like LED flash, optical image stabilization, and auto-focus. Galaxy Note 3 will also spot a front facing 2.1MP camera perfect for video chatting.

    htc ONE max features the same camera able to offer simultaneous HD video and image recording capabilities. Some of the possible additional features in HTC One Max will likely be face and smile detection, geo tapping and stereo sound recording features.

  • Processors
    Note 3 will continue with the Galaxy legacy by essentially featuring a powerful 2.3GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU which is sure to outdo Note 2 in ability to perform better and efficiently at a touch of a button.

    htc ONE max will also feature the same processor thereby presenting the two Smartphone’s with the same processing power. The performance of this two Smartphone’s will eventually come down to the software’s they park.

  • RAM
    Note3 is sure to beat HTC One in the amount of power it will be providing on its RAM. Samsung are thought to be incorporating a 3GB RAM sure to provide some of the top speeds especially for multitasking.

    htc ONE max on the other hand will pack a 2GB RAM which is slightly lower as compared to Note 3 but higher according to the current market standards.

  • Storage
    htc ONE max will be available in two options depending on the storage capacity; it will mainly be available on a 32 and 64GB option. What many people are awaiting to see is whether it will feature a microSD slot to allow for the expansion of the storage capacity.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on the other hand will feature the three common storage capacities of 16, 32 and 64GB. This is sure to give consumers a good variety to choose from.

  • Battery
    With increased features that do need a lot of power to operate on, a powerful battery able to provide lengthy supply of power is a must for this two Phablets. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out with 3450mAh battery sure to provide a lengthy battery life.

    htc ONE max Specs on the other hand includes a 3200 mAh battery. Samsung essentially beats HTC slightly on this front as it is able to pack a powerful battery.

  • Software
    Depending on the release date It is highly likely Note 3 will run on the yet to be released Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. This is viewed as the successor of Android 4.3 sure to come with additional custom Apps widgets and other software bundled to offer greater performance.

    htc ONE max on the other hand is likely to offer its consumers the latest version of the Android perfectly embedded in its Sense UI user interface. It will eventually come down to the type of UI interface you prefer.
htc ONE max or Samsung Galaxy Note both will cost almost the same, with release dates overlapping too. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-mobile in United States. htc ONE max will also be available of all these carrier. With both smartphone makers pumping huge budgets in advertisement and promotion, consumer will have tough time deciding between the two.

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs htc ONE max will also face sales competition from devices like Nexus 4 2013, iPhone 5S and LG G2, making the smartphone game very interesting, in the last months of year 2013.
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