Wii U 2012 Console Specs, Price and Release Date

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Nintendo Wii U console 2012 Launch date is finally approaching. Wii U 2012 is the most anticipated gaming machine Wii U which is considered as the follow up of the highly popular Wii.

For the US market the Japanese company did announce that the Wii U machine would be released on the 18th of November and would be available in two versions.

The current generation of Video Game Consoles with mainly candidates Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii is now around 6 years old. This has been the longest Video Game Consoles generation cycle ever and Nintendo has been the first to leap on the next generation game console, before Sony comes with PS4 or Microsoft Xbox 720 Console pops up. You can also check out our Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii 2 Future Video Game Console Releases Review.

There would be a white console form of the machine that would be the basic edition and would come with 8GB of storage; this basic pack would also come with a white Gamepad controller with two AC adapters and an HDMI cable.

Nintendo did announce that the premium pack would come with 32GB of storage with a charging cradle for the Gamepad. This premium pack also does come with a 3 months subscription to the Nintendo Network , AC adapters and an HDMI cable are some of the other accessories that the premium pack would come with.

Wii U Release Date USA 2012

Wii U Release Date in USA is November 28, 2012. While Wii U Console will finally hit the markets in the UK as from November 30, 2012.

Nintendo Wii U 2012 Console Specs, Price and Release Date

Wii U 2012 Price

Wii U 2012 Price is 249 Euros. Amazon has also gone further to list it in its store at the price of 249 Euros for the basic version while the premium pack will need you to part way with 299 Euros. Here under are the Nintendo Wii U 2012 Price in USA:
  • Basic Set ($299.99) – 8 GB white Wii U, white Wii U GamePad
  • Deluxe Set ($349.99) – 32 GB black Wii U, black Wii U GamePad, GamePad cradle, Wii U console stand, Nintendo Land
All accessories are available for additional buy. Including Wii U GamePad, console stand , GamePad Stand. Wii U can use with the old remote controller. Joy Controller is available for it too.

Wii U 2012 Console Specs and Features

Let us take a closer look with the Nintendo Wii U; the games console alone can be a little, smooth and plain style, but will pump out 1080p HD Graphics and it is powered by an IBM multi-core processor chip. The Nintendo Wii U features a slight edge over its competitors if we go by energy as well as visuals alone.

Nintendo Wii U 2012 Console Specs, Price and Release Date

Wii U ZombieU Pack
Nintendo did announce that you would be able to enjoy a Wii U ZombieU Pack that is essentially the same as the premium pack but does come with an additional extra feature of a black pro controller and a copy of a zombie.

Wii U Pro Controller
The Japanese company also did announce that the new Wii U pro controller would come with a standard controller that would make the gaming experience more efficient without the use of the Gamepad. The pro controller is highly unique as it can be used wirelessly and is mainly charged via USB.

Wii U 4 Controllers
Wii U is sure to provide the ultimate gaming experience in that it does come with four controllers that can be connected in its console thus making more games to be compatible with it.

Wii U 2012 Display
Graphics are some of the features that mainly define a one of kind game and Wii U is sure to guarantee this as it is able to display graphics in 720P and 1080P.

Wii U 2GB Memory
The most exciting feature about Wii U as compared to its predecessor is that is that it comes with a memory that is 20 times larger. It has a 2GB of RAM of which 1GB is specifically designed for the system memory while the other 1GB for playing games.

Wii U 2 Connectivity
Networking is another essential feature that this top gaming machine from Nintendo comes with as you would be able to connect to the internet via wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n connection.

Wii U 2 SD Card Support
Wii U also comes with an internal memory and is able to support SD memory cards and an external USB storage.

Wii U 2 Gamepad
The Wii U Gamepad controller is one of a kind in the gaming business as it is able to eliminate the traditional barriers mainly between games, players and the TV. The gaming display of Wii U incorporates a 6.2in, 16:9 aspect ratio thus ensuring clarity is at its best. It also does come with an LCD touch screen with traditional button controls and two analog sticks.

The Gamepad is exactly what Nintendo referred to as the Wii U controller, it seems like a tablet personal computer but wherever a pc tablet is just a touchscreen display the Gamepad incorporates a variety of buttons and also controls, like: Dual Analogue sticks, XBAY buttons, Triggers, Bumpers, Volume control, Home, Tv and Power buttons. In addition to a wonderful 6.2" touchscreen display that showcases at 16:9 aspect ratio!

Wii U 2 Dual Screens
Nintendo claims that with Wii U you would be able to play your game while another person is able to watch the TV, this is a feature that is not compatible with other console games and this has mainly been made possible by its one of a kind 6.2inch screen.

Nintendo Wii U 2012 Console Specs, Price and Release Date
Nintendo Wii U 2012 is the next evolution of Nintendo Wii, expected to take you to the next step of game-play. It's suitable for everyone, for a family game playing, game party, sport game and kid games. And with its improving graphic, it can play many high graphic games, such as Bayonetta 2 and Call of Duty Black ops 2.

Nintendo Wii U come with an old style of playing, play by controller joy , moving-playing with remote controller, using stylus pen and many things that you can't imagine.

Many game developers have also been able to give Nintendo Wii U 2012 thumbs up due to its exquisite features that are sure to revolutionize the gaming experience across the globe.
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