Apple iTV Rumors 2013

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Apple iTV one of the most highly anticipated product of the year from Apple other than the convention iPhone 6, iPod Touch 6, iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 as well as upcoming iWatch and iGlass products.

The Apple iTV release date has been over the months pushed back as the company continues to wait for the decline in the cost of large LCD panels.

Recent Apple iTV Rumors in 2013 last quarter suggests that Apple is now looking forward to change the TV industry by developing a device with Siri Voice controls running on iOS operating software.

However, analysts anticipate that the new Apple iTV device looks likely to be coming out in the market at the end of the year 2013 or early 2014.

new Apple iTV Rumors 2013

New Apple iTV 2013 Rumors

Reliable sources claim Apple iTV will incorporate a design similar to that of Apple Cinema Display. Apple iTV is expected to be available in the standard 32 inch running all the way to 60 inches. The display panels are expected to be LCD and not the earlier thought OLED.

Apple iTV is expected to roll into our living rooms with an A5 processor that will give it the much needed processing power to carry out various tasks from playing videos to playing games and accessing various Apps. The TV set will incorporate a 1080p video capability to ensure clarity is of the highest level.

Other sources are of the opinion Apple iTV will incorporate an intelligent sound system that will be tasked with the responsibility of determining the exact position of a person in a room. This will enable the TV adjust its audio output depending on distance. The smart thing about the intelligent system is that it will also adjust the audio output depending on the direction one is facing or the environment.

Apple iTV will be among the first television system to be operated by an operating software. As it is an Apple device it looks likely to run on an iOS operating software. This will allow the TV to be highly compatible with other iOS devices enabling it accept videos streamed via Airplay with full access to shared iTunes libraries

Steve jobs had always emphasized the need of developing a TV set that is highly integrated with a unique ease of use. It is for this reason that Apple iTV will be synchronized with other Apple device as well as iCloud. The new TV will also feature Siri and

Apple iTV will come with an ordinary remote controller; the TV set will also be controllable by iPhones’ iPad’s. Its real remote control is still expected to be Siri enabled. Apple Voice control system will be the hearts of the new TV set that will enable users choose TV stations and other TV functions by voice alone. This is sure to be the simplest user interface one can ever encounter.

Airplay Mirroring is expected to be part of Apple iTV that will allow users mirror the display of other Apple devices such as Mac or iPad wirelessly on Apple iTV.

Apple iTV will get full access to iTunes and iCloud; it is also expected to get access to the current TV broadcasters. Users will need to subscribe to other TV subscriptions and decoder as Apple will not have enough content. The only big question t at this moment is whether Apple iTV will allow third party content such as BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, 4oD and other apps predominant with TV platforms. There have also been rumors that Apple iTV could kick off premier league coverage which will be an exciting feature for soccer fanatics.

Best Buy suggests Apple iTV could go for as much as $1499. This price is realistic considering the current prices of Apple products. Check here for more details on Apple iTV Release Date, Price, Rumors and Features.
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