Apple iPhone 7 Release Date is planned after Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 launch, coming out in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

All in the Apple Cult, including AppleInsider are chalking out some iPhone 7 Features and specs, the Apple iPhone 7th generation is rumored to be coming with.

Apple has consistently set the pace and trends in the Smartphone business and is sure to be even better with the release of iPhone 7G.

I hope some of you guys still remember the huge uproar created by the wonderful Apple iPhone 5 Info-graphic concluding all the Rumors and Possibilities in a single image, by Düne and Soso from French blog NoWhereElse, which later become very popular.
The info-graphic showed a number of changes that might happen to the next generation iPhone 5 and also gives a percentage of how likelihood of the feature to be available on the New iPhone 5.
All these rumors and creative info-graphics that make some sense, somehow play their role in sharing and shaping of user opinion and expectation about a certain technology. Which in turn influence that Technology Product Development itself, due to the fact that developed of the tech products draw their inspiration from community ideas. Technology products made in isolation without taking market flavors into consideration, are unlikely to be a commercial success.

Apple iPhone 7G Release Date, Features, Price and Rumors about Next Generation iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date

When will be the Apple iPhone 7 Release date? It’s a million dollar question definitely. Well, I guess it could be somewhere in late 2014 or early 2015, at least two years from iPhone 5 release date.

Why? Because, the year 2012 witnessed iPhone 5 release in october, reserving the whole Q3 2012 for roll-out of Apple iPhone 5. To Apple, 2013 could be an even busier year for Apple iPhone 5S Launch in the mid and then Apple 6th Generation iPhone 6 Release by the end of 2013. Therefore, 2014 or 2015 would be the time, for the world to witness the next 7th Generation revolutionary smartphone technologies.

Apple is in custom with releasing its new Cell Phone Device versions, almost every year in second of third quarter. With other factors remain constant, August - October 2015 will the time when we should expect an iPhone 7 Release. Let's expect it.

iPhone 7 Features, Specs and Rumors

When you thought you had seen it all with iPhone 5 and the yet to be released iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, then you are sure to be even amazed with iPhone 7 features that Apple is going to offer you with its 7th generation iPhone in 2015 when it will hit the market. Here are the few highlights:
  1. Larger Display without Home Button

    You can surely expect screen of Apple iPhone 7 to be much better then iPhone 5. There are several manufacturing quality complaints received regarding poor screen of iPhone 5, so apple will surely work on this and get your more user friendly screen options with next generation display technology.

    With Apple iPhone 7, an edge to edge screen is a must with the entire face of the iPhone expected to be a screen thereby eliminating the physical home button.

  2. Next Gen iPhone 7 with 20MP Camera

    Apple iPhone 7th generation is expected to feature a 20 MP rear camera with 1080 pixel HD recording and a 8MP front facing camera might not be a big deal for Apple iPhone 7.

  3. Apple iPhone 7 A8 Processor

    As the storage capacity and technology of the Apple iPhone 7 increased you will also need a fast processor to carry on your activities, hence we are expecting apple to use much advanced processor for example quard core A8 chip or better.

  4. 256GB Memory with iPhone 7G

    Storage capacity of Apple iPhone 7 is expected to increase up-to 256 GB model, which is much more than current versions on iPhone. You never know, apple may come up with the technology which allows you to do unlimited storage.

  5. Apple iPhone 7 4G

    With the release of any new Apple device new features and functions has always been the end result and this is sure to be with iPhone 7. Apple iPhone 7G is sure to include the 4G network both on AT&T and spirit 4G networks.

  6. iPhone 7 Projector

    iPhone 7 is the future Smartphone with Futuristic features and specs. This is even more exciting with rumors suggesting it will include an integrated projector . This is a possibility as Apple was thought to be working on building an in built projector to feature in its iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

    Building of a projector inside a device is sure to bring lots of reactions from experts and fans due to the sole reason of the amount of power the device will need to have so as to run it. The fact remains; it will be a cool feature if Apple is able to perfectly install this feature while still maintaining the viability and efficiency of the device in terms of power. If it becomes a reality then it is sure to be the appealing feature with many people

    The rumors even get ripe with Apples filling patent for the Projector. Detailed diagrams surfaced clearly showing Apple devices iPhone and iPad projecting directly onto a wall while laying flat on a table.. The diagrams also indicated that Apple must be working on an external projector to be used solely in MacBooks. The external projector will be USB Based.

