Blackberry Black Forest Tablet Specs and Features

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Learn Specs and Features of Blackberry Black Forest tablet, the next generation of Blackberry Playbook, rumored to be coming out late 2013 or early 2014.

Blackberry BlackForest tablet is going to be next major device from RIM that is expected to beam down in the third quarter of 2013 when it is expected to be released.

New Blackberry Tablet is coming out with two other mysterious products condemned as Nashville and Naples, that will be released by Research in Motion.

The announcement for the Blackberry Black Forest release was detailed in a leaked document which was featured on the blog BBOS . These are devices that RIM essentially needs after experiencing financial difficulties in the past, continuous delay in their release will essentially harm RIM shares.

Blackberry Black Forest Tablet 2013 Specs and Features

With Blackberry Playbook users still waiting for Playbook BB10 Update, RIM had previously suffered a delay in the launching of Blackberry 10 Phones and BB10 OS, the latest version of the company's operating system, that is facing tough competition with Microsoft Windows Phone OS for the third position. You can also check out a BB10 vs WP8 comparison of Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8.

Ian Fogg, Senior Analyst at Screen Digest and an expert familiar to the situation, said:
What is needed is the latest generation of RIM's product just to be successful and that the delay would cost them. The market is losing confidence in RIM. The management team at RIM should talk to their products.
RIM CEO, Thorsten Hein immediately rebuffed the Fogg's statement and said:
There is nothing wrong with the RIM. The firm is undergoing a transition period that will make it more competitive in the days to come.

Blackberry Black Forest Tablet 2013 Specs and Features

Blackberry Blackforest looks likely to be fully 4G enabled able to guarantee some of the best and fastest speeds when doing online download. A purported report leaked on twitter account @BB1OLeaks claims the device will likely roll into the market in the third quarter of the year just in time for the festive period.

Blackberry Black Forest has attracted lots of attention with reports suggesting the device will support a 10 inch screen perfect for people who love large displays. Screen resolution is sure to be in another level to ensure it is the tablet for 2013 as compared to the already released tablets like Apple iPad, Google Nexus 10 and Microsoft Surface.

Storage is capacity is sure to be in another level with Blackberry Black Forest. The device will roll into the market with 128GB worth of internal storage capacity able to provide the ultimate storage space for videos music and photos. The 128GB of storage capacity essentially means Blackberry Blackforest will double the capacity of the biggest iPad.

This will essentially be one of the selling points for Blackberry Black Forest provided Apple does not launch a higher capacity iPad in the course of the year. Its 4G LTE connectivity is sure to enhance good levels and fast speeds of live video streaming.

The company did endure a torrid year last year with financial turmoil; this resulted in lots of job cuts and the production of under performing products. This is expected to change with the release of Blackberry Black Forest tablet that is expected to set Blackberry again on the road-map for success. Blackberry Black Forest will run on the new flagship operating software Blackberry 10.

The upcoming Blackberry Blackforest is being viewed from many quarters as the last chance for RIM to remain competitive in the highly growing Smartphone and tablet market.

New Blackberry Tablet Specs and Features
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