Tmobile iPhone 5S, iPad 5, iPad mini 2 are coming out in 2013

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We have already reported an iPhone 5S on AT&T and new Galaxy Note 3 Tmobile Release Date.

Now Apple's new iPhone5S is confirmed to be coming out on T-Mobile along with Apple tablet(s) iPad 5th generation and iPad Mini 2nd generation, for the first time.

Five years after the Apple iPhone originally launched in 2007, T-Mobile USA had finally start started selling the iPhone 5 at the beginning of the year 2013 and since then it has sold around 1 million iPhone 5 devices.

If Tmobile starts selling iPad 5 and/or iPad Mini 2 from this year, then the only leading carrier that has still not managed to offer an iPad will be US Cellular. It is also expected that next generation iPhone 5S on US Cellular is also going to be offered this year.

John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile is hinting that apart from offering iPhone very soon the company will also be offering iPad. John did not confirm whether they will be selling iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2 but only indicated that they are in plan to expand its product line.

Tmobile iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are coming out in 2013

T-Mobile has been working on strengthening and expanding its LTE 4G network, and both iPad 5 as well as the iPad Mini 2 are expected to come out with 4G LTE connectivity.

The new iPad 5 will sport a 9.7 inches Retina Display which is the same one found on iPad 4. However, the iPad 5 which will sport a new design like that of iPad Mini 2G is expected to be lighter than all its predecessor models.

iPad mini 2 Release Date

There are mixed rumors going on about the iPad Mini 2. Some say that it will come with Retina Display while others say that it will come with regular display. Some say the device will be rolled out this year whereas some others feel the device will be available in 2014. Some say if the next iPad Mini comes with Retina Display, it will release in 2014 and if does not come with Retina Display, it will release later this year.

For more information on iPad5 release date and the specs and price of iPad mini 2nd Gen, please check iPad Mini 2 Release Date. You can also checkout our iPad Mini 2 vs Nexus 7.2 vs Kindle Fire HD 2 specs comparison, aimed to find the best medium size tablet of 2013.

iPhone 5S Release Date 2013

The iPhone 5S is expected to arrive as the next iPhone. According to the recent reports, the device is going to arrive in late September. The iPhone 5S will not look entirely different from the iPhone 5 but rather it will come with enhanced CPU and camera. Also, the Home button is going to house a fingerprint reader.

Apart from the iPad series of tablet devices, Apple is also expected to launch new iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone 5C models running new Apple iOS 7 on September 10, 2013 event, with some expecting even a new iPod Touch 6, iPad Nano 2013 and an iWatch too.
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