NEXUS 4 2 Release date 2013, Specs and 2nd Generation Phone Price

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Google Nexus 4 2nd generation Release Date with ugraded Specs is expected by the end of 2013.

According to reliable sources, it is highly thought that Google is working on the new Nexus 4 2 as an improvement over Nexus 4 first generation, originally launched in November, 2012.

It is also highly thought that Motorola or more probably LG is working as new Nexus4 2013 phone hardware partner, which which is sure to leave a lot to be desired.

Previously it was believed that Google was come up with Nexus 5 Phone as an upgrade to Nexus 4 device. However, some recent rumors tell another story. Like the Nexus 7 2 tablet, the Nexus 4 will be replaced by the Nexus 4 2 phone and Nexus 5 phablet will come out as a new product line.

Nexus 4 2 Release Date 2013

The expected Nexus 4 2 Release Date looks likely to be towards the end of the year, from November 25 to 29 of 2013.
Google NEXUS 4 2013 Release date, Specs and Price

Nexus 4 2013 Specs and Features

Nexus 4 2013 Specs upgrade will be available in the same Nexus 4 price, thereby allowing Google to offer customers what they need in terms of desirable features and specs, within same cost.

Reports also suggests that Nexus 4 2nd gen is to be launched on Verizon wireless, which means finally a Nexus 4.2 LTE upgrade is coming out featuring 4G LTE, CDMA support and 32GB worth of internal storage capacity.

The fact that Google is about to release Android 4.4 Kitkat also clearly suggest that the new Nexus 4 2013 upgrade will run on this new spectacular Operating software.

Nexus 4 2nd Generation phone upgrade might not deviate completely from the original design; which means Nexus 4 2013 features exact design in terms of display screen size, look and feel.

Nexus 4 2013 Features are sure to come with all the added benefits included in Android Kit kat feature list that are sure to make Nexus 4 2nd gen a worthy having gadget. Some of the added features that are rumored to be a possibility with this new upgrades include 4G LTE support, this is to ensure Nexus 4 2nd gen stays in line to provide some of the fastest speeds in internet connectivity.

Nexus 4 currently features an 8MP camera, it will be more interesting to see Nexus 4 2 rolling out with a 12 MP camera to give other smart phones a little bit to chew about. A front facing camera able to guarantee up to 2MP will be perfect for video calls and things like Skype chatting.

Many of the smart phones in the market are currently running on a 2GB RAM thus Google feels no need to upgrade memory further to 3GB in Nexus 4 2013.

Nexus 4 2 upgrade might go forth and maintain the two available options of 8GB and 16GB of Nexus 4. It will even do better if it is able to go forth and add a microSD slot that will allow people to pump in more storage capacity when need arises.

Qi Wireless charging is a feature that is sure to be maintained with this new upgrade to keep up with the latest trend in the tech world.

Some of the other features that are to be predominant with Nexus 4 2 include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Bluetooth and NFC.

Nexus 4 2 Battery power boost will be a must in this case to perfectly support the added features in the new upgrade. Nexus 4 spots a Li-Po 2100mAh battery. If the new upgrade is to keep up pace with the other products in the market in terms of battery power, it will need to feature up to 3100mAh worth of batter power.

Nexus 4 2 Price

The original Nexus 4 8GB base model was priced at $299 in the USA, when launched. Its successor, the new Nexus 4 2013 8G price is expected to cost same, with the original model getting significantly cheaper.

Recently, Google Nexus 4 price in US has been cut to $199, with similar price drop for several countries, ahead of Nexus 4 2nd Generation Launch and new mobile phones coming out including Samsung Galaxy Note3, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, LG G2, htc ONE max in a busy fall shopping season.

Nexus 4 2013 2nd Generation Phone Specs and Price
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