iPod 5G vs 4G Touch Specs Comparison: Size, Screen, Camera Differences

Compare Apple's new iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Specs and Features including Size, Screen, Camera, Connectivity, Battery and other Differences if you are considering to buy an iPod on coming Thanksgiving, BlackFriday, Christmas or After Christmas sales.

Apple iPod Touch 5G also called iTouch 5G or iPod 5G Touch informally, is the 5th generation upgrade to its world most popular media player device lineup, to keep it alive, updated and fresh.

Technology at its best is what Apple has always stood for years and what a way to signify its prowess with the new and glamorous 5th generation of the iPod. The iPod surely and truly lives on especially with the advancement and improvement of features with the release of each new iPod Touch generation.

iPod5G vs 4G Touch Specs Comparison: Size, Screen, Camera and other Differences

With the rise of iPad Mini, iPhone 5 and upcoming Apple iPhone 5S, it is already believed that the age of Apple iPod Touch as an MP3 player is coming to an end. However, iTouch Pod Touch devices still sell like hot cake and enjoy a huge fan base among kids and teenagers. You can also check out our comparison of:

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Specs Comparison

Lets begin with our full comparison of iPod 5G vs 4G Specs in which we'll try our best to show you all the difference between the iPod Touch 5G and iPod Touch 4G just before you consider to buy one.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Differences

Apple iTouch 5G is a completely uprated Media Pod with the design and looks of new iPhone 5. There are a lot of areas where iPod Touch 5G vs 4G differences of specifications and features can be noted. However, here we'll focus on some of the core iPod5G vs 4G difference areas including Size, Screen, Camera, Processor, Memory, Connectivity, Battery and others. Lets review these one by one:

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Size and Dimensions

iPod5G touch as compared to the iPod4G touch is worth having especially for anyone looking for a smarter, sleeker and thinner device. iPod Touch 5G stands at 4.86x2.31x0.24 inches as compared to iPod Touch 4G size of 4.4x2.32x0.28 inches. In this case iPod5G is slightly thinner getting a huge redesign that is able to make room for the 16:9 obtuse displays. With this kind of design iPod Touch 5G is sure to sit fully well in the pocket.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Size and Dimensions

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Screen Display

The display presents another strong hold for iPod 5G Touch as compared to its iPod 4th generation partner. iPod4G comes with a 3.5 inches display that is able to accommodate screen resolution of 960 by 640. Apple iPod 5G, on the other hand comes with a much bigger display standing at 4 inches incorporating even higher screen resolution of 1136 by 640, this is the same display that is essentially found in Apple iPhone 5 clearly showing that clarity and vividness is at its best.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Screen Display

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Cameras

iPod 5G comes with a rear 5MP iSight camera that mainly features a backside illumination, autofocus and a five element lenses. It also comes with a front camera that is able to guarantee pictures of up to 1.2MP and mainly geared for video chatting with HD video of up to 720p. Apple iPod 4G on the other hand comes with a 0.92MP rear camera that is only able to offer 960 by 720 pixels.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Cameras

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Processors

The fifth generation of the iPod is the first iPod to come with a rock dual core processor, high speeds are thus highly guaranteed with increased levels of multitasking made possible with the new A5 chip. IPod 4 on the other hand incorporates A4 chip type of processor that is essentially growing long in the tooth.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Processors

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Memory

iPod 5 generally doubles iPod 4 in terms of RAM. IPod 5 comes with 512MB worth of RAM as compared to iPod 4’s 256MB. This should essentially be the main reason to upgrade to iPod 5 as iPod 4 has essentially become of age and would be a bit slow especially with the small processor.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Memory

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Storage

The 4th and the 5th generation of the iPod also differ in the options available especially in terms of storage capacity. IPod 4comes with two options of 16 and 32GB as compared to iPod 5 32 and 64GB. For anyone looking for large storage capacity then it would be perfect to go with iPod 5.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Storage

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Battery

iPod 5 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is able to assure playback of music for up to 40hours when fully charged and a video playback of 8hours. iPod 4 is also able to offer the same 40 hours of playback music time but a lesser video playback time of 7 hours.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Battery

iPod 5G vs 4G Touch Colors

iPod 4G Touch is only available in black and white versions, while iPod 5G touch have around 6 colors including white front and various color choices for black.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Connectivity

These two glamorous iPods seem to be similar in terms of their wireless capabilities although iPod 5 gets thumbs high in terms of its Bluetooth. Both of them are able to connect with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. The only difference being on the fact that iPod 5 comes with a 4.o version of Bluetooth as compared to iPod 4 2.1

iPod5G Siri Voice assistant

This is one of the greatest features to be incorporated in iPod 5 as it is Siri enabled thus able to understand a variety of languages. Siri comes hand in hand when you wish to dictate messages or book a restaurant table though you would always be needed to be close to a wireless network so as to enjoy it.

iPod Touch 5G vs 4G Price

Perhaps the only thing that can bend your decision in favor of buying an iPod Touch 4G's much cheaper price. Apple 4th Generation iPod Touch is available in $199 for the 16GB storage model, which is $100 cheaper than new iPod Touch 5G which costs $299 for the 32GB storage model.
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