Lumia 1520 Release date, Specs, Price Review

View Nokia Lumia 1520 release date along with Lumia 1520 phablet specs review including camera and estimated Lumia 1520 unlocked price in USA..

Nokia Lumia 1520 launch date have been pushed several times from its highly anticipated date in September 2013.

According to recent reports from Reuters, Lumia 1520 phablet is now slated for launch in October 2013 and is coming out on multiple US carriers including Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile.

Codenamed 'Nokia Lumia Bandit' the purported Lumia 1520 appeared in a series of photos posted by The Verge, showing the 6-inch handset next to an Xperia Z to emphasize the extra-large screen.

The new Nokia Lumia 1520 will be the first Nokia phablet acting as a high spec device with an HD screen. Nokia Lumia 1520 will mainly be offered through AT&T with its similar version of Verizon going for the name Lumia 929.

New Nokia Lumia 1520 Release date, Specs, Price Review

Nokia Lumia 1520 Release Date 2013

Originally, new Lumia 1520 phone was scheduled to be released during the last week of September but this has been pushed with many sources putting the release date on October 22nd during the Nokia World Day in Abu Dhabi.

To confirm the release date, Nokia tweeted confirming a major announcement will be made on the 22nd of October of which it is expected to be the launch of Lumia 1520.

Lumia 1520 Specs review

The rumor mill never falls short of the kind of features and specs sure to define this kind of Smartphone.
  1. Lumia 1520 Phablet Windows Phone
    This will be the first windows phone to spot an FHD resolution making it the largest sized display on the windows phone platform.

  2. Lumia 1520 Display
    Lumia 1520 is expected to roll into the market with a 6 inch 1080p HD display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920. This resolution will be enough to guarantee clarity depending on what one is viewing or doing on the screen.

  3. Nokia Lumia 1520 Camera
    Nokia Lumia 1520 will pack a 20MP pure view camera sure to be one of a kind in the market, current Smartphone’s and tablets only pack 13MP camera. This is to give Lumia 1520 an edge in the market in terms of taking photos and recording videos. The rumor mill is also rife with the thought that the device will pack a secondary 5MP camera that will give it an edge in terms of video calls and video chatting. Current device only pack 2MP worth of secondary camera.

  4. Lumia 1520 Processor
    Lumia 1520 will roll into the market with a Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor able to provide enough processing power.

  5. Nokia Lumia 1520 RAM
    The device will pack a 2GB RAM perfect for its operation considering it is a 6 inch Smartphone with 1080p. The RAM will be enough for guaranteed efficiency while one is multitasking or playing games.

  6. Lumia 1520 Storage
    Lumia 1520 will be launched with 32GB worth of internal memory with an additional microSD slot for the expansion of the storage capacity when need arises.

  7. Nokia Lumia 1520 Battery
    Powering a 6 inch 1080p gadget is not an easy task as many would think; this will essentially tax any Smartphone with Lumia 1520 being no exception. It is for this reason that Lumia 1520 will pack a more powerful battery at 3400mAh. The battery will offer 1400mAh more power as compared to the current Lumia devices in the market. The device will be equipped with 4 microphones for Rich audio recording.

  8. Lumia 1520 Wireless Charging
    Nokia submitted two forms of the Lumia 1520 for FCC certification, one with wireless charging and one without it. So, we expect some varaint of new Lumia 1520 to support wireless charging features.

  9. Nokia Lumia 1520 Stylus
    Nokia Lumia 1520 stylus features have been in hot discussions, but it is not clear yet that whether the new Lumia 1520 will come with a stylus, something that has boosted the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and upcoming Note 3.

  10. Lumia 1520 4G LTE and NFC
    It is a must that the device will roll into the market with 4G LTE Connectivity and NFC support to guarantee user’s ultimate internet connectivity speeds. 4G network is the current real deal in the market in terms of internet connectivity.

  11. Lumia 1520 Colors
    The new Lumia will be available in four color choices to give its lovers something to grapple about; it will be available in options of black, yellow white and red.

Nokia Lumia1520 Price

The price tag leaked by reliable sources put Nokia Lumia 1520 unlocked price at $699.

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