OSX Mavericks 10.9 Release Date and Price 2013

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During WWDC 2013, Apple had announced that the OSX Mavericks is coming out very soon.

At the event Apple also demonstrated some of the OS X Mavericks features and had announced OSX Mavericks beta version for developers. However, the Cupterino company has not spoken anything on the OSX Mavericks Price and its release date.

The new OSX 2013 version is actually OS X 10.9. Apple OS X Mavericks sounds like an unconventional name compared to the names of the previous versions of OS X which used to contain names of cat species.

Apple is also working on iOS 7 which is an operating system designed exclusively for iDevices like iPhone and iPad. Apple new iOS7 is coming out with iPhone 5S and low cost iPhone 5C.

Users who would like to have iOS7 upgrade, will not be charged any money. However, those who wish to upgrade to OS X Mavericks will certainly have to purchase it through the Mac App Store.

Mac OSX Mavericks Release Date and Price 2013

The OS X Mavericks will come with Apple Maps, iBooks, enhanced Finder app and a technology that will help in producing more battery life. Once the release date of the OS X Mavericks, it will be readily made available on Mac App Store.

OS X Mavericks Release Date 2013

Thinking about the OS X Mavericks release date? Even we are not sure of it now. The iOS 7 is arriving in this month probably on iPhone 5S on September 10th. Once it releases, at least for a month, the tech community will be talking about the new iOS 7. So, we feel that the OS X Mavericks will arrive in October or later. Also, Apple is also in the move of rolling new computers like a new iMac and Mac Pro later this year.

OSX 10.9 Mavericks Price 2013

It is not easy to predict the OS X Mavericks price based on the price of its previous versions. However, still we can speculate something. An insider has revealed that OS X Mavericks will be priced somewhere around $50 to $100 which seems to be a pricey deal.

Apple has always been offering its OS upgrades at reasonable prices. For instance OS X Snow Leopard from 2009 was available at a cost of $30. This price is quite low compared to the price of any of its previous editions. Also, when you compare it with the starting price of Windows 7 of $119, you can understand how low the price of OS X versions has been.

Even in 2011, the price of OS X Lion was kept low at $30. A good thing that came with it was that buyers of the upgrade were able to install the updates on all of their Mac devices. However, when you compare it with Microsoft, you know it pretty well that a licensed copy of Windows OS, can only be installed on one computer

Again, in 2012, when the OS X Snow Leopard was released, the price of this OS version was brought down to $20. So going by this we can understand that the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks price will go around $20 in USA, £14 in UK and $21 in Australia.

You can checkout Apple's official page for more details, features and Max OSX Mavericks Preview.
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