Apple TV 4th gen Release Date

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The banging question in many Apple lovers is whether Apple will go forth and launch an actual Television or decide to do an update of the current TV.

Well, it looks like Apple is working on a new Apple TV set box set for release somewhere in October with the new product expected to run on the newly released iOS 7 operating system.

Even though Apple did not give any indication of the Apple TV 4th gen Release Date in 2013, much is to come out in October-November of in terms of Apple TV alongside iOS 7.

With iOS 7, Apple has added a few number of app- style TV channels that will be used to deliver new content to Apple users.

To confirm the release of Apple TV as of next month, MG Siegler sparked concrete speculation by claiming Apple TV will be released next month. Sigler tweeted:
I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be really excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month.

Apple TV 4th gen Release Date 2013

Apple last updated its Apple TV 3rd generation in 2012 with the release of new Apple TV software 5.0. With the release of iOS 7 we can only guess that Apple TV 4th generation is in line to be released sooner than later.

Apple TV 4th Generation Release Features

The new Apple TV 4G looks likely to maintain the same design as of the current model with changes expected only on the back ports. Thunderbolt feature might make its way into the new Apple TV that will allow users connect their Apple TV to an Apple Thunderbolt display. The current Apple TV can only connect to an HD TV via HDMI cable.

Apple TV 2013 New Interface

The new interface is to receive a new user friendly interface; additional icons might be added such as one for player and one for channel 4oD.

Apple TV 2013 Bluetooth Addition

Apple TV will be the real deal in the living room with the incorporation of Bluetooth capability. Users will be in a prime position to use their Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV; this will make it extremely easy to navigate through iTunes and YouTube. Bluetooth additional will also make it easier to use arrow keys for navigation, the return Key for play or pause and the escape key for back step.

Apple TV 4 Siri voice control

Siri voice control will be added to take Apple TV to another level of an easy user friendly interface. Apple TV Bluetooth connected remote will also incorporate a Siri Voice control that will allow users control their TV set via speech.

ATV4 DVR and Cloud Based Recording

Apple is in advanced talks with cable companies in an effort of trying to ensure that Apple TV is used as a Digital Video Recorder. This new feature will allow users record their favorite TV shows and store them in the cloud. Users will also stand a chance of accessing anything recorded on the iPhone or iPad.

Apple TV Gaming console

Apple TV could be the first TV that will act as a gaming console with the new iOS forming a popular platform for gaming; this will essentially turn the TV set into a whole new unique entertainment system. It is no secret that the new iOS is giving Nintendo a run for its money in the gaming prowess.
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