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When is the new iPhone 7 coming out with iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10? It is surely the first thing Apple users want to know these days.

Apple is the world's top mobile phone maker company. It has unveiled previous generation of its flagship smartphone, Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S on September 9, 2015.

Later, with 9.7 inches iPad Pro, iOS 9.3 and Apple Watch bands, an iPhone SE (Special Edition) aka iPhone mini was launched as newest 4-inch iPhone on March 21, 2016.

Apple leads the world in innovation with its mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch running Apple iOS and WatchOS software. The cupertino based tech form also manufactures state of the art PC machine including Mac, iMac, Mac mini, Macbook Air and Mackbook Pro running Apple OS X software.

The new iPhone models bring an iOS update too. The iOS is Apple's mobile operating software. Each iOS version upgrade had some special new features rolled out with.

Apple iPhone 7 iOS 10 update release features improved Siri with voicemails handling, improved 3D Touch, Apple's Home app and Customizable Control Center. Apple iOS 10 update for iPhone and iPad debuts on June 13, 2016 is supported on device beyond iPad 2 and iPhone 4S only. You can checkout these iOS 10 feature details in Apple iPhone 7 Specification and features section in this article.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus user will get the new iOS10 upgrade free, soon after new iPhone 7 release date. The iOS10 upgrade is no expected (expected to work well) on old iPhone handsets. We have seen this trend in past when Apple user were able to update iPhone 4 to iOS 7 but iPhone 3GS iOS 7 update was not supported. Some users were able to get iOS 7 on iPhone 3GS through jailbreak method but it failed to perform well.

iPhone 7 Release Date, Features, Price, Rumors, Concept Images

Everyone from MacWorld, AppleInsider and iPhone7buzz to GSMarena and Forbes is busy publishing iPhone 7 rumors and iPhone 7 news. Let's go through the iPhone rumors and know when when is the next iPhone coming out with its specifications, features, price and availability:

iPhone 7 Release Date, Price, Specification Rumors

Reviewing Apple iPhone 7's release dates and price, the first million dollar question is obviously about the new iPhone 7 release date that when does iPhone 7 come out? then comes the new iPhone 7 specifications and price or anything else.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Traditionally, Apple releases new cellphones versions, every year in 3rd quarter. With other factors remain normal, Q3/16 will the time when one should expect next iPhone 7 and may be iPod touch 7th generation too. The iPhone 7 confirmed release date is only know to Apple, as officially disclosed through iPhone 7 ad/commercial advertisement. But it is safe to say that the expected iPhone 7 release date in USA is first Friday of September, 2016.
  • iPhone 5S release date with iPhone 5C was 10 September 2013
  • iPhone 6 release date with iPhone 6 Plus was 19 September 2014
  • iPhone 6S release date with iPhone 6S Plus was 9 September 2015
  • iPhone 7 release date with iPhone 7 Plus is 9 September 2016 (expected)
Apple iPhone 7 Preorder tracker is up online on iPhone 7 apple website, right after the official unveiling event. The upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus public release on Apple Stores is expected on 25 September, 2016. The iPhone 7 availability on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and few other online stores are also expected soon.

iPhone 7 Price

After iPhone launch date, the second question arises about the next iPhone 7 Cost/Price. Apple is known to have an almost consistent price model over the several iPhone generations. We expect the same for iPhone 7 pricing.

Apple iPhone 7 price in US is going to be $649 for the base model. Whereas, an iPhone 7 Plus will cost $649 USD. Compared to iPhone 7 price in US in dollars, iPhone 7 price in UK comes out to be expensive. Apple iPhone 7 32GB model cost in UK is expected to be £539 for a factory unlocked phone.Below are the expected iPhone 7 prices in other countries:
  • iPhone 7 Price in United States is 649 US Dollars (USD)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Canada is 899 Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • iPhone 7 Price in United Kingdom is 539 Pounds (GBP)
  • iPhone 7 Price in France is 749 Euros (EUR)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Germany is 739 Euros (EUR)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Australia is 1079 Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • iPhone 7 Price in New Zealand is 1199 New Zealand Dollars (NZ)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Japan 86800 Japanese Yens (JPY)
  • iPhone 7 Price in China 5288 Chinese Yuans (RMB)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Hong Kong is 5588 Honk Kong dollars (HK)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Singapore is 1048 Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • iPhone 7 Price in India is 49999 Indian Rupees (INR)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Pakistan is 69999 Pakistani Rupees (PKR)
  • iPhone 7 Price in Bangladesh is 51499 Taka (BDT)
You can see that best iPhone 7 price is United States with France being the most costly one. Apple has begun accepting iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 pre-orders before it becomes available on stores.

