Xbox 720 vs PS4 Specs Comparison of Next Consoles

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View new Xbox 720 vs PS4 Specs Comparison of upcoming next generation Video Games Consoles, to know which one is the best? Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox 720!

Sony PS4 announcement finally, has fueled up the already heating up battle of new Xbox 720 vs PS4. Next Generation Gaming Controller news reports rumor that Microsoft is preparing to hit back with on the kind of specs and features in its new Xbox Game Console, that may be called Xbox 720, Xbox Durango, Xbox Infinity or anything else.

The internet world is abuzz with speculation whizzing all over from both kind of sources, reliable and unreliable. We might be unsure about what will be the next gen consoles named or how much they will be priced. But as far as features and specs are concerned there are few almost certain feature that the next gen gaming console are must to come with.

Xbox 720 vs PS4 Specs Comparison of Next Consoles

The next generation of gaming is imminent and seems to be going to occur this year, 2013. Nintendo had already stepped up last year, with their next generation gaming hardware platform named Nintendo Wii U. The move forced Sony and Microsoft to show their cards. Sony was the first to follow, by announcing the "Future of PlayStation" in a press conference on February 20th in New York City. Microsoft has stayed fairly quiet so far, about their next console. But practically they can hold it anymore. Many reports are already out not only about Sony PlayStation 4 but about the next Xbox 720 specs too. Lets analyze some of the reported specification to discuss which console is the best when they both hit the market.
Xbox 720 or PS4 Which is the best

Xbox 720 vs PS4 Specs Comparison of Next Consoles

Let’s go through the facts and features that are sure to make next Xbox 720 vs Sony PS4, new gaming consoles battle hard to decide:
  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Specs

    Sony PS4 will feature an 8GB RAM while Xbox 720 comes a distant second with 4GB worth of RAM. The teraflops for both game consoles are different with Xbox’s standing at 1.23 while PS4’S is highly high at 1.84. It is rumored that Microsoft Xbox 720 will come with the latest illumination technology and a projector that can extend the TV display across the entire playing room. PS4 to counter this technology will come with the developed version of play station eye

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Graphics and Power

    The ultimate gaming experience is what these two consoles are sure to be all about. It is highly reported that both will pack eight 1.6GHZ CPU cores that are powered by 80MHZ AMD graphic cards. Maximum gaming power is sure to be under their belt.

    The main difference comes on the fact that Xbox will feature a bigger RAM at 8GB AS compared to PS4 4GB. The DDR3 RAM in XBOX is a bit slower as compared to Play station DDR5. This essentially translates to more bandwidth for PS4 as compared to Xbox thereby giving it a visual edge. Both consoles will be able to support 4K graphics

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Controllers

    The controller of both gaming consoles will not necessarily change but PS4 will reportedly resemble the existing DualShock, it will have an added touch screen as well as start buttons. Xbox controller will reportedly feature an updated Kinect 2.0 and AR glasses. Xbox 720 is cooler than Ps4 with its wireless charge pad for controllers thus coming down to long charge time and short play time.

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4: Blue-ray and Optical drive

    Xbox 720 is thought to be planning to make advancement and feature a blue ray drive. There has been talk that PS4 might be ditching the physical media and mainly rely on the cloud technology. This is too much of a risk by alienating millions of gamers with internet connections. If ps4 decides to do away with blue-ray drivers then they might go with separate USB drivers MacBook Air-style.

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Media Consoles

    Xbox and PS4 will not only be gaming console but media smarts able to fight for the coveted spot under the TV. This gaming console will be able to stream music and videos from Apple iTunes instead of only playing games.

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Storage

    Ps4 seems to be the real deal in terms of the storage capacity between these two excellent gaming consoles. PS4 will feature a hard disk worth 160GB HDD while Xbox 720 hard disk will stand at 20GB. Ps4 will also feature a 59GB Blue-Ray disk drive while Xbox 720 will feature a 48GB Microsoft DVD-Ray.

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Games

    Both gaming console will surely keep their AAA exclusives games like Halo and God of War. Other games that are sure to be available in both of these gaming consoles include Assassins Creed, Generic first person shooter and Battlefields Ops IX.

    Latest news indicate that Sony and Microsoft might try to block used games as well as the ability of sharing games between the two consoles so be on the lookout.

  • Xbox 720 vs PS4 Prices

    Both PS4 and Xbox 720 are sure to cost under the $400 mark according to reports from an anonymous console developer. Both consoles seem to cost $300 and $350. The catch lies on the fact that PS4 is sure to cost more due to its increased specs as compared to Xbox 720.
Microsoft and Sony, nonetheless they hail from quite different parts of the world, respectively from Redmond and Tokyo. But as they are sure to try to outdo each other in terms of New Game Consoles hardware specifications and features. Whoever wins, it is in fact the end user worldwide, who is going to essentially enjoy some of the exquisite Video Games Console features, brought into the gaming experience by these two of the top quality video games console makers in the world.

Xbox 720 vs PS4 Next Generation Gaming Consoles
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