  7. iPhone 7 Longer Battery

    iPhone 7 with be powered by the new longer battery technology that make use of organic materials to replace Li-On batteries. Apple iPhone 7 Battery life will be extended with a new and highly capable battery that is sure to accommodate all the additional features that iPhone 7th generation is to feature .

  8. Apple iOS 8 with More Applications

    You can surely expect another thousand of very useful applications in Apple iPhone 7, all developers are working really hard to make more useful applications which will make your iPhone better than other similar brands.

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Features, Price and Rumors about Next Generation iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 Price

With advanced technology, new features, fast processor, and virtually unlimited storage (most probably coming through cloud), iPhone 7 prices are going to be slightly over the current worth of Apple iPhone 6, which is expected to $649 to $849 for iPhone 7.
Please keep in mind the difference of Price and Worth. Due to changes in currency value and other economic parameters, something worth 700 bucks today, could cost 800 bucks two years later.
However, we can’t make any exact guess on the prices but all we can say is that Apple is not known for raising prices drastically. Secondly, mounting global economic pressure and cut throat competition by Samsung and other Android Phones will keep the Apple well into boundaries.

But again, market is a day to day affair, affected by numerous factors. And with any single factor gone bad, (let say price of a manufacturing part) you can have all your price predictions/forecasts overturned ):

Well..! that all from us so far, we'll update you as soon as we get some thing new in the town, worth sharing. In the meanwhile.. Guys, let us know what you think about Apple iPhone 7?

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  1. Bob, do you seriously consider iPhone 7 an impossibility?
    Come on dude, its not fiction, we are taking about some this which is very much there.

    Every science graduate knows that for a technology company there is no survival without Research and Development. Let take a very basic idea of the Product Life cycle. Be it Software or Hardware, if one version is in the market, next is in manufacturing pipeline and next to next is in the Lab under R&D. That’s how the miracles of technology work.

    A cell phone in also a miracle of technology. It takes years in Lab, months in Manufacturing and Quality Assurance and weeks in Supply Chains before reaching your hand.
    So let’s wait with our fingers crossed, after iPhone 5 launched, Apple iPhone 7 is a near future reality I would again humbly say!

  2. hey you guize hear about duke nukem forever 2?

  3. do you have any idea of how much it will cost now ??

  4. iPhone 7? This is so 2011. I'm reporting on iPhone 12 already.

  5. wat about it's cost??

  6. This really sucks for me. I really wanted the iPhone 5, but it turns out that my dad was right. Every year, there will always be a new version that I want. But I saw a picture of an iPhone and it was like invisible, until you touch the screen. I saw a video on YouTube and I KNEW it had to be true. I saw it with my own eyes! So I was just wondering which iPhone has that invisible feature? And which iPhone is coming out this year (2012)? And does the iPhone that's coming out in 2012 have this invisible feature? Someone please answer!

  7. All those videos are 100% fake its called special effects. Unlimited memory will be impossible unless the cloud is used. but the cloud is too insecure for that. Common sense.

  8. Rumor has it..... that geeky scientists are already carrying around iPhone 7, 8, and possibly 9. This article is so last year. I'm only 13. I'll live to see more than 50 more iPhones. IPhone 55. Can't wait to see that!

  9. I Guess!
    The next generation u or I phone will be the first and last outcome of human intellectual. Because developers and top scientist thinking to make it easy and integrate all that need for public, private and Government in one touch without making trip to concerned office or organization or even shopping. In my perspective, this is my qualified thinking. In addition, super-fast and handy ecological and pollution free equipment and software are going to be useful for children, youths and elders overall population of the world keeping in mind of all religions, casts and sects along with Entertainment, Education, Spiritual and ignorance around the world also.


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