Samsung Note 4 Phone Release Date, Specs and Price Review

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View new Samsung Note 4 Release Date in US, phone specs and price review.

As summer follows spring, so will Samsung Note 4 follow the legacy of Note 3, Note 2 and Note as the Galaxy Note series continues to command impressive sales complimented by high level multi-tasking capabilities.

There are rumors telling that the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be three sided which means the user can read the messages from any angle. This will be a huge achievement if Samsung has included this in their coming smart phone. However, we do not expect such rumors to come true. But Samsung Note 4 is definitely going to be bigger and better in terms of features and specs.

After Samsung Galaxy S5, the next expected handset release will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The previous releases of the smart phone were around September.

So it can be predicted that the grand Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will probably be released in the second half of this year. And most probably it will be in September. Rumors say that Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 during their technology show IFA which of course will be held in September in Berlin.

Samsung Note 4 Phone Release Date, Specs and Price Review

Samsung Note 4 Release Date in USA

Several reports are of the idea that Samsung galaxy Note 4 will be up for grabs in the second half of the year. Note 3 was initially launched at the IFA event in 2013, held in September, keeping up with the trend, Samsung look set to launch their new flagship during this period.

The launch date looks set to be between September 4 and 10. There is also a possibility it could be launched way earlier if Samsung decides to employ the strategy it used with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5.
The release date is based on Samsung cycle which has been ongoing for a couple of years usually intended to give its current device ample time for sales. The release date in September will essentially have given Note 3 enough time in the market to make impressive sales

How does Samsung Note 4 look like?

The rumor mill is running high about the Samsung Note 4 features. According to Samsung executive Yoon Han Kii who spoke to Reuters, Note 4 Looks set to have a new design. This is part of the company’s strategy to break into the premium market. This essentially means we could be inline to see a metal Galaxy phone with a curved screen as seen on the Galaxy Round.

So Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be expected as a smart phone which is much bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which has a 5.7 inch display. A 5.9 inch screen display is what is being speculated of the much anticipated Note 4. A patent has already been uncovered showing that Note 4 could come with a curved edge display. This is a complexly new feature to the already existing phones due to it not featuring a home button on the front panel. Note 4 also looks set to feature the S Pen Stylus.

A Samsung patent is already showing that Note 4 may come with advanced handwriting recognition which is sure to make a better use of the S Pen stylus. Sure to improve the security aspect of the phone.

Samsung Note 4 Phone Specs Review

Samsung chose to go with snapdragon 804 processor for Galaxy S5 with many people expecting the same to be replicated on Note 4. Speculation is also ripe that Snapdragon 805 could be ready for the second quarter of 2014 and may make an appearance on Note 4.

4GB RAM is sure to increase the speed and reliability of the phone when performing multitasks. This is to be complimented with a 128GB worth of internal memory with a huge battery to support the increased functions of the phone. A battery with a capacity of between 3,600mAh and 3,800mAh has been mooted as a possible addition in Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with the S pen stylus of Samsung. And also rumors say that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be able to identify the handwriting of the user to unlock the phone and it will use the handwriting of the user in many features like calling the contacts. So in means of security, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is at a higher level than others as the hand writing of people are different from each other. This implies the fact that Samsung has the capability of developing smart phones with a lot of capabilities that a person will never think of.

Waterproof Samsung Note 4 Cell Phone
There is a great chance that Note 4 will follow S5 in being waterproof with the phone expected to run on Android 4.4 Kitkat operating software. Samsung is also rumored to be planning to launch a 20MP camera which could debut on Note 4.

Samsung Note 4 Price in USA

It is still not confirm that how much Samsung Note 4 costs, as Samsung Note 4 price in US is still not officially announced. However, Bloomberg has already predicted that the price for contract free factory unlocked Samsung Note 4 price for 16GB base model will go around $799 in US and £699 in UK.

Samsung Note 4 is coming out to Verizon, Sprint, At&t, T-mobile too on two years standard contract starting at $299. Looking at an arriving Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 Release Date, closer to Samsung Galaxy S6 Price, this seems to a perfect price point for the a phablet class smartphone.

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