Facebook Smartphone Features, Rumors and Release Date

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Facebook is working on its own Smartphone, but what would a Super Social Smartphone look like? and when Facebook Phone is coming out?

These are the obvious questions that Smartphone fanatics would have been asking themselves.

Facebook is rumored to have partnered with HTC for the release of their new product into the market; however the new Smartphone will be fully Facebook branded.

Facebook has also hired more than half a dozen former Apple engineers to work on its new Facebook Smartphone, following Microsoft and Amazon that have been working on their own smartphone products Microsoft Surface Phone and Amazon Kindle Phone respectively, after launching tablet products.

Facebook is currently struggling a lot to make money out of its growing mobile audience and is under fire over its share prices that are always on the low. This is the main reason why they have decided to venture into the Smartphone world with their own brand.

Facebook phone will run on an elusive platform build on Google Android Operating system. The operating software will integrate all the features and functions currently available on face book social site.

However, reports that suggest that Facebook Smartphone will be based on Android OS, seems to be quite strange as Facebook and Google are always in constant battle over social space in the internet. Both companies seem to want to share your daily online visits, your advertising friendly eyeballs and your credit card numbers. This situation sounds like to Apple and Samsung, which are constantly battling yet Samsung Spin Company still makes displays for its iOS devices.

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Facebook Smartphone launch could be based on the following three strategies:
  1. Facebook Smartphone first strategy could feature an Android phone with Facebook overlay like the current HTC sense overlay on Android.

  2. Facebook Smartphone second strategy could be a bid to take Amazon kindle fire approach and essentially fork Android for Facebook.

  3. There are also some less likely rumors trying to suggest that Facebook might go all the way in the development of their own Facebook Operating software following Google, Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry and Mozilla.
The problem with Facebook developing their own operating software is that they would need new talent for their device which might delay the launch of their new device into the market. There is also the issue of the ecosystem of which blackberry and windows have been known to suffer from up to today.

Facebook Smartphone Features

  1. Social Network Features
    Whether Facebook phone runs on Android OS or develops its own Facebook OS, one thing for sure is that the Facebook phone will be solely based on social network features.

  2. Facebook Friend and Phones Contacts integration
    All facebook features such as friend’s messages and friends will perfectly be synchronized with the phones contacts messages and photos.

  3. Facebook to Facebook Calling
    Facebook is experimenting with open-source VoIP, which could allow Facebook users to place calls over a Skype-like program. It could then use normal cell connections to reach phones not connected with Facebook.

  4. Facebook News Feeds Reader
    The new Facebook Smartphone will make it easy to see the news feeds, post status updates and live posts while being able to easily upload photos, status feeds or albums.

  5. Facebook Instagram Photo and Video App
    A highly quality camera featuring above 16M megapixels resolution with a world best photo app is sure to be in the offing especially with Facebook recent acquisition and integration of Instagram.

  6. Facebook Music App
    Facebook users can listen music through apps like Spotify while also being able to get music headlines from their favorite news apps.

  7. Facebook Wallet System
    Making use of new NFC technology Facebook will turn Facebook Credits into a universal mobile wallet, used seamlessly for both online and offline purchases. There could be even an option to loan money for a day, profiling your credit-worthiness according to your social graph.

  8. Facebook Games Support
    Facebook users with this new Facebook Smartphone will be able to play Facebook Games like Zynga FarmVille.

  9. HTML5 Apps Support
    The upcoming Facebook handset will also include HTML5 support for its applications as it already has developers willing to create its apps.

Facebook Smartphone Specs

  1. The Facebook phones will look like recent android smartphones featuring a large touch screen with minimized physical buttons.

  2. Facebook Smartphone design is essentially thin modern and seamless with soft edges.

  3. Facebook Smartphone display feature a 5.2 inches screen with 1280 X 720 worth of pixels.

  4. Facebook phone camera includes 16MP rear and 3MP front dual camera with AutoFocus and LED flash.

  5. Facebook phone is coming with Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor clocked at 1.7Ghz.

  6. Facebook Smartfone is said to come with 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage memory.

  7. Facebook mobile phone connectivity options will include a 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS.

  8. Facebook handset specification includes a 3000mAh battery for power.

  9. Facebook fone is rumored to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.
In the past, Facebook has made several tries with Facebook-optimized HTC phones like the ChaCha, Salsa including the recent launching of its Android App on Google Play called "Facebook Home".

Facebook Smartphone project was codenamed "Buffy" as revealed by two employees who worked in "Buffy" team, Chamath Palihapitiya and Joe Hewitt. When Facebook was approached for their version on the matter, they provided same year old statement:
Our mobile strategy is simple: we think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social. We’re working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world.
Report of a Facebook phone first came out by TechCrunch in 2010. While there is no information available on Facebook Smartphone Release Date and price, ore than 650 million people access Facebook through a mobile device.

In 2013, AndroidPolice claimed to have a leaked ROM received from a Facebook employee. The software was a testing beta version of Facebook operating system wrapper written over Android OS. Having capabilities to turn on/off the phone lock screen, navigate among windows, open Facebook on phone start-up, control other apps, change Wi-Fi and system settings; it seems to be a very close effort.

Facebook Smartphone Operating System Leaked Image

Bringing its own Facebook Smartphone or Facebook Smartphone OS is a big opportunity for Facebook to drive additional advertising revenue, using its already existing fan base. Recent updates to the Facebook News Feed were specifically aimed to make the Web experience more consistent with mobile. A full fledged Facebook Smartphone seems to be the next logical step.
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