Sony PS4 2013 Release Date and new Playstation 4 Specs

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See 2013 PS4 Release Date expected and new PlayStation 4 Specs, following "Future of PlayStation" teaser from Sony about the big announcement on February 20, 2013.

PS4 2013 Rumors suggest that the PlayStation 4 console will be announced this month, PS4 will release this year and may even let gamers share videos and screenshots.

PlayStation 4 Release Date announcement will give Sony a lead over next Microsoft Xbox 720 console (successor of Xbox 360 game console) to generate some sales in advance before the the actual neck to neck PS4 vs Xbox 720 market competition begins. Analysts believe, it is a super smart move by Sony to preempt Microsoft. This way, the PlayStation 4 will get the spotlight without much competition.

Sony Corporation has invited journalists to an press event in New York City, about the future PlayStation business. The company has not revealed what it is going to show off, but as the Wall Street Journal Reported, it is almost certain that the event will be all about new Sony PlayStation 4.

Sony's current Playstation 3 was launched in 2006, a year after Microsoft Xbox 360. Therefore, it seems an almost inevitable to bring next generation consoles, since its been seven years. Nintendo Wii U was the first next generation video game consoles that was launch by the end of 2012. Its still is unable to raise sales and company is considering a price cut.
New PS4: Sony PlayStation 4 Release Date 2013 with Specs

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, all three game console manufacturer are trying to position their gadgets as entertainment hubs that go beyond games as they try to stay relevant in the age of smartphones and tablet computers. New Game Consoles today, can deliver TV shows, movies, music and internet. But people expect them to do more than that.

For PlayStation fans the important questions are; when will the PS4 hit the shelves? What sort of hardware will it pack? And will it even be called the PlayStation 4? Let try to find it out:

Playstation 4 Release Date 2013 and Specs

Sony is obviously working on the new PS4 console, as we already have irrefutable evidences that suggests a number of major video game developer studios for PlayStation have been actively hiring for next-gen PS4 games. Lets check out new PS4 Release Date and Specs:

2013 PS4 Release Date

Next Generation Sony PlayStation 4, code named Orbis has been secretly under development since August 2010 according to some of Sony's employees.

But is the new PS4 Release Date in 2013? This is usually one of the hottest topics that associated with the release of any new PlayStation 4, being world most awaited gaming console.

PS3 was essentially released into the market in 2006 and Sony declared that PS4 will roll into the market after a 10 year cycle of PS3. 2016 won’t be a possible date for PS4 especially with other big next generation of gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft Xbox 720 Console are to hit the market as early as 2013.

According to reliable sources coming from PlayStation Game Developers, rumor has it that they have been given the development kits for the new PS4 and if this is the case then the new PlayStation 4 Release Date could be late 2013. This would essentially be geared at attracting many customers with the festive season as a perfect gift.

Unfortunately, new reports also suggest the PlayStation 4 released date in Europe will not be this year, due to the difficulties and complexities of distribution process under EU and member nation regulations. Sony PlayStation 4 release date is still expected sometime during 2013 for North America and Japan.

PS4 Orbis or Playstation4 or Playstation Orbis?

There have been rumors doing the rounds suggesting that Sony is calling the PS4 Orbis. This comes from a source speaking to Kotaku "who is not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information" with them before.

Assuming the Orbis name is in some way accurate, it's still unclear whether the name is a codename or whether the console will literally be called the Sony PlayStation Orbis instead of the Sony PS4.

Sony PS4 Specs 2013 for new PlayStation 4 Console

Will the next-gen PS4 console actually be named 'Orbis' or its just a codename? and what will be PS4 Specs and hardware features of the new PlayStation 4. You'll find out in the following:
  1. PSN online gaming service
    PlayStation Network or PSN is the hub of Sony PlayStation gaming community. Sony PSN service has gone through several changes since its inception in November 2006. But with PS4 Launch, Sony needs to really take PSN service to the next level by introducing some exciting new innovation, updates and unquestionable security. Microsoft Xbox Live, the main competitor of PSN is a killer service and if PSN needs to stay in the game it really need to be the best.

  2. CPU and Graphics
    Graphics would essentially be given a major boost from those of PS3 so that PS4 stands out as a must have gaming console for 2013. Sources clearly show that PS4 would be packed with the highly capable and magnificent AMD X64 CPU powered with a 28nm AMD Southern islands graphics. If this information comes true in PS4 then it will essentially stand out in terms of performance and efficiency gains.

    Rumors also clearly indicate that Sony is trying as hard as possible to incorporate 4K gaming resolution in PS4 with full HD 1080P 3D. This would essentially not be a surprise as High definition is essentially the talk of town nowadays. With the 4K resolution clarity and vividness will be the order of the gaming experience.

  3. No Backwards Compatibility Chip
    This is one of the features that Sony is thought to be thinking to scrap out completely. With backward compatibility such as in PlayStation 2 the gaming console could be able to play games in backward iterations such as in PS2. Resent rumors indicate that PS4 will not have this feature and would mainly focus on the next generation.

    When the original PlayStation 3 started shipping, it has a chip that made it compatible with PS2 games. However, with consequent changes in hardware, that chip was removed and later PS3 models are hence, not compatible with PS2 games. Sony would, this time around not even include such a chip in initial models also and hence you won't be able to play even PS3 games in the new PS4 Orbis.So you better not think about throwing your PlayStation 3.

  4. Motion Sensors
    According to word on the streets PS4 would be getting an in built Xbox Kinetic style motion sensing technology. With this kind of technology PS4 would have swift movements while playing enabling one to have full control.

  5. Processor
    It is highly thought in the technology industry that Sony will opt to retain the highly magnificent 3.2GHZ CELL processor that essentially made its debut in PS3. Retaining the same processor is mainly aimed at lowering the production costs.

  6. USB Ports
    With PS4 being the gaming console of the future it is highly thought that it would do away with the USB 2.0 in PS3 and mainly go with the latest 3.0 standard . This is mainly aimed at ensuring connections are highly fast thus efficient for backing of data.

  7. PS4 Orbis Developer Kits
    This is one of the major kits that have spilled some of the features that PS4 will essentially be rolling with. Software upgrades is one of this features that PS4 will be coming with ensuring an updated XMB interface with smart Multitasking capability. With this kind of features you would be able to press the PS button on the gamepad and be able to jump to any other app or service.
Regardless of the new PS4 release rumors, one thing for sure is that the next generation PS4 will be bigger better highly efficient with one of a kind features that would essentially make it stand out.
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