Review: iPhone 5S Specifications and Features

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Apple iOS 7 is still be receiving the good reviews and hype in the iDevices fans. But this is not going to stop in fall 2013.

New iPhone 5S is coming out to the markets with Apple iOS 7 in october 2013. Apple is currently going through production of new iPhone 5S, 5th Generation iPad 5, iPad Mini 2nd Generation and a Cheaper iPhone model.

Apple iPhone 5S launch in the last quarter of 2013, seems to be a perfect time for countering the competition that is coming from Samsung Galaxy S4 and other competitors.

Since, Apple iOS beta 1 is already out, we know most of the iPhone 5S features as for as software side is concerned. We have brought to you a iPhone 5S Review to give you an upfront idea of iPhone 5s specifications.

Review iPhone 5S Specifications and Features

iPhone 5S Review of Specifications and Features

For a completely new hardware specifications and a different design we most likely have to wait until 2014 for Apple iPhone 6. Apple iPhone 5S is not a change drastically from iPhone 5 in terms of design. Lets preview new iPhone 5S specifications and features one by one:
  1. iPhone 5S Display

    Apple iPhone 5S will features a super HD screen display. The iPhone 5S "Touch on Display” panel with 10 point multi-touch and a 0.5mm thickness, are manufactured by Taiwan based supplier, Innolux. This is sure to be the real deal in terms of display as the handset will have a Retina + Sharp IGZO display. The new iPhone 5S display will have a 1080p Full HD resolution for perfect clarity. To summarize it all, Apple iPhone 5s display is a huge improvement over iPhone 5 retina display with 727,040 pixels at 326 ppi resolution.

  2. iPhone 5S Camera

    Apple iPhone 5S have a beefier camera and a larger flash on the back, this is sure an improvement over iPhone 5 Camera. iPhone 5S Camera at 13MP is there to support modern art of photography. It is to be noted that 13MP cameras have already been experienced in Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4.

    New iPhone 5S Camera features and app to displays all of the shooting modes, and the user can easily tap them in order to frame shot like panorama, square, still or video.

  3. iPhone 5S Processor

    A processor upgrade was necessary to ensure that iPhone 5S is able to work perfectly with the added features and specs. A quad core A6X chip is highly is there on iPhone 5S to ensure the device works perfectly without any hang-ups..

  4. iPhone 5S 32/64/128GB

    iPhone 5S supports 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage models. Apple had already exhibited its capacity of bringing 128GB model devices with the launch of a iPad 4 128GB model. Keeping in view that more storage has become almost a requirement to store photos and videos as well as professional designing, music and CAD production files, an iPhone 5S 128GB model is a good addition.

  5. iPhone 5S 4G Global Connectivity

    4G connectivity is the talk of town due to the high download speeds it is able to guarantee. iPhone 5S will be the epitome of video downloads music and movies. Recently Qualcomm has developed a 4G chip that gives a smartphone 4G Global LTE support. Qualcomm RF360 chip provides iPhone 5S compatibility with eight mobile network standards: LTE-TDD, LTE-FDD, EVDO, WMCDA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, EDGE and GSM. This covers the full range of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Which simply means that iPhone 5S will work with all mobile networks worldwide.

  6. iPhone 5S NFC

    In the past, Apple products with NFC was highly anticipated but never materialized, before NFC in iPhone 5S with an additional fingerprint scanner for added security.

  7. iPhone 5S Wireless charging

    Wireless charging is becoming a hit in the modern world of Smartphones, with Apple still reluctant to step in. Apple iPhone 5S specifications includes a wireless power utilization that use the near field magnetic resonance principle NFMR

  8. iPhone 5S iOS 7

    This is sure to be an even greater hit with iPhone 5S with the much waited release of iOS 7. This new software is sure to be better and swifter as compared to iOS 6 able to guarantee good speeds for multitasking. It is rumored that Apple had discussions with Beats CEO with a view of incorporating music streaming services to compete with Spotify and Xbox.

  9. iPhone 5S iTunes Radio

    iTunes Radio- This feature is an upgrade to the current iTunes and will include features like radio stations, which the users can create around their favorite artist & featured stations. It will be free & will not have any ads for iTunes.

  10. iPhone 5S Siri

    iPhone 5S features an improved Siri that has been enhanced, where the users can control phone action like play a past voice mail, increase brightness, turn on Bluetooth, etc.

  11. iPhone 5S Safari

    iPhone 5S comes out with a better Safari browser that has been improved with features such as unified search & URL field similar to Google Chrome.

  12. New iPhone 5S Colors

    Apple has released iPod Touch 5th generation in 6 colors including yellow, pink, white, blue and black. Apple next iPod Touch 6th Generation expected to come out with even more color options. Taking the cues from iPod Touch feedback, Apple plan to bring a range of iPhone 5S colors.
Apple probably intends to use iPhone 5S to increase the margins for iPhone's after a depreciation of sales in the past year. The new iPhone 5S is looking up for iPhone 5S to correct and improve the declining sales being experienced with iPhone 5. This is the device that is aimed at countering competition already generated by Samsung Galaxy S4 and its variants Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom.
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