iPhone 7 Specification and Features

When you thought you had seen it all with iPhone 6 and the yet to be released iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus release in 2015, then you are sure to be even amazed with iPhone 7 features that Apple is going to offer you with its 7th generation iPhone in 2016 when it will hit the market. Here are the few highlights:
  1. Larger Display with Home Button

    iPhone 7 big screen is least expected. Apple iPhone 7 compared to iPhone 6 is far better device but not on display size. There are several manufacturing quality complaints received regarding poor manufacturing of iPhone 6 with bendgate issues. They were rectified in 6S. Apple will surely work on this and get your more user friendly screen options with better build quality in next generation iPhone display technology.

    With Apple iPhone 7, an edge to edge screen can be on cards, as most of phablet surface to be a screen leaving slight room for the physical home button below. However an iPhone 7 all glass build is an unlikely to be true rumor.

  2. Next Gen i Phone 7 with 16MP Camera

    Apple iPhone 7th generation is expected to feature a 16MP iSight camera with 4K recording and a 5MP front facing camera might not be a big deal for iPhone 7 camera specs.

  3. Apple iPhone 7 A10 Processor

    As the storage capacity and technology of the Apple iPhone 7 increased you will also need a fast iPhone 7 CPU to carry on your activities, hence we are expecting apple to use much advanced processor for example quard core A10 chip or better.

  4. iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Sizes

    Few iPhone 7 rumors suggest Apple is aiming to make i iPhone 7 thinner, by removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the implementation of a thinner Lightning port. Some other Apple leaks suggest that company want device to go wireles for music using iPhone 7 bluetooth headphones. But these rumors are not confirmed.

  5. 256GB Memory with iPhone 7

    Storage capacity of Apple iPhone 7 is expected to increase up-to 256 GB model, which is much more than current versions on iPhone. You never know, apple may come up with the technology which allows you to do unlimited storage.

  6. Apple iPhone 7 5G Connectivity

    With the release of any new Apple iPhone device new iPhone features and functions has always been the end result and this is sure to be with aiPhone 7. Apple iPhone 7 going to include support for telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. Apple iPhone 7 will support 5G network both on Verizon and AT&T 5G networks.

  7. iPhone 7 Projector

    iPhone 7 is the future Smartphone with Futuristic features and specs. This is even more exciting with rumors suggesting it will include an integrated projector . This is a possibility as Apple was thought to be working on building an in built projector to feature in its iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

    Building of a projector inside a device is sure to bring lots of reactions from experts and fans due to the sole reason of the amount of power the device will need to have so as to run it. The fact remains; it will be a cool feature if Apple is able to perfectly install this feature while still maintaining the viability and efficiency of the device in terms of power. If it becomes a reality then it is sure to be the appealing feature with many people

    The rumors even get ripe with Apples filling patent for the Projector. Detailed diagrams surfaced clearly showing Apple devices iPhone and iPad projecting directly onto a wall while laying flat on a table.. The diagrams also indicated that Apple must be working on an external projector to be used solely in MacBooks. The external projector will be USB Based.

  8. iPhone 7 Waterproof

    Apple has been ahead of the rivals most of the times when it comes to bring innovation with every new iPhone. Samsung had already delivred waterproof and dust-proofing in Samsung S7 edge release and other devices. Therefore, some analyst believe, the next-generation iPhone 7 will be waterproofed and dustproof to IP68 standards.

  9. iPhone 7 Flexible Display

    IBTimes published some Apple iPhone 7 images and video with crazy flexible widescreen display and curved edges. While a flexible iPhone 7 concept sounds amazing to girls, the idea is very unlikely to see the light of the day. No offense, just kidding ladies! good news is that iPhone 7 accessories partners are coming up with awesome iPhone 7 Cases for Girls, may be as consolation ;-)

  10. iPhone 7 battery Capacity

    iPhone 7 with be powered by the new longer battery technology that make use of organic materials to replace Li-On batteries. Apple iPhone 7 battery capacity will be extended with a new and highly capable battery that is sure to accommodate all the additional features that iPhone 7th generation is to feature .

