Verizon iPhone 5S Release Date, Specs and Cost 2013

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iPhone 5s is coming out on September 10, and soon after on Verizon Wireless network in USA.

The buzz and hype of town is now entirely focused on the highly anticipated iPhone 5S Release Dates, which is seen as the ultimate successor of iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S Release Date Verizon Wireless will be unveiled right after 10th September Press event. Two weeks after the global iPhone 5S launch date, the phone is expected to hit the shelves of the major stores, along with iPhone 5C.

Verizon iPhone 5S Contract Price

Verizon is offering a $100 discount on iPhone 5 upgrades to certain current Verizon customers. Like AT&T iPhone 5S, the new iPhone 5s is considered as a budget Smartphone and is expected to be available at Verizon for $199 on two years standard contract.

Verizon iPhone 5S Release Date, Specs, Price

Verizon iPhone 5S Specs and Featues 2013

iPhone 5S is highly expected to beat its predecessor in terms of design so that it is able to keep up with the pace of the other Smartphone’s produced by companies such as Samsung and Sony. iPhone 5S looks likely to incorporate a 4inch IGZO display with an astonishing screen resolution of 1136 X 640 making it extremely clear and vivid with a 326ppi. The new technology has mainly been developed to ensure it is more than able to save on battery life.

Leaked drawings suggest iPhone 5S will measure up at 58.57x123.83x7.7mm maintaining the same aluminum casing that is predominant with iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S is sure to pave way for extraordinary internal redesign by incorporating one of a kind features ranging from fingerprint reader, exquisite camera to a better performing processor. An iPhone 5S prototype has been spotted showing a new processor clearly suggesting it is an A7 chip as compared to the A6 chip in iPhone 6. If this is the case then iPhone 5S is sure to be the real deal in terms of speed and, multitasking levels.

The camera is the other major talk points with many waiting to see how many pixel will be offered with iPhone 5S. The latest Smartphone’s in the market such as S4 are boosting of 12MP worth of Camera. iPhone 5S is sure to come with a 12MP camera to stay inline in the pole position of shading competition from other lucrative Smartphone’s.

Details of iPhone 5S camera have essentially leaked online suggesting iPhone 5S camera will be supported by a dual LED flash. A 2GB RAM is also thought to be in the offing to make iPhone 5 reliable in terms of multitasking without any hang ups.

iPhone 5S is to run on the newly launched iOS 7 which is the next Apples operating software. Stunning is the word that perfectly describes the new operating software from Apple, with a totally new rejuvenating design, font, control centre and notifications bar. The App store and safari have been revamped coming with more applications that are sure to perfectly suit iPhone 5S.

Verizon iPhone 5S is to come with a better front facing camera perfect for video chatting. The front facing camera is rumored to give Sony Xperia Z a run for its money in terms of calling capabilities. The Front facing camera is to feature a dual head vibration motor which is to add an extra dimension to the proposed uber sensitive IGZO screen.

Verizon iPhone 5S4G LTE capability is one of the added features that is sure to be predominant with iPhone 5S to make sure it is the ideal device for high speed internet connectivity.

iPhone 5S Battery compared to iPhone 5 has received a sizable increase in power to ensure longer battery life. iPhone 5S is to feature a Li-Ion battery having a capacity of 5.92Whr as compared to iPhone 5 5.45 Whr.

A fingerprint sensor is also to be included in iPhone 5S with apple already having been offered its patent.
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