iPod Touch vs iPad Mini Specs Review for Kids

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Check out Apple iPad Touch vs iPad Mini Specs Review if you are looking to buy one for kids or yourself. But which one will be the right device, the new talk of the town Apple iPad Mini or iPod Touch 5G or iPod Touch 4G for your needs? Lets find out!

Apple is thought to be the top manufacturer of world's best and unique electronic handsets with exquisite features and specs that are always sure to catch the eye of the public. Apple iPad Mini, the latest hot cake 7.9 inches mini tablet from Apple is also drawing huge attention naturally. Therefore, it would be highly in order to analyze its iPad Mini Specs and features especially in comparison with those of Apple iPod Touch 5G.

Apple iPod Touch vs iPad Mini Specs Review for Kids

iPod Touch vs iPad Mini Specs Review

Here is a one to one iPod Touch vs iPad Mini Specs Review to help you out buying the best gadgets for your kids. While some user finds that the new iPad Mini has many common points with iPod Touch, Apple audio player series. Especially, for some Apple iPod Touch 5G is though to be even better choice than Apple iPad Mini and cost less money too. Let's compare iPod Touch vs iPad Mini the two devices in details:

Colors (iPod Touch 5G multi colors vs iPad Mini 2 colors)
The iPod touch 5G is available in a variety of colors while the iPad mini looks dull in color, only coming in black or white. However iPad mini has a new smart cover option.

Screen Size (iPad Mini 7.9 vs iPod Touch 5G 4.0 inches)
Size matters a lot in any electronic gadget nowadays as different people come with different preferences. There are those who like small thin and sleek gadgets while there are those who prefer the big splendid and thick gadgets that look like phablets.

iPad Mini is essentially bigger than iPod 5 as it stands at 7.9 inch. iPod 5 comes in at 4 inches which essentially an improvement as compared to its latter 4th generation which stood at 3 inches

Display Resolution (iPad Mini 1024x768 vs iPod Touch 5G 640x1136 pixels)
The variation in size essentially plays a pivotal role in the amount of resolutions per pixel that a device is able to offer on the screen. iPad Mini is able to offer a resolution of 1024x 768 translating to 163 pixels per inch.

iPod Touch 5G on the other hand is able to guarantee 640x1136 resolutions translating to 326PPI thus able to provide more clarity and vividness on the screen. it is also worth to note that it also incorporates the highly unique quality IPS matrix.

Dimension (iPad Mini 200x134.7x7.2 vs iPod Touch 5G 123.4x58x6.1 mm)
Size is also a subject of discussion between this two one of a kind gadgets. iPad Mini stands at a height of 200mm, 134.7mm of width and a depth of 7.2mm while on the other hand iPod 5 comes in at 123.4mm height by 58.6mm width and a depth of 6.1mm. This essentially makes iPad Mini to be quite big as compared to IPod 5.Size plays a pivotal role in terms of the weight of the entire gadget.

It is no surprise that iPad Mini is quite heavy at 308 grams as compared to iPod 5 88grams. These devices also seem to be sharing the same processor of the dual core Apple A5 chip; this is essentially an improvement in terms of performance as compared to the A4 chip.

Camera (iPad Mini 5MP vs iPod Touch 5 MP)
Camera is a must have feature in any modern day gadget. iPad mini incorporates a 5 megapixels iSight HD backside camera, to spice its magnificent look it also comes with a Face time HD front camera that comes with a 1080 HD video recording capability. IPod 5 on the other hand also incorporates the iSight camera that is also 5 megapixels complimented with a front camera of 1.2megapixels. iPod 5 also offers HD video recording at 1080p with up to 30 frames per second. The Face time cameras HD video is slightly lower as compared to the rear as it only offers 720p but able to record 30 frames per second.

Processor (iPad Mini A5 vs iPod Touch 5G A5)
Both iPad mini and iPod touch 5 have the same processor, Apple dual-core A5 processor.

Memory Storage (iPad Mini 16/32/64GB vs iPod Touch 5G 32/64GB)
Storage capacity also varies between this two one of a kind gadgets. iPad Mini is mainly available in 16/32/64GB capacity thus providing the ultimate space to store whatever one wishes in terms of videos photos and music. On the other hand iPod 5 is mainly available in 32 and 64GB storage capacity

Battery (iPad Mini 10hrs vs iPod Touch 8hrs)
Battery life is also a major consideration before purchasing any handset gadget. iPad Mini has an improved battery and able to warranty up to 10 hours of battery life. iPod Touch 5 on the other hand has a 625mAh battery that is able to store up to 40 hours of power when fully charged with up to 8hours of on power for videos.

Connectivity (iPad Mini 4G,LTE vs iPod Touch Bluetooth 4, WiFi)
iPod Touch 5 offers a 4.0 version of the Bluetooth with a Wi-Fi connectivity of Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, iPad mini is able to offer two models, one with same connectivity as iPod Touch 5G and other with 4G and 3G LTE networks.

Apps (iPad Mini 250000+ vs iPod Touch 700000+)
iPod touch will essentially have access to all of the 700,000+ apps in the App Store in an optimized way. The iPad mini will run the existing 250,000+ iPad-specific apps without any modifications, but iPhone/iPod touch apps will have to be run at double the size.

However, Apple iPad Mini features the siri voice assistant that is available in languages such as English Spanish French Germany Italian etc with the support of iCloud and the latest iOS 6 firmware. iPad mini also does provide exciting experiences with installed apps like safari mail messages game centre and face time.

iPod 5 vs iPad Mini Price

Apple iPad Mini is no doubt an excellent device, but starting at $329, it certainly not an impressive buy in the given cost for Apple fans who already have iPod Touch. Apple iPod Touch 5G price for for the base model is $299, which offers almost twice the storage and can practically do anything the Apple iPad Mini does in $329.

iPad Mini vs iPod Touch 5G Specs Comparison Chart

Here under is a concise and summarize tabular Apple iPad Mini vs iPod Touch 5G specs comparison chart for your final review before buying decision:

iPad miniiPod Touch 5
Display 7.9-inch display4-inch Retina Display
Resolution 1024x768 1136x640
Connection Wi-Fi:
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0,4G LTE
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0,
Camera 5-megapixel iSight camera
1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera
5-megapixel iSight camera
1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera
Battery 16.3 Wh
use time: 10h
video playback: 8h
audio playback: 40h
Processor dual-core A5 processor dual-core A5 processor
OS iOS 6 iOS 6
Colors Black, White / Silver White / Red, White / Yellow, White / Blue,
White / Silver, Black / Black
Storage 16GB/32GB/64GB 32GB/64GB
Price Wi-Fi:
16GB at $329
32GB at $429
64GB at $529
16GB at $459
32GB at $559
64GB at $659
32GB at $299
64GB at $399
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