Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS Update Release Date

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Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS update release date is expected soon after BB10 Phones Launch by RIM. Multiple sources have confirmed that Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of famous Blackberry Smartphones and Tablets has plan for BB10 OS update release for Blackberry Playbook users.

Sources further reports that Blackberry is also considering new PlayBook in 2014, with refreshed hardware specs and BB10 as its main operating system.

Both are great news, for new Blackberry Playbook users as well as those who are using Blackberry Playbook early on since its launch, even before 2.0 update.

Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS Update Release Date

It has been reported by TechRadar and The Verge that Rob Orr, Vice President, Research In Motion (RIM) said that Blackberry manufacturer at some point after the Blackberry 10 phones launch will bring BB10 to PlayBooks.

Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Update

Despite of losing a large market share, RIM still enjoys a loyal user base. Especially RIM Playbook users seems to be totally in love with Blackberry and feel great excitement whenever their is any new update on the horizon by the company.

History tells us that around 50% of PlayBook users installed the Playbook 2.0 update on the first day of its release. The good thing is RIM will be now be more regularly sending updates to its users. As Rob Orr said:
The updates from PlayBook 1 to PlayBook 2: astonishing take up rates in a very short space of time. A big percentage of our users just take it, take, it take it. It's actually quite different to our smartphone users, who are a little bit tentative to take software updates.

But as we move into this new world of mobile computing, frequent updates and auto updates bring in new features and new functions – and that's the way forward. It's been really positive to see.
RIM, the company who has been suffering trouble times resulting shares fall, jobs cut and business losses. The new Blackberry 10 smartphone operating system based phones is a ray of hope for the company to come back in the game.

BB10: Blackberry 10 Operating System

The released pictures and videos of Unix based BB10 shows a Blackberry 10 OS with a look and feel a hybrid between Google Android and Apple iOS with some sprinkling of Windows Phone for good measure.

Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS Update Release Date

It looks that the live tiled interface of WP8 have appealed the RIM to the extend that it got the similar live widgets on BB10 operating system. While the folder icons are iOS inspired, showing a preview of apps inside or photos from albums stored in folders.

Blackberry Playbook BB10 Update Release Date

BlackBerry 10 will be the first smartphone OS based on the QNX platform, which is originally built on Unix operating system.

BlackBerry PlayBook already uses QNX, which makes PlayBook BB10 update quite an easy job. Playbook current hardware is capable of running BB10 with memory and processing power enough to run new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

There are some user who are already running BB10 dev Aplha on their Playbook using Dingleberry. Dingleberry is a tool, that have used to obtain root access during the Playbook 2.0 beta update. Dingleberry has a feature that allows to update/downgrade the Blackberry OS on PlayBook. Some users have made use of this feature to install BB10 Developer Alpha OS to run BlackBerry 10 on their PlayBook :-)

Official, Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS update release date is expect in first quarter of 2013 within a couple of months after BB10 phones are launched.

While there is no official Blackberry Playbook BB10 OS update release date, it not difficult to say that its not far away and an even good thing is that RIM seems to be committed to the long-term updates for its Playbook tablet users.
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