Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Amazon Fire

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A few years ago, streaming media content to your TV has never been so easier or cheaper. Now a days, you have just to plug a little device into one of your TV's HDMI ports, and you've stepped into a world of streaming. There are many options, you can choose from like Google's Chromecast 2, the Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon's Fire TV Stick are providing low-cost streaming, as low as for substantially less than £50.

Besides these low cost devices, some higher-priced boxes are available such as Nexus Player, Apple and Amazon, those sub-£50 sticks are a much better solution if all you want to do is binge on some Netflix, catch up with iPlayer and listen to music through your television. Like Netflix and YouTube, Amazon is one of the most popular streaming video sources. If you want to take advantage of Amazon Prime's unlimited streaming, or the retailer's vast catalog of for-rent and to-buy TV shows and movies, then remember that access varies.

Apple TV, Chromecast and Android TV boxes do not have a native app for Amazon. You can watch Amazon content on those devices. To do so is bit complicated and not as simple as clicking on the app icon. First of all, you have to fire up the Amazon app on your phone or tablet and use the "casting" feature. This feature is named differently for different sticks like Google Cast on the Chromecast and Android TV devices while AirPlay for Apple TV. All Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices have native Amazon apps that can access every video on Amazon. Nearly every streamer sold today requires an HDMI input, that’s why the older TVs are out of the game.

Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Amazon Fire

Chromecast vs Apple TV vs Roku vs Amazon Fire

If you are thinking to buy a streaming device, then continue reading. You will find a brief comparison of all top rated streaming sticks. First of all, it’s good to see what you should have to enjoy good streaming:

  • As mentioned above, you need a relatively new model of TV ass every streamer requires an HDMI input.
  • Additionally a decent Internet connection is a must. Most entry-level broadband packages will suffice, but streaming video quality may suffer especially during prime-time hours in the evening.
  • There are some streamers that need a good Wi-Fi connection, and since they connect directly to your TV, you need to have plenty of bars in the living room.
  • A good alternative is to use wired Ethernet, as long as your streaming device supports it.
  • Incorporating a streaming device into your system adds some complexity, so investing in a good universal remote can be worth it for the convenience.


  • The original Chromecast was also good, but the latest model has a disk shape, and connects to your TV with a short USB chord. That’s why, this one is considered better in terms of compatibility, as it fits in any TV with an HDMI port.
  • Google's Chromecast 2 is harder to compare in terms of speed. It doesn't have an interface which you need to navigate and there are no apps to install on the device itself. That’s why it doesn't really need a whole lot of power.
  • The Chromecast 2 is a hub-like device that relies completely on your phone, tablet or laptop. It means that there's no separate remote, so you have to use apps on your mobile device to tell the Chromecast 2 which content it has to stream from the internet.
  • In terms of cost, Google Chromecast is really affordable as it costs only $35.

Amazon Fire

  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick is really compact that plug into your TV's HDMI port.
  • It looks like old-fashioned USB sticks or mobile internet dongles and Amazon added a nice dimply texture to its Fire TV Stick.
  • Performance on the Fire TV Stick is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
  • Scrolling through the interface is snappy, jumping to and from apps is on-point and videos seem to load almost instantaneously.
  • It is cheapest device with an actual remote, both cost $40 in total.
  • Down side is that Fire TV devices push Amazon stuff pretty hard, but selection of games is really good.


  • Roku's streamers offer the easiest customization and the most comprehensive, price-conscious search.
  • Roku, with purple colour, is popular due to much slower interface that often stumbled and seemed to struggle with even the easiest task.
  • Downloading apps always take a few seconds and opening them up take also a few seconds.
  • The Roku remote loses some of the more premium features of its competitors, like no headphone jack.
  • The main advantage the Roku 2 has over the new Stick is the ability to plug into a wired Ethernet connection.
  • There are different Roku sticks with different price range like Roku 2 is available for $70 while Roku 3 is for $100.
  • If you want to pay extra for the dubious benefits of 4K, then Roku 4 which costs $130. 4K TV shows and movies are rare and often expensive,

Apple TV

  • In addition to everything on others, the new Apple TV has many of the apps and games you bought already on your iPhone,
  • It offers a great remote with superb voice search and recognition.
  • Apple TV, the old one costs $70.
  • If old is not per your standards then go for New Apple TV that costs $150.

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