Apple iTV Release Date, Price, Rumors and Features

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Apple iTV is one of the the most anticipated, hyped and rumored product that is sure to hit the stores, with launch date as soon as the year 2013 or 2014.

Apple iTV Release Date release date has not been officially given but the last quarter of 2013 is a high possibility or early 2014.

An iTV Launch in the last quarter is a high possibility due to the increased shopping that is usually experienced during this period.

At the same time, Apple also need to take care that an early iTV launch won't affect the release schedule of iPhone 6, iPod Touch 6G and iPod Nano 2013 or any other upcoming prime product.

The delay in the release of Apple iTV since 2012 when rumors started to surface has not been caused by technology issues but production costs. Apple has been reluctant to go forth with this product till the cost of large LCD panels fall further.

Apple iTV Release Date, Price, Rumors and Features

Apple iTV Release Date in US

Apple has not been giving any release dates out so the speculation are running high. Most of the Apple iTV Rumors says that Apple will release it in 2013.

The New York Times hinted a later 2013 release date for iTV. Piper Jaffary, an analyst suggested Apple iTV would come out a year later, in November of 2013.

While, Appleinsider expects that Apple iTV television set will be launched in the 2013 holiday shopping season.

However, some analysts believe the mythical television won’t land in stores until next year.

Apple iTV Price in US

The television set will be a bit expensive due to the unique and expansive features that it will come with. One will need to fork out between $1500 and $ 2000 to have this set in their living room. Its screen size will range between 42 and 55 inches.

Apple iTV Features and Rumors

  1. Apple iTV design

    Apple iTV design will be highly influenced by TV manufacturer Loewe of which talks is rumored to be on advanced stage to bring them on board.

  2. Apple iTV Siri

    The TV set will feature both siri and insight making face and voice recognition as a possibility, its display will be similar to that of Apple Cinema Display. Apple iTV will also feature voice control (Siri) and movement, and secure connectivity to the Internet .

  3. Apple iTV Display Specs

    This will be a 4k Ultra HD television set with a perfect screen resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. The TV set will essentially run on an A5 processor with HD video capabilities of 1080p. The smallest size of Apple iTV will be 42inch followed by 52inches and then 60inches.

  4. iTV Sound System

    An intelligent sound system will also be incorporated in Apple iTV that will be essential in determining where an individual is in a room enabling the modification of the audio output. The sound system will also be able to adjust itself depending on the direction one is facing and the environment one is in.

  5. Apple iTV Operating system

    Apple iTV will most likely run on Apple iOS operating software depending on the latest version that will be in the market but in a disguised form. Apple iTV is sure to work just as iOS works in iPads and will also come with many compatible Apps.

  6. Apple iTV and iCloud

    Steve jobs before his death had envisioned an integrated Television set that comes with easiness of use. If this is the case then Apple iTV will be synchronized with iCloud enabling one to have a perfect synchronization of all the devices from Apple through iCloud.

  7. iTv Remote Control App

    Apple iTV will feature a unique one of a kind remote control that will be controllable with Apple devices such as iPads iPhone's and iPods. Its real remote controller will be siri. You will be able to choose the various TV channels through voice alone made possible by voice recognition system.

  8. Apple iTV Programs

    Apple iTV will get its content mainly from iTunes and iCloud and will also not be separate from the current TV broadcasters. You will still need the normal TV subscriptions as Apple does not have enough content that you would wish to have.

  9. iTv Gaming

    The new device is sure to feature an expansive range of Apps and Games as Apple shifts its focus towards them through Apple store. Apple is also rumored to be in the process of producing a Kinect style gesture console.

Apple iTV Release Date, Price, Rumors and Features
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