XboxONE: new Xbox 1 Release Dates, Price and Specs Revealed

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XboxONE is the next generation Xbox Console by Microsoft. New Xbox 1 Release Dates, Price and Specs has been just revealed after huge official event by the Microsoft.

Microsoft's newest game console, Xbox One was demonstrated in a press event in Washington on 21 May, 2013.

The new Xbox One Release Dates are expected to be in November this year in US, UK, Canada, Australia and India.

Xbox 1/ Xbox One is aimed to be an all-in-one and the most complete home entertainment system in the market. The next gen XboxONE will be avialable in two version but the Xbox One Price information is yet not made official.

Xbox One Specs includes built-in Kinect system to allow for voice and motion controls. These function won't just apply to the games for the system but to navigate the console's interface.

Xbox ONE the new Xbox1 Release Dates, Price and Specs Revealed

The name, "Xbox ONE" threw just about everyone a loop because One had never been discussed as a possible name for the new system. Xbox 720 and Infinity were the two frontrunners for names due to the fact that they had been floating around in rumors during the past few months. Calling it One makes it seem like you'd be talking about the original system that debuted back in its early days.

Obviously Xbox ONE or Xbox 1 is not just a name. It symbolizes what the system will be for many people: The one entertainment system that will be in their living rooms. It plans on taking place of a DVD/blu ray player, TV, internet, music player.

XboxOne Reveal Video

The first half of the event focused on the Kinect functions and other applications that can run on the new system. It wasn't until the second half of the show when we got to see some game trailers and footage for the Xbox One Launch Games titles.

XboxOne Specs and Features 2013

It was merely minutes into the show when Microsoft showed off the actual hardware for Xbox One. Here under are the details:
  1. Xbox One Design and Size

    At first glance the system looks rather large compared to the first Xbox 360 model or even the first model of the PS3. It actually looks a lot like the original Xbox in terms of size. In a time when systems are slimming, One looks to be adding on the pounds.

  2. Xbox One Controller

    The system, Kinect and controller were all dressed in a sleek black with silver accents covering that gave them all a modern look despite the larger look. The Kinect sensor also looks bigger than the current model and features only one eye.

  3. Xbox One Kinect

    Xbox One will always have the Kinect function on to allow seamless transition from one form of media to another. You'll also be able to run multiple apps at once including Skype.

    Microsoft also unveiled a new version of its camera-based Kinect system with better motion and voice detection. It showed how users can watch live sports on TV while getting updates on fantasy leagues on a split screen.

  4. XboxOne Storage and Memory

    XboxONE will have a blu ray player along with a 500GB hard drive and 8GBs of RAM. The 500GB hard drive may sound like a lot now, but game files may be bigger than current ones. That means that you may not be able to fit as many games as you would onto the hard drive.

  5. Xbox One Cloud Support

    Xbox1 will have a cloud feature for saves, but no word if you can upgrade the stock hard drive or use removable USBs like can for the 360.

  6. Xbox One Windows Integration

    You'll also be able to use any Windows phone or tablet to do certain things and functions on Xbox One which sounds cool for those who can, but may not be utilized by many apps in the long run.

Xbox One Games Titles

The first gameplay trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts was shown off at the event as well as a trailer for EA Sports games that will be available at launch. Microsoft said more games would be shown at next month's E3 video games conference in Los Angeles.

A Forza Motorsport 5 trailer was also a key trailer shown. A trailer for a Halo TV series was released, but no trailer for Halo was present. That may have to wait until E3.

Sony PS4 vs Xbox One

Now the ball is in Sony's court as they now get set to show off the actual PS4 system during their E3 press conference on June 10th. It will be interesting to see the size of their machine and how that Sony PS4 vs Xbox One compares to each other.

We also expect some official information on Xbox One Price and Sony Playstation 4 price point during E3. These are exciting times for the games industry, and things will only become more frantic once E3 rolls around.
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