Samsung GS4 Mini Release Date, Price and Specs

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See Samsung GS4 Mini Release Date 2013 along with Samsung S4 Mini Price, Specs and Features coming out with Galaxy S4 smaller version.

Like Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung is again going to follow its last year’s strategy of launching a subset version of most recent update to its flagship Galaxy Smartphone series.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini launch is quite obvious for two reasons particularly. First, there are not enough phone users, who are comfortable with handset having display as large as 5 inches. Second, most of the Samsung users who love a huge smartphone device, are already with Samsung Galaxy Note phablet and/or waiting for Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung GS4 mini Release Date in US, UK, Specs and Price

With Galaxy Note 2 having 5.5 inches and recent Galaxy S4 having 4.99 inches display, some expert believe that Samsung has committed a mistake by pitching its Galaxy Smartphone series in competition with its own Galaxy Note phablet series, both apparently falling in the same display and specification range.

However, if we analyze the matter closely, it's not the case. The fact is, Samsung is using all its manufacturing and marketing power to redefine the phone devices, probably in a bid to influence the smartphone battle against the Apple as well as well Android handset makers. That's why, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out with a far bigger 6.3 inches display and far better specs.

Samsung S4 Mini Release Date, Price and Specs

Samsung, on the other hand, is also working hard on another strategy, to keep the considerable volume of user who still want to stick with smartphone in 4 inches display. This is scheme, where Samsung Galaxy S Mini series comes quite handy.

Samsung GS4 mini Release Date 2013 in US, UK

Android Authority has reports to have received some information from a source that Samsung Galaxy S4 mini release date will be a month after the Samsung GS4 launch in the market.

SamMobile has also reported that Samsung is working on new 4 inches small version smartphone and Galaxy S4 Mini release date is expected in 21th week of 2013 in US and UK, which is May 20 to May 27 of 2013.

Thus, Samsung GS4 mini, the smaller, cheaper version of new flagship device is very much on board. However, Samsung S4 mini release timing means much importance to the Korean smartphone manufacturer, since it can hammer the Samsung's larger phones. That's why, there are some experts that believe that Samsung would milk enough sales from its new Galaxy S4, before Galaxy S4 Mini launching. According to them, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini might get delayed to October 2013, following its predecessor Galaxy S3 Mini launching schedule.

Galaxy S4 Mini Price in US, UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is expected to have an excellent reception in the market. This compact mobile phone would be much appealing to the users who mind budget and sized.

The Galaxy S4 mini is expected have a lower price compared to the Samsung Galaxy Premier. Officially, there is no word available on the Galaxy S4 price, currently. However, if the reports turn out to be true, here are the prices for factory unlocked Galaxy S4 mini versions:
  • Galaxy S4 Mini price in US starts from $450
  • Galaxy S4 Mini price in UK starts from £300
  • Galaxy S4 Mini price in India is expected around Rs.24400
  • Galaxy S4 Mini price in Pakistan will be Rs.44000 approximately

Samsung GS4 Mini Specs and Features

Samsung GS4 Mini is expected in a smaller less display, less powerful processor and smaller internal storage options. Samsung will follow the same smaller, cheaper handset building on the S4 branding, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has done for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to maintain the screen pixel density with 720 HD despite of lowering the screen size to 4.55 inches Super AMOLED TFT HD display. Samsung GS4 Mini is coming out with 8MP rear camera along with LED flash, as per sources. The new Galaxy S4 mini will be powered by 1.5GHz Quad-core processor and a 2100mAh battery.

Other Galaxy S4 mini specs include 2GB RAM, microUSB, NFC, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 3G, GPS with A-GPS and Stereo FM Radio with RDS. Running latest Android Jelly Bean 4.2 smartphone operating system software, Samsung GS4 mini is expected to be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage models.

The new Galaxy S4 Mini will be able to share content, photos, videos and music more faster and easier. The S Beam feature will allow a file to be shared in just two seconds by simply tapping on another S Beam supported device, even without a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. By combining NFC and Wi-Fi Direct, S Beam is capable of sending larger files between phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is said to be having almost similar accessories as original Galaxy S4. The only difference is that Galaxy S4 mini, the smaller version of the Samsung GS4 phone will come without wireless charging dock feature.
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