Cheaper iPhone Mini Plans, Release Date, Price and Specs

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We know that Apple has a plan to launch low cost cheaper iPhone along with the release of iPhone 5S or new iPhone 6.

The Cheaper iPhone also known as iPhone Mini is a part of Apple strategy that deals with Android invasion in the budget smartphone market.

Cheaper iPhone Mini will target those smartphone users, who prefer to buy low to medium end Android devices over iOS based Apple iPhone due to low budget.

Apple is experiencing hard times in the market attributed to the falling demand for the Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini devices.

The cheaper iPhone Mini release is an attempt of trying to increase market share up to 20% as compared to the 10% in the Chinese and South Asian markets.

Cheaper iPhone Mini Plan, Release Date, Price and Specs

Cheaper iPhone Plans to Deal with Android Invasion

Apple have been paying no head to low budget smartphone user in the past. On the other hand, budget was a main strategy behind Samsung success toward claiming the crown of smartphone market. Samsung not only worked on high-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with relatively cheaper cost, but also launched several low-budget android handsets like Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Ace series.

Thanks to Samsung, aimed at recovering its falling share, now Apple has decided to revisit its policy of constantly ignoring budget smart phone user for years. Cheaper iPhone mini is the part of fight back strategy where Apple is working on an array of new products like iGlass, iWatch, iDisplay, iTV as well as the next generation iPhone 6, iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, iPod Touch 6G, iPod Nano 8G along with new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro.

Reuters reported that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone aimed at the lower income consumers in the market. Following news that Apple supplier Pegatron was increasing its workforce by 40% news started surfacing that Apple was working on a release of a cheaper iPhone.

Pegatron is the company that assembles iPads and iPhone’s for Apple. Releasing a cheaper Mini iPhone will help Pegatron with its operating margin as the Mini iPhone will feature plastic casings that are easier to make as compared to the normal Metal casings for the iPhones. This is aimed at ensuring a good yield rate. The plastic casings are similar to the casings that were used in the 3G and 3S version of the iPhone. The use of plastic casings in contrast to the normal metal casings in the other versions of the iPhone is aimed at reducing the manufacturing costs.

Cheaper iPhone Mini is expected to contribute up to $22 billion worth of revenue in 2014 and more than $5 in earnings per share. This will add the value of Apple stock price by $50. Apple has a projection of addressing 15% of the $500 million units in the low end Smartphone market.

Cheaper iPhone Mini Specs and Features

The Cheaper iPhone Mini Specs, known so far, includes the dimension of 4.72 x 2.56 inches, which essentially makes it a Mini iPhone as iPhone 5 stands at 4.87 inches tall and 2.31 inches wide. This will make iPhone Mini shorter but a bit wider as compared to the previous version of the iPhone. Other specs that has been leaked are:
  1. The new Mini iPhone will have NO Retina display.
  2. Apple is reported to stick with a 5MP camera that will look good with the mini iPhone, while still being able to guarantee a good imaging credentials.
  3. It is highly thought that iPhone Mini hardware will be powered by an A5 chip processor. This is the same chip that powers iPad 2 and iPad Mini this is sure to give it a small jump in performance over iPhone 4S.
  4. The mini iPhone will not have to go with big powerful batteries as it will have reduced features as compared to iPhone 5.
  5. Apple will treat the new Mini iPhone just as it treats its line of iPod. The device will be available in a good range of colors from blue red and yellow on top of the usual black and white.

Cheaper iPhone Mini Release Date

Apple may be working hurriedly to ensure an earliest cheaper iPhone Mini release date, to curb the constant decline of the value of their shares in the stock markets.

The Android market is ever expanding even pushing down apple with its products. Samsung having already released GS4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, guarantees the further decline in the market share that Apple shared with the release of iPhone 5.

Competition is heating up and Apple is going to have to speed up the release of Apple iPhone Mini, to try and increase its market share with the low income consumers. Market experts are expecting a Cheaper iPhone Mini Release Date in Q4, 2013.

Cheaper iPhone Price

The cheap Mini iPhone Mini is aimed at the Chinese and Indian markets and would look like a combination of the iPod Touch and iPod Classic. Being an iPhone for the low income markets, it is rumored that its price will range from as little as $99 to as much as $149.
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