iPhone 5S and 6, iTouch 6G, iNano 8G, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2G Release Dates

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Apple iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 6G and iPod Nano 8G release dates are slated for 2013.

Apple iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 are also coming out in 2013 with upgraded specifications and features.

Now there seems the possibilities of an Apple iWatch, iGlasses and iPhone 6 launching as well, in early 2014.

2013 looks to be quite a busy year for the Apple, with plenty of iGadgets coming out this year, that together makes a perfect iStorm of iDevices on the tech horizon.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, addressing to the Apple investors, has revealed that the company has an array of new products in development, to change the game in its favor. Although Mr. Cook didn't disclosed the details, but reliable source has confirmed that new Apple iDevices include a new iPhone 6 with larger display, an HDTV like Apple iTV and a SmartWatch.

iPhone 5S and 6 Release Dates

Apple will release more than one new iPhones this year. Apple iPhone 5s release is confirmed and is planned to be in stores by August, 2013. Apple iPhone 5s features modest hardware upgrades and is focused on imaging with the same look and feel as its predecessor. Apple iPhone 5S will feature Apple’s A7 SoC, dual LED flash with alternative coloring, and finger print security.

Apple iPhone 5S Release Date

Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities Analyst claims that Apple iPhone 2013 launch plans includes two handsets, the iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone. The same has be also reported by Phone Arena:
The cheaper iPhone is going to add some bulk and heft compared to the premium device, and the chassis is allegedly going to be fused out of fiberglass and plastic.

Some experts are also epectng 6th generation Apple iPhone 6 to arrive by the end of 2013, considered to be a real next generation revamped product with larger display to take on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

However, we think that for Apple iPhone 6, iFans have to wait until October 2013 or probably till early 2014 in order for the iPhone 6th Generation to come out in the market.

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Release Dates

Apple 5th generation iPad 5 launch is expected to be in October 2013. While Apple 2nd generation iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display is set to be shipped for November, 2013. Thus, Apple is planning the release of next generation iPads, the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, together by the end of 2013.

Apple iPad 5 Release Date

Last year the Apple released the iPad 4 and the first generation iPad mini in the fall after having introduced the iPad 3 in the traditional spring slot. So, despite of iMore, WSJ and many other sources claims that Apple will revamp its iPad lineup in May 2013, we don't expect them before october-November 2013. Because the new Apple tablets are supposed to run Apple iOS 7 and their release before Apple WWDC 2013 means they will still be running a variant of iOS 6.2.

iTouch 6G and iNano 8G Release Dates

After every iPhone launch, Apple iPod line gets essentially refreshed along with it. So, Apple 6th generation iPod Touch 6G or simply iTouch 6G is expected to be available too this year, along with or soon after iPhone 5S launch in July-August 2013.

However, according to MacRumors, Apple will launch iPod Touch 6G along with iPod Nano 8G (iNano 8G) in fall 2013. iPod Touch 6G will be refreshed with updated design having look and feel of new Apple iPhone 6.

iWatch and iGlass Release Dates

Apple iWatch will communicates wirelessly with your iPhone, acting as a notification system and minor functionality surrogate allowing you to send texts or check Facebook from your wrist without going to iPhone. It’s long been expected to debut alongside the iPhone 6. But if it’s ready and the iPhone 5S is the one seeing its release date in June, the iWatch could debut alongside it.

Apple iWatch Release Date

Apple iGlass concept is different from Google Glass, which is a voice activated smartglass device, aimed to replace smartphones. While Apple iGlasses feels more like an accessory, to be used with other iOS devices.

Apple iGlasses Release Date
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