iPhone 5S AT&T Release Date, Price, Pre-Orders 2013

Apple's new iPhone 5s is coming out to AT&T network, soon after iPhone 5s Release Date 2013.

iPhone 5s seems to be the real deal for Apple, commanding a huge amount of interest by fans, anxiously waiting for the next iPhone5s.

iPhone 5s release date has been sealed as September 10th of 2013, with major distributors such as Wal-Mart and AT&T, offering price cuts to give users opportunities to Buy Cheaper iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s.

Price slashes are usually evident before the release of another Apple product in the attempt of trying to clear out the stocks to create space for a new product. Wal-Mart recently begun the price cuts on iPhone 5 as it will now sell at $129 down from $189 on the usual two year contract with AT&T.

new iPhone 5S AT&T Release Date, Price, Pre-Orders 2013

iPhone 5s AT&T Release Date

AT&T hinted iPhone5s release date in USA. The network has offered and encouraged upgrade and trade-in options to many customers, aimed launching of an iPhone 5s and/or iPhone 6.

This is a usual strategy by AT&T, to dispose remaining stocks of the old iPhone model, when new iPhone is coming out to AT&T network.

Apple iPhone 5 2012, was launched on September 5 and went on sale on AT&T two weeks later, on 21st of September, 2012.

iPhone 5s AT&T Pre-orders

We expected AT&T to follow the same schedule for iPhone 5 s this time. Apple launches the new iPhone 5s on September 10 and delivers AT&T iPhone 5s 2013 on September 23, with pre-orders starting from September 16, 2013.

iPhone 5s AT&T Price Plan

iPhone 5s is considered as a budget Smartphone and is expected to retail at slightly lower price margins. Reliable reports slap new iPhone 5s AT&T price tag of $349 for the 16GB version of iPhone 5s; $449 for 32GB and $559 for 64GB

iPhone 5s AT&T Specs and Features

Apple iPhone5s is sure to be the epitome of the smartphone class, if iPhone 5s Specs goes forward with the fingerprint scanner as a Method of identification. This has been seen as a guaranteed feature, with iOS 7 seen with a code that perfectly matches the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint scanner will be built into the home button letting it slide perfectly into the phone without any added features into the design. During the initial stages of using iPhone 5 s you will be required to scan your thumb as a means of identification.

iOS 7 is the latest addition in the world of operating software’s and it will not be a surprise to spot iPhone 5s with this OS. This Operating software is arguably the best in the market able to support a good array of applications

News from reliable sources clearly suggest iPhone 5s will maintain the same design as that of iPhone 5 featuring a 4.3 inches display up by 0.3 inch as compared to iPhone 5. The top rumor revolves on the fact that iPhone 5s will use an IGZO panel. This is the latest technology in display that has mainly been designed to cater for both high pixel density and low power consumption

Clear signs seem to point to a 13MP camera sensor for iPhone 5s, this is essentially an attempt by Apple to try and shrug off competition from Samsungs Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and next Galaxy S5. What surrounds the sensor is what is running shockwaves in the technology buzz world. It is highly thought iPhone 5s will feature a dual LED flash as compared to the current smartphones which feature a single LED flash and an f/2.0 LENS

Leaked photos suggest iPhone 5s will run on a more powerful battery standing at 5.92Whr sure to guarantee longer battery life. If this battery is coupled with more advanced power saving features of the IGZO screen display, then its battery life is sure to be increased.

According to reliable sources, iPhone 5s will most likely feature a 2GB RAM to perfectly compliment all the added features that it will be coming with. If this is the case, iPhone 5s is sure to be the real deal able to guarantee quality speeds regardless of what one is doing. iPhone 5s is to come in with the normal internal storage capacity versions of 16, 32 and 64GB

On the processor front it seems iPhone 5s will not be receiving a refurbishment as it is expected to roll out with a dual core1.3GHZ processor which is extremely weak as compared to what other latest smartphones are able to offer.
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