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Samsung Galaxy S5, 2014's flagship phone by the top smartphone manufacturer in the world, is coming out in first quarter with 64-bit processor, 4GB memory and 16MP ISO-cell camera sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have been gaining heat since the Korean company's tip off an early Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date.

Let's review the 2014 Galaxy S4 rumors and news reports to learn what new features we are going to get in Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date earlier than the April 2014 schedule is said to be a result of low sales generated by Samsung Galaxy S4, which was launched in May 2013 and has just passed 40 million sales figure mark.

Samsung loves to the rise the bar when it comes to hardware specs and it has worked a lot on the next generation Galaxy S5 power and raw benchmarks. On the other hand Apple has trying to blend hardware, software and services in a powerful quality package, with optimization to keep it competitive against Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features, Rumors, News

Samsung Galaxy S5 leaked specs and features show that South Korean company is preparing to push the mobile power a bit further.
  • Samsung S5 64bit Quard-Core Exynos 6 Processor

    Recent Samsung Galaxy S5 news reports suggest that Galaxy S5 is coming out with 4GB RAM and 64bit Exynos processor. Samsung Galaxy S4 handset uses the Exynos 5-series processor.

    Currently the only smartphone with a 64bit chip is the iPhone 5S launched in October 2013. Samsung and other Android partners are building phones with 64bit capabilities to be launched very soon, to match Apple’s current lead.

    Samsung will apparently develop a Exynos 6 chip for the Galaxy S5. We currently have no idea on clock speed or cores, but we expect Samsung to add eight cores and we may see a boost to 2.2GHz or above, beating the current popular processor, the Snapdragon 800.

    Since Samsung actually manufacturers the 64bit chip for Apple, we have no doubt the company will be able to work on the Exynos 6 and make it more proficient and powerful than next Apple iPhone 6 Specs.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 4GB RAM

    The 4GB of RAM seems like overkill on a smartphone, considering a PC can run smoothly on 4GB of DRR3. Mobiles are becoming a more powerful tool for users, but we cannot see any application using 4GB of RAM or even anywhere close to that amount, even mobile games.

    As of now the mobile devices with their current line of processors can effectively utilized maximum of 3GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 3GB RAM, the highest for any mobile device from the Samsung so far. The new chip to be used on the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is 64 bit architecture that helps in optimal usage of the 4GB RAM that the S5 is rumored to come with.

  • Galaxy S5 16MP Camera

    With Galaxy S5, Samsung is going to make 16MP Camera a standard for its high-end premium devices. The move indicates Korean company's strategy to compete against camera phones like the Xperia Z1 and Nokia Lumia 1020, as manufacturer with new powerful camera sensors like iPhone 5S and 4 ultra pixel technology found in htc ONE phones.

    Samsung cameras have always been good but not excellent, the Galaxy S4 had a pretty impressive sensor but it fails in low light and producing average photos. The strategy to add extra mega pixels in the sensors has not been such a success but Samsung really needs to work on the software and speed of the camera, to make it a better experience.

    The new Galaxy S5 16MP ISOcell sensor is capable of wide dynamic ranges and auto-focus, capable of shooting incredible photos in even in low light conditions, similar to Lumia 1020 Pureview.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 2K Display

    Samsung is promising in the next Samsung S5 to feature 2K display screen (2650 x 1600) by the end of 2014, eventually moving to a 4K screen in Samsung Galaxy S6 by 2015.

    Samsung will reportedly add a textured faux leather back to the Galaxy S5, alongside their faux metal accents. Imagine the Galaxy Note 3 only a little bit smaller. We may also see a boost in resolution, considering Japan Display and other companies have 2560 x 1600 prototypes available.
It is also expected that some of the more Samsung Galaxy S5 features will come to the light in MWC 2014 in February 2014.

The South Korean manufacturer has surpassed Apple in terms of sales but they do sell a lot more smartphones, the Galaxy S4 has almost surpassed the iPhone 5 in sales, but we will have to wait until the Galaxy S5 is announced to see which one is the 2014 best smartphone.
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