Samsung Galaxy Note 4 2014 Specs Rumors Roundup and Design

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Even before the release of Galaxy Note 3, there were Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumors and speculations running around over the internet about what specs and features the Galaxy Note 4th generation will come with.

The whole tech world is whizzing that this Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 is going to be the most powerful handset in the market to compete well with larger Apple iPhone 6, Google Nexus 6, htc ONE max, LG G3 and other phones in its class.

Latest Galaxy Note 4 2014 rumors and news reports suggest that Samsung is scheduled and preparing for Galaxy Note 4 Release Date by September 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Note IV will draw its design cue from new Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date is set in April 2014 with a subsequent 6th generation Samsung Galaxy S6 Release date scheduled for April 2015, as per product time line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 2014 Specs Rumors Roundup and Design

If the rumors are anything to go by, the next galaxy note 4 will be worth saving some cash to buy it. There are major technological improvements being made to ensure that the consumer gets the ultimate experience.

Lee Young Hee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s mobile business spoke to Bloomberg during CES 2014 about the tech giant's Galaxy Note 4 plans. According to Hee, the phablet is being designed for the high-end segment of the smartphone market and is likely to come with some new-age technology. It is, in fact, being developed as a device usable for professionals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 2014 Specs Rumors Roundup

We have heard about several features that could very well make their way to an upcoming Galaxy Note flagship in 2014:
  • Galaxy Note 4 new Design
    Samsung is said to be going in for a design change with its 2014 line-up of devices. Samsung has applied for a smartphone design patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which hints at how the company’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 could look like. The new design patent of the Samsung smartphone shows that the device has a curvature form factor, which makes it look like it lacks a bezel on the side. The design also does not have the hardware buttons that are found on Samsung devices.

  • PLS LCD Display vs HD Super AMOLED
    The popular HD Super AMOLED display in Samsung smartphone is rumored to be replaced by a PLS LCD display in upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There is no question that Samsung is going to deliver high-resolution displays with 2560 x 1440 resolution at 560 ppi.

  • Galaxy Note 4 16MP Camera
    Latest Galaxy Note 4 rumors suggest it will feature a 16 megapixel camera with at rear with optical image stabilization OIS technology. The cameras are also said to have a better resolution than that of the digital camera. The high end consumer should be excited about such a camera!

  • 64 Bit 8-core Exynos Processor with 4GB RAM
    A 16 core processor is a concept that is likely to be included in making galaxy note 4. Further, a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory will be featured in the next phablet. With such a device, it is possible to download data at a high peed while at the same time having an ample space for storage.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Flexible Display
    Some rumors concerning Galaxy Note 4 may seem way too impossible. People fancy a phablet that has a curved and a flexible display, and so they feel that this should be included in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Whereas this is a possibility, Samsung may have to work tirelessly to meet all these demands. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flexible display still not seems to likely.
Samsung has released a device called the Samsung Galaxy Round that features Samsung Youm flexible display technology. Samsung will continue to maintain a separate product line for flexible display phone like LG G Flex.

In terms of processor, storage, operating system, camera, battery and connectivity, the Galaxy Note 4 is likely to offer top end, improved specs. The phablet might be sleeker and lighter than its predecessor as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 2014 phone is designed to thrill the consumers who love gaming. Still, a person who loves to multitask using a tablet will find this device very thrilling. While all these features sound amazing, we can only wait for time to tell where the truth lies.
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