Cheap iPhone5C Review Video and Images 2013

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While new Apple iPhone 5S and Cheap iPhone 5C featuring iOS 7 operating system are on the way to markets globally, there has been much talks about the highly anticipated low budget iPhone 5C version of the phone.

There are high quality iPhone5C images and photos already out there, as we already know that the cheaper iPhone 5C model will be available in several colors including red, yellow, green, blue, white and black.

A cheaper iPhone 5 plastic build rumors were circulating over the internet for years but it is only in 2013 when Apple decided to materialize the option in an event, scheduled on September 10.

Cheap iPhone 5C Review Video and Images 2013

Previously, merely relying upon the older iPhone models, the new iPhone 5C affordable price and colors will not only improve Apple presence in low budget Asian markets but also help Apple to increase its smartphone share, thwarting Android invasion, especially by low end cheaper Android handsets.

Cheap iPhone 5C Review Video 2013

Tanner Marsh, who has been a credible source in the past for leaks about arriving Apple products, just posted first high definition hands-on iPhone 5C review video showing multiple iPhone 5C rear shells. You can checkout the video below:

If this video is accurate, Apple’s certainly making a statement with the colors that the iPhone 5C is not exactly your typical iPhone. Instead, the colors are much more like original candy-colored iMac.

iPhone5C Review of Specs and Features

The iPhone 5C features the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5, but replaces its slick aluminum unibody chassis with one made of plastic. To compensate, this plastic will come in a number of color options, which is a nice throwback to the old days of colorful iPods

Also, an iPhone 5C plastic build does not means a less durable phone. Apple has enough experience with using plastic on both the iPhone 3G and 3GS without ay complaints about broken handsets. Although, Apple naturally, in the quest of more premium quality build materials, switched to a glass for iPhone 4 and 4S, before finally using a metal body in iPhone 5.

iPhone 5C Siri is another off. Introduced in the iPhone 4S as a major feature, Apple voice assistance software requires a certain degree of hardware specs, which might not be available with this affordable but low end iPhone model.

The iPhone 5C does not high resolution retina display screen, has less memory capacity and precessing power. It also does not support LTE and fingerprint sensor. However, it features 8MP rear camera.

At least, for those who might want to get the cheaper model but not look cheap, there’s still a white iPhone 5C which will likely look fairly similar to the current iPhone 5.

And for those who are lighter at heart as well as lighter in wallet, the iPhone 5C will prove to be a colorful fashion statement as well as a smart buy, compared to iPod Touch 6G and iPod Touch 5G at least.

If the iPhone 5C costs around $350 in USA £250 and in UK, it would still be significantly cheaper than a brand new iPhone 4 costing $450 in US and £319 in UK for a factory unlocked contract free base model.

iPhone 5C Images and Pictures 2013

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