Samsung GS4 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Features

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View Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5S comparison of specs and features to learn which mobile phone is the best? Samsung S4 or iPhone 5S!

The Best Smartphone 2013 battle between new Samsung GS4 vs iPhone 5S is sure to be the talk of the year from Apple and Samsung which are undoubtedly the best and biggest smartphones manufacturing companies in the world, at the moment.

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Google Nexus 5, Blackberry Z10 and some other devices are also expected to make in the list of top 10 best smartphones of 2013. But the final phone fight will revolve around Samsung GS4 vs iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Apple and Samsung, nonetheless they hail from quite different parts of the world, respectively from California and South Korea. But as they try to outdo each other in terms of phone hardware specifications and software features, it is in fact the end user worldwide, who is sure to enjoy some of the exquisite smartphone technologies, brought in the market, by these two top quality smartphone makers in the world.

Samsung GS4 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Features

Let’s go through the facts and features that are sure to make new Samsung GS4 and Apple iPhone 5S the best smartphones of 2013:

Samsung GS4 vs iPhone 5S Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S series and Apple iPhone series are the toughest competitors in the smartphones market and every year we see the battle between them for the crown of best smartphone of the year.

This year probably seems to be the same as Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives in the on March 15 in New York City at an exclusive media event at Radio City Music Hall. If the past couple of years are anything to go by the next Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5S should release in the fall 2013. But as we have already mentioned that compelled by the market forces, Apple have to launch multiple iPhones this year. Thus, Apple will be returning to the summer launch for the new iPhone 5S (which will be a modest update to iPhone 5) and keep following fall launch for next generation iPhone 6.

Although most of the use attention in 2013 will be on the Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5S. In fall 2013, the focus will shift towards competition between other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 6 vs Nexus 5. So until the second wave of smartphone battle in October 2013, it is interesting to see how Samsung GS4 and Apple iPhone 5S compete against each other in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung announced Exynos 5 Octa processor at CES which is the running engine for the new S4. The processor is likely to feature eight cores. With 4 high powered CPU cores and four lower powered. This is considered as the fastest and all around mobile processor in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature an updated hardware with a bigger full HD super AMOLED 5inch display able to support up to 1080p resolution. The screen is also rumored to be packed with 441ppi making it the highest pixel density carrier.

The new device will feature a new camera feature called Samsung Orb in its 13MP camera which will allow users to capture up to 360degree panorama photos. This will also provide three dimensional viewing experiences. Longer battery life is to be guaranteed with a 3,300mAh worth of power pack

Comparable Wi-Fi speeds to Ethernet are to be a reality if S4 goes forth with the new 5G WI-Fi combo chip. Wireless charging is another highly rumored feature for 2013 Smartphone’s of which S4 is sure to roll out with.

Samsung’s S Health app could also make its way into Samsung Galaxy S4 allowing one to monitor things like blood pressure and blood sugar. Although it is highly predicted that S4 will run on a mature version of Android 4.2 there are also rumors that it might run on a different OS called Tizen

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s is to look similar to iPhone 5 with a design that uses glass metal and an iodized aluminum backing. It will feature a super HD camera on its back which is sure to give lots of competition to the already existing iPhone 5. A PureView Technology is to be added on iPhone 5s to guarantee better photographs with no need to increase the count megapixel.

iPhone 5s will notably have a higher screen resolution so that it is able to shun competition from other existing Smartphone’s. The high screen resolution is attributed to IGZO material (indium Gallium Zinc Oxide)

It will feature a 128GB worth of storage capacity due to the increase in apps sizes that it is sure to use. The power of the hardware is to be enhanced by the use of more powerful quad-core processors with more RAM of up to 2GB to ensure everything is up to standards.

Improved connectivity is another major feature that is sure to be predominant with iPhone 5s with 4G LTE highly rooted. LTE connectivity is always sure to guarantee high downloads speeds of up 42Mbps which is perfect for downloading videos. iPhone 5s is also purported to feature the Near Field Communication technology which is a close range wireless system.

iPhone 5s Will notably run on iOS 7 which is to hit the stores this year as it is considered as the successor of iOS 6; which is the current operating software for iPhone 5.

According to an industry analyst the release date for iPhone 5s is set for June this year with a range of different color options in the offing.

iPhone5S coming out in 2013 June in 8 Colors and Specs updates
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