Buy Cheaper iPhone 5, 4S deals and discounts 2013

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You can buy Apple iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S cheaper than ever under new deals with discounted price offered by several retailers as well as carriers.

Apple iPhone 5S deals, discounts and promos are being offered as new iPhone 5S Release Dates are about to be announced. Carriers and retailers look to sell the iPhone 5 before a new iPhone 5S arrives and discounts hit the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone5s is coming out in this fall aiming to be the Best Smartphone of 2013. The next generation iPhone 5S Features includes Retina display screen; A7 quad-core processor; up to 128GB internal storage; Near Field Communication; 13 megapixels rear camera, longer battery life and Apple iOS7.

While there is a plethora of rumors about Apple 6th generation iPhone 6 Release Date in 2013, we hardly see iPhone 5S coming out any time soon, at not before 2014.

Buy Cheaper iPhone 5, 4S deals and discounts 2013
Apple smartphone fans in United States have many iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S deal choices. With the release of the iPhone 5, there is now an iPhone model for almost ever iFan. US users have around 7 iPhone Models to choose from, starting with the iPhone 4 8GB model which is the entry level iPhone right now, through to the newly released iPhone 5 64GB with large storage and new camera and processor.

Apple iPhone 5 features an Apple A6 processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, Retina display, 1080p video capture at 30 fps, 1GB RAM, and dual microphones.

iPhone 5, 4S deals and discounts 2013

Apple normally limits iPhone 5 deals, but the gloves are off this summer as Best Buy, Walmart, Sprint and AT&T are offering massive iPhone 5 deals to any customer who is willing to sign a two-year agreement. Below are some of the places where you can buy discounted iPhone 5 and 4S.
  • Walmart iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    Walmart was offering the iPhone 5 for $129 and the iPhone 4S for $39. The unlocked version of the device was priced $649.

  • BestBuy iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    Best Buy ran a periodic short-term sale offering the iPhone 5 for $149 and iPhone 4S for $49, which was close to Walmart prices.

  • Target iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    The Target iPhone 5 deal offers $20 instant discount on the iPhone 5 until December 15. The deal knocks the 16GB model down to $179.99, the 32GB model to $279.99, and the 64GB model to $379.99. The discounts aren’t huge, but they’re the first discount either store has offered for Apple’s new iPhone.

  • Apple Store iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    Apple was offering a $50 iTunes gift card to students who will buy an iPhone until September 6.
The Apple iPhone 5 is one of the most popular cell phones on the planet, and US carriers offer a variety of iPhone 5 plans.
  • Verizon iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    Verizon on its website, showed the iPhone 5 price as being $99.99, $100 cheaper than the device usual starting price tag of $199.99. The catch is, it is indeed offering a $99 iPhone 5 deal but not going to be available to just anyone. The offer though is only for a select few Verizon customers who will be receiving an email alerting them to the deal which knocks off $100 from the usual price of the iPhone 5. The carrier did not elaborate on what qualifies customers for the deal

  • AT&T iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    For a limited time, AT&T is running a promotion where users can get 50% off the purchase price of any smartphone up to $199. That being the case, a 16 GB iPhone 5 can be snatched up for just $99 with an accompanying two-year contract. What's more, a refurbished iPhone 5 will only set you back $75. The offer is available instantly online. Users looking to take advantage of this deal in-store must trade in their old device.

    AT&T offers a straight up $100 off the iPhone 5 for customers willing to sing a new two- year contract and a waived activation fee which is $130 in savings. The deal is even better for users who are OK with buying a refurbished iPhone 5, which drops the price down to $75 for the 16GB iPhone 5.

    The AT&T iPhone 5 deal is available online and in stores, and requires user trade in a smartphone that is 3-years old or newer and in good working condition. From the looks of the program, users who buy this iPhone 5 deal online don't even need to trade an old phone in, just start the purchase from the trade in website.

    Unlike other iPhone 5 deals, users do not need to trade in an iPhone to make this work, and that makes it a much better deal. Even if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it's worth asking a friend for an old Android phone, which is worth considerably less when traded in at reselling websites.

  • Tmobile iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    T-Mobile offered a discount on the current iPhone 5. The iPhone 5's price was slashed to just $145.99 upfront on a 2-year T-Mobile contract. The iPhone 5 was available for $99 when it first launched in April, but this was raised to $149.99 in May, after the promotional period. T-Mobile then increased the iPhone 5 price by $50. Now, T-Mobile dropped the upfront payment again to $145.99

  • Sprint iPhone 5 deals and discounts

    Sprint is offering the iPhone 5 16 GB in black or white for $99 plus free shipping.
Most of these iPhone 5 deals will let users stay on their current carrier and support the early upgrade plans that let Verizon customers upgrade to a new iPhone 5 with 4 months left on their contract. This is the last time Verizon and AT&T customers will be able to take advantage of an early upgrade as both carriers are limiting this on new contracts.
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