Nexus 11 tablet Release Date, Specs and Price

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Google Nexus 11 Tablet, to be build by Samsung is going to give very tough fight to Apple iPad 5.

Nexus 11 Release Date is talk of town and seem to revolve around what Nexus 11 Specs, Samsung would offer as the successor of Google Nexus 10 in the form of new Nexus 11 inches tablet.

Google Samsung relationship are bolstered to ensure they are able to gain a sizable share in the tablet market. It is highly thought that Samsung will offer some of the top notch and most glamorous Nexus 11 Features and specs that greatly define Samsung devices.

Google showed its prowess last year at its annual I/O by making Android a serious contender in the tablet market. Google inched on Apples space by releasing Nexus 7 2nd Generation recently, to improve its position in iPad Mini 2 vs Nexus 7 2013 vs Kindle Fire HD 2 second generation smaller tablets competition.

Google Nexus 11 tablet Release Date, Specs and Price

Nexus 11 Release Date and Price

According to recent Nexus 11 rumors, the Samsung Google Nexus 11 launch date by the end of year 2014 along with Android 5.0 Lime Pie.

Samsung has not confirmed the existence of a new Nexus 11 tablet, neither Google revealed and any information about Android 5.0 release date, so far.

But, you might remember that the Nexus 10 tablet was one of the first devices to run Android 4.2, back in 2012. We highly expect that Google will follow the same course this year. Therefore, we believe that the new Nexus 11 tablet is coming out in late November.

Nexus 11 Price

Currently the Nexus 11 Price is still unknown, but Nexus devices are known for being reasonably priced compared to competitors devices. Looking at escalating market competitions and Google's pricing policies we estimate Google Nexus 11 tablet cost will go around $449 for Nexus 11 32GB and $549 for Nexus 11 32GB Wifi only models.

Nexus 11 Specs and Features

Cnet reported that new Nexus 11 specs includes octa-core processor:
The so-called Nexus 11 will reportedly feature an 11-inch Super PLS TFT display, an 8MP rear camera, a 2MP front-facing camera, and microSD expansion.
Lets have a lot at other Nexus 11 Specs the new Samsung Google tablets is coming with:
  1. Display
    Reported news put Nexus 11 at a staggering 11 inch display sure to be the standout feature in the tablet market. This won’t be extremely difficult to handle as screens are usually measured on their diagonal length. The 11inch super PLUS display will feature a 2560 x 1600 resolution guaranteeing the highest levels of screen clarity.

  2. Camera
    Tablets and smart phones are nowadays defined by the amount of megapixels for cameras they are able to guarantee. Nexus 11 will feature two sets of cameras each built for specific purposes. Its front facing camera perfectly built for video chatting such as Skype will feature a 2MP camera. Its rear facing camera perfect for taking photos will stand at 8MP with some of the latest features essential for taking glamorous photos.

  3. Processor
    Nexus 11 processor will spot a 1.8GHZ quad core Tegra 4 and 72 core NVIDIA sure to guarantee some of the best speeds and reliability regardless of what one is doing. Consumers are nowadays known to be fond of devices with powerful processors. This is because tablets are the real deal in storing some of the most powerful games and applications

  4. RAM
    A powerful RAM with these kind of devices is always a must if multitasking without any form of hang-ups is to be achieved. It is a high possibility that Nexus 11 will incorporate a 3 GB RAM to ensure it is up to task to perform all the essential tasks at reliable speeds.

  5. Nexus 11 Android 5.0 Lime Pie
    Nexus 11 Might run on Android Jelly bean 4.3, this could also change as Google is expected to launch their new OS in the name of Android 5.0 lime pie as early as October. If Nexus 11 is released in October then it will run on Android 5.0 lime pie.

  6. Storage 16GB/ 32GB/ 64 GB with microSD
    Storage capacity is nowadays everything in the Smartphone and tablet era. With lots of Apps and games requiring additional space for storage, Nexus 11 is sure to solve this problem by incorporating a 64GB microSD slot. This is sure to complement its internal storage capacity to ensure one never runs out of storage capacity.

  7. Battery
    Google nexus 10 is currently providing descent battery life of 5 hours on full brightness. We are waiting to see what Google will do on this front to ensure its added features are perfectly supported by a stronger battery power a powerful battery is sure to be in the offing to support the added features of Nexus 11 as compared to Nexus 10.

  8. Other Nexus 11 features
    Other features sure to make Nexus 11 a must have tablet for this year include QI wireless charging which is an added feature in the tech world, stereo speakers for quality sounds Slim port, HDMI video connection and the Near Field Communication NFC feature.
It is most likely that Nexus 11 tablet will be released during the close of the year to try and gain a good amount of sales during the festive period.

Recently, Google has cut the Nexus 4 price in US to $199, aimed at Nexus 4 2013 phone launch to compete with new mobile phones coming out including Samsung Galaxy Note3, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, LG G2, htc ONE max in Q4, 2013.
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