  11. iPhone 7 iOS 10 with More Applications

    You can surely expect another thousand of very useful features and updates in Apple iPhone 7 thanks to iOS 10. As the With iPhone 7 announcement date With iPhone 7 announcement date is approaching, Apple developers are working really hard on iPhone 7 clone devices, doing iPhone 7 beta testing and bug fixing, to make more useful applications which will make your iPhone better than other similar brands.

    Most of the new Apple iPhone 7 features come from iOS 10 software. As seen in iOS 10 beta, the iOS 10 features list includes improved Siri with voice mails features, improved 3D Touch, Apple's Home app and Customizable Control Center.

    Siri can tell a caller why you can't pick up the phone and even transcribe voicemail messages so you can read them on the go or in loud venues.

    Apple's Home App will transform for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV into remotes for smart bulbs, door locks, thermostats, door bells and all sorts of gadgets that fall into the Internet of Things classification.

    Apple Music gets rockstar facelift of its user interface with black-and-white menus and bigger artwork that stands out among the muted colors. Features realted to song lyrics in the new iOS 10 are also on cards.

    Apple 3D Touch or force touch technology gets expanded to control center, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on-screen button too. Sliding opaque menus into view without requiring to exit apps will also expand to Control Center buttons.

    Customizable Control Center is possible. Instead of forcing use to have the fixed icon shortcuts, user will be able to arrange icons based on his/her preferences.

    Multi-User Support long given by Android, was still missing on Apple devices. iOS 10 is the time to do it.
Smartphone products draw inspiration from community ideas. Consumer products made in isolation without taking market flavors into consideration, are unlikely to become success. Some of you guys, regularly following apple thing, might still remember the huge buzz created by the wonderful iPhone 5 infographic in 2012, by Düne and Soso from French blog NoWhereElse. It summarized all the iPhone rumors and possibilities in a single image with percentage of likelihood.

Therefore, all the sensible iPhone concept images, creative infographics,rumors and apple leaks somehow play their role in shaping and sharing of user expectation. Which in turn influence that tech product development.

Apple has consistently set the pace and trends in the smartphone business with iPhone 5S, making it even bigger and better with iPhone 6. This trend is expected to stay consistent beyond iPhone 7 arrival, even with next iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 releases.
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  1. Bob, do you seriously consider iPhone 7 an impossibility?
    Come on dude, its not fiction, we are taking about some this which is very much there.

    Every science graduate knows that for a technology company there is no survival without Research and Development. Let take a very basic idea of the Product Life cycle. Be it Software or Hardware, if one version is in the market, next is in manufacturing pipeline and next to next is in the Lab under R&D. That’s how the miracles of technology work.

    A cell phone in also a miracle of technology. It takes years in Lab, months in Manufacturing and Quality Assurance and weeks in Supply Chains before reaching your hand.
    So let’s wait with our fingers crossed, after iPhone 5 launched, Apple iPhone 7 is a near future reality I would again humbly say!

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  6. This really sucks for me. I really wanted the iPhone 5, but it turns out that my dad was right. Every year, there will always be a new version that I want. But I saw a picture of an iPhone and it was like invisible, until you touch the screen. I saw a video on YouTube and I KNEW it had to be true. I saw it with my own eyes! So I was just wondering which iPhone has that invisible feature? And which iPhone is coming out this year (2012)? And does the iPhone that's coming out in 2012 have this invisible feature? Someone please answer!

  7. All those videos are 100% fake its called special effects. Unlimited memory will be impossible unless the cloud is used. but the cloud is too insecure for that. Common sense.

  8. Rumor has it..... that geeky scientists are already carrying around iPhone 7, 8, and possibly 9. This article is so last year. I'm only 13. I'll live to see more than 50 more iPhones. IPhone 55. Can't wait to see that!

  9. I Guess!
    The next generation u or I phone will be the first and last outcome of human intellectual. Because developers and top scientist thinking to make it easy and integrate all that need for public, private and Government in one touch without making trip to concerned office or organization or even shopping. In my perspective, this is my qualified thinking. In addition, super-fast and handy ecological and pollution free equipment and software are going to be useful for children, youths and elders overall population of the world keeping in mind of all religions, casts and sects along with Entertainment, Education, Spiritual and ignorance around the world also.

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