iPad 5th Generation Features, Specs, Price and Rumors

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View Apple iPad 5th Generation Features and Specifications with Price and latest rumors.

Since the iOS7 Release Date has been already announced, by this fall, Apple Inc. is planning to release the iPad 5th Generation along with new iPad mini 2nd Generation.

Latest iPad 5 Rumors suggest that the new iPad 5th Generation Price will be around $620 and is expected to be lighter, slimmer and smarter than any of its predecessors.

The new iPhone 5S and will have an aluminum casing and Cheaper iPhone 5C with plastic body are also coming out on September 10, 2013. According to leaks from Apple, the iPad 5th Generation may also have an aluminum casing with the same colors.

new iPad 5th Generation Features, Specs, Price and Rumors

iPad 5 Rumors 2013

Apple is expected to launch iPad 5th Generation by giving a modest upgrade to the existing iPad 4 Specs. But all the iPad 5 information that is doing the rounds may be nothing but rumors, although these are based on credible information from staff members of the company. The iPad 5th Generation will have a rear camera, just like its predecessor, but will have a higher megapixel capacity thanks to the new A7 processor and the new iOS operating system.

A7 processor is already coming out with new iOS 7 operating system, incorporated into the iPhone 5S. The same can be expected of the iPad 5th Gen. The device will also have GPS capability in the iPad packs.

iPad 5th Generation is coming out in 2013

Apple iPad 5th Generation release date is also rumored to be in Q4, 2013 offering iPad 5 64GB and 128 GB models.

Since, Amazon is readying its new Kindle Fire HD 2013 and Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation is already out in the market, there are reports that in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C unveiling event, iPad 5G and iPad mini 2G are coming out too.

iPad 5th Generation launch will be set in a manner to try to beat the stiff competition that Apple is getting from Android tablet manufacturers.

In China and other medium economies, Android devices have taken over the tablet and Smartphone markets. This will make it very difficult for Apple to penetrate these markets. In these markets, the penetration of Apple devices has been minimal, and they are looking for ways in which to turn this sad state of affairs around.

iPad 5th Generation Features and Specs

Apple the new iPad 5th Gen release along-with iPad mini 2nd gen coming out to compete well in smaller tablets iPad Mini 2 vs Nexus 7.2 vs Kindle Fire HD 2 2nd generation fight, Apple may get its market, which had been taken over by Samsung products. Apple will be a step ahead of Samsung when it comes to delivering these two top-notch personal computing and communications devices.

Rumors have it that Wacom, the company behind the S-pen, will also create a similar device for the new iPad 5G. There are great Apps which can use a stylus for creation and production of new media, and the iPad wants to incorporate these applications into their new devices. This might be the reason for the delay in the iPad 5th Generation and iPad mini 2 launch.

The Apple iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C release date are slated to be unveiled in the September. It is the same time when Samsung will unleash its Galaxy Note 3 coming out on September 6, 2013.
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