iPod Touch 5 Price drop expected in 2013

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The glamorous Apple iPod Touch 5, the 5th generation iTouch, is to experience a price drop according to reliable sources from Apple supply chain.

The new iPod touch 5G was released in 2012 and refreshed in 2013 few months ago with new iPod Touch 5 16GB.

The iPod Touch 5, also called iPod 5 and iTouch 5 is an elegant 6.1mm ultra-slim 88gramms portable media player, one of the kind gadget, extremely poplar in kids and teenage.

Although iPod Touch devices are losing their charms as more and more youngsters are now turning towards either iPad Mini or directly towards iPhones. You can have a look at where does iPod 5 stand in iPod Touch 5 vs iPad Mini comparison as well as in iPod Touch 5 vs iPhone 5 comparing.

However, iPod touch 5 is still the best device in portable media player category, with Galaxy Player 5.8 as second popular choice. You can check out how well Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 compares to iPod Touch 4 in iPod Touch 4G vs Galaxy Player 5.8 comparison. You can also view iPod 5G vs iPod 4G comparison to learn size, screen and camera differences in iPod touch 4th and 5th generations.

In the past it was not likely of Apple reducing prices of its products, but with changing times and increased competition the inevitable is sure to happen. This is a shift in Apples marketing strategy which has been known to stick to the initial opening price.

iPod Touch 5G Price drop expected in September 2013

Price drop of iPod touch 5G comes into the picture with apple having already introduced a smaller 16GB version of the 5th generation iPod which will retail at a price of $229. The talk of town now centers on the fact that Apple is to reduce the price by whopping $70. This change in marketing strategy is aimed at grabbing first time device users who look for low priced gadgets.

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Price Drop
Other sources are keen to note that the $229 price tag for iPod touch 5G may drop even further as apple tries to gain a sizable market share of products from other well doing companies like Samsung and Sony. The reduced prices of iPod touch 5G come with exclusion of some features in the device. The exclusions of some of the features’, acts as an attempt of trying to reduce the manufacturing costs while also increasing sales by creating unique gadgets.

The $70 less iPod touch 5G will not feature the 5MP camera that is common with the 32 and 64GB gadgets. In addition, the budget iPod touch 5G will luck the photographer friendly loop hand strap . Price reduction also means users will be limited to custom color design of only black and white as compared to the other versions which have a good range of colors.

For $229 you will still be able to enjoy glamorous features with this device. The new 16GB iPod touch 5G will feature a front facing Facetime HD camera perfect for photos and video chatting. It will also come with a 4 inch retina display perfect for viewing any sort of music videos A5 chip makes it a more reliable device worth the price as you will be able to carry out your operations at high speeds without any hang-ups.

The reduction in price to $229 with a reduction in features means iPod touch 5G will weigh even lesser as compared to other devices already in the market. iPod touch 5G will be 0.06 oz lighter than the other iPod touches. According to analyzed trends with Apple products, prices are sure to drop even further with time. If this is the case then the new 16GB iPod touch 5G will experience an even further reduction in price over a period of time. Market experts have been able to note that Apple products reduce in price over a 3 month period time.

Apple iPod Touch 5 2013 Price drop
Further reduction in prices of iPod touch 5G could mean the prices could even hit $190 mark after a three month period after release. The high prices at the beginning usually act as a response to increased demand over a given product. Discounts also greatly influence the reduction in prices. This was evident with iPhone 5 which experienced a reduction in price by $73 three months down the road after release attributed to discounts. In recent past, iPad experienced a reduction of $59 in its price tag.

While iDevices fans are expecting new iPod touch 6th generation and iPod nano 8th generation coming out in 2013. Forbes anticipates that reduction in price of iPod touch 5 by Apple will eventually cannibalize the iPad nano market.

At the same time, by some market experts, iPod Touch 5th generation price reduction is also seen as an attempt by Apple to try to draw new customers and consequently while using its new iOS 7, drive them towards other iOS products like iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.
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