Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii 2: Future Video Game Console Releases Review

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For game lovers, this Review of Microsoft Xbox 720, Sony Playstation and Nintendo Wii, the upcoming top Video Game Consoles, is based on available information in hand, some speculations and guesswork over what should be expected from the upcoming gaming consoles.

There is a Battle Royale going on between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Fans of all the three gaming devices are anticipating desperately getting their eyes on the brand new game console models and any updates that relate to them. Obviously, Microsoft and Sony are on a different game plan and Nintendo is somewhat targeting a different game genre.

What we did here is just get a little sneak peek into what may be expected from these brands and how well will they compete. You can also check out our articles about:

Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii 2: Future Video Game Console Releases Review

Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii 2: Future Video Game Consoles Review

When it comes to review and comparison of Xbox 720 vs PS4 vs Wii 2, some of the main things to keep in mind is to look for the storage, the connectivity and the graphics engines. Here is what we think may or may not happen in the upcoming Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii 2 gaming consoles:

In terms of storage, we know how Xbox and PlayStation have always had a tough battle over the Gigabytes. We may expect to see them go beyond that and extend to Terabytes! Yes folks, this can very well be expected and comprehended, since now the games are super massive in storage and so having something in the Terabyte category seems all very essential. On the other hand, we may not see a big competition from Nintendo in this department, since storage is not a big issue or something to worry about for Nintendo Wii 2, because Nintendo like to win at pricing by producing low cost gaming devices.

Another man factor can be Connectivity, in which so far Xbox has proved their point in these terms and we would most likely see a continuity of the idea in the upcoming Xbox 720. Having said this is sure to witness a tough competition from Sony and also reckon some waves from Nintendo Wii 2. Sony and Microsoft will be aiming to target the user friendliness and sensor motions that are wonderfully applied by Nintendo and this may mean that Nintendo may target a more heavy ground of graphics.

Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, Nentindo Wii Release Dates

It is hard to predict what are the plans of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for the Future Video Game Consoles. But like its said "Your history is your future". If we check the historical track record, the Xbox 360 was released just four years after the original Xbox became available, Nintendo waited five years between the Gamecube and the Wii. And the PS3 first came available six years after the launch of the PS2.

Based on statistics from games console release timeliness and the fact that Sony sticks with the 10 year lifespan plan for every gadget, its clear that PS4 Release Date will later among all three future game console release dates. Which means Xbox 720 or Wii 2 will be release earlier.

While the Nintendo Wii 2 Release Date is destined to come earlier, the Xbox 720 still seems fairly distant, since the current models have not yet been exhausted in usage and Microsoft is harvesting handsome profit from its current game console, Xbox 360. We may also see their upcoming models and the existing ones, both run at the same time and in parallel directions, until the current consoles are exhausted and the new ones overtake. Price tag may also be an issue and we can also reckon a model by Sony or Microsoft or both that would target the economical feature of the Nintendo Wii series. Whatever the case, we reckon nothing from Microsoft or Sony up till the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Future Video Game Consoles

While the current generation of video game consoles is still very much alive and popular, even with many gamers not yet upgraded to a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. But that does not mean we should not start thinking about what will come next.

There are some of the tech geeks are reckoning that upcoming video game console generation may quite well be the end of gaming consoles as we know them. Hence, may be these are going to be the final installments of gaming consoles by all three, or at least the PlayStation series and Xbox.

New inventions and technology revolutions, may set obsolete the type of game consoles we are familiar today, witnessing a different kind of gaming in coming decades. What your opinion? please feel free to share with us here under.
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  1. I think Microsoft's next console Xbox 720 or what ever it will named, will lead the future video game consoles scene.

  2. hi there the future gaming consoles have touch screen controlers like wii